Ksenia Kuznetsova - Russian actress and TV host

Kuznetsova Ksenia Sergeevna (see photo. Below) is a Russian TV presenter and actress. It became famous thanks to the television series "Alexander Garden" and the painting "Three days in Odessa". She worked at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Is the leading talk show "Act". This article will describe a short biography of the actress.

Kuznetsova Xenia


1977 - this is the year when Kuznetsov was bornKsenia Sergeevna. Yaroslavl is not the city of the girl, as many believe. The actress was born in Kapchagaye (Kazakhstan). The girl grew up in a creative family, as her mother worked as a director of show programs. Despite this, the first dream of a small Xenia was associated with a completely different profession. She wanted to become an accountant. The girl watched with interest the cashiers who sorted the money, planning in the future to do the same.

But in the end, the genes took their toll. Often visited by my mother's work, Ksyusha became addicted to dancing. And after school Kuznetsova decided to enter the theater school (Novosibirsk). Teachers immediately noticed a talented girl and advised her to go to the capital, which she did. There, Xenia entered the Moscow Art Theater School. The mentor of the future actress was talented Avangard Leontiev. In 2001, the girl received a red diploma.

ksenia sergeevna kuznetsova

Career in cinema

Despite the fact that the Moscow Art Theater prepares theatricalactors, the creative biography of the heroine of this article is almost not connected with going to the stage. Kuznetsova Xenia played in only two performances (Theater on Malaya Bronnaya).

The debut appearance on the screens took place immediatelyafter graduation from the university actress. Xenia from the first attempt was casting for a transfer for children "ABVGDeyka." When Kuznetsova went for tests, then on the street was under 40 degrees. In addition, Ksyusha had barley on his eye. But this did not stop her. Such dedication immediately captivated the directors of the program and they invited the girl to her family.

In the movie Kuznetsova Ksenia Sergeevna made her debutalso after the completion of studies at the university. It is noteworthy that the first role immediately brought the girl popularity. It was the TV series "Taiga". In addition to Xenia, this project involved real stars: Sergei Veksler, Elena Ksenofontova, Boris Galkin, Alexei Shevchenko and others.

The next work of the girl was a series"Provincials." Kuznetsova got the main role. After the premiere of the film, the actress became even more recognizable. Her character Cat was a negative character. Nevertheless, it caused the audience only understanding and sympathy.

Xenia has a very specific appearance. It's like "written off" from the heroines of the 40-50-ies of the XX century. Directors immediately drew attention to this and often offered the actress appropriate roles. There are several such successful projects: "Alexander Garden", "Three days in Odessa", "Admiral" and "Hunting for Beria".

In 2012, Kuznetsova starred in two melodramas -"Frodia" and "Heart without a lock." Xenia won the main roles. And in 2014, the audience saw the girl in such wonderful films as "Gentlemen-comrades" and "Elusive".

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Personal life

Kuznetsova Ksenia Sergeevna was twice married. The first spouse of the girl is actor Vladimir Davidenko. At first, everything was fine with them, and then the couple suddenly broke up. The reasons for the divorce are unknown.

The second husband of the actress was Igor Rus. Previously, he had another name - Malakhov. He worked as a concert director of Aziza. It was from the weapons of Malakhov that Igor Talkov was killed. But in the end, the court dropped all charges. Nevertheless, Malakhov changed his name to Rus and began to lead a closed life. There were rumors that Igor left the country. In fact, he did not leave, but married Xenia Kuznetsova. Rus built a house in the Moscow suburbs and moved into it with his wife. There their sons were born - Ingvar and Rurik.

In recent years, the personal life of the heroine of thisarticles - this is a closed topic. In different sources there are fragmentary reports that in 2015 Kuznetsova Ksenia Sergeyevna left Rus with her children. At that time Igor was seriously ill and almost did not get out of bed. He died in the summer of 2016. This was told by his mother Galina Stepanovna on the program "Live" (September 2016). The actress herself does not give any comments about the last years of her life with Igor Rus.

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Now Ksenia Sergeevna Kuznetsova isthe leading popular on the channel "Star" talk show "Action". Heroes of the program are courageous and interesting people. The presenter claims that she is very satisfied with the work in this project.

Also Kuznetsova continues acting. In 2016 she starred in the 8-series film "The crisis of tender age." And in 2017, the rental will be a picture "From the bottom of the top." There Ksenia plays the role of the mother of a young Paralympic woman, who lost both legs.

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