Kursk batteries: motorists reviews

Today, many models of batteries are produced at Russian enterprises. They are in high demand. Such products are not inferior in quality to foreign brands. At the same time, domestic batteries differ in relatively low cost.

One of these products is the "Kursk battery". Reviews of batteries, as well as their characteristics should be considered before going to the store. This will allow you to choose the best option for your car.


Batteries Kursk plant, according to experts, today are in high demand. This is one of the largest manufacturers of such equipment in Russia and the CIS. It was created in 1944. Gradually, the production technology of such products developed and improved.kursk battery reviews

Today, the company Kursk Battery Factory LLC manufactures many varieties of batteries for automotive and industrial equipment.At the same time, new modern equipment is used, as well as the experience of world leaders in this industry.

The company also uses innovative technologies in the field of raw material processing. This significantly improves the quality and competitiveness of domestic brand products on the market. At the same time, the cost of the batteries of the presented company remains much lower than that of foreign competitors. This contributes to the development of demand for the products of this plant.

Product Features

Considering the reviews of motorists about the "Kursk batteries", it should be noted a lot of positive statements about the products presented. This is due to the special approach of the manufacturer to the manufacturing technology of its batteries.

The company applies the experience of foreign partners who are leading manufacturers of equipment and materials in this industry. This allows the use of the latest equipment in the production process. It should be noted that the company has its own laboratory. It tests materials from which the battery will be made.kursk batteries motorists reviews

Quality control is also carried out during the production cycle.This allows you to exclude the appearance of marriage among the batteries entering the open market. All products of the plant are certified. It is these batteries that are most often used for the factory equipment of the largest machine-building plants in our country. Products comply with not only state but also international requirements.


The company manufactures many models of batteries for various types of vehicles. On sale are the line for cars and trucks. They differ in a number of technical characteristics, dimensions and cost.kursk batteries 190 reviews

The passenger group is represented by batteries with a capacity of 45-110 Ah. They can be purchased at prices ranging from 2.5 to 5 thousand rubles. This is quite an acceptable cost. The most popular, according to reviews, "Kursk batteries 6ST-60N". It can be purchased at a price of 3.5 thousand rubles.

In the cargo category are batteries with a capacity from 132 to 225 Ah. This allows everyone to choose the optimal type of product. The cost of such equipment ranges from 7.5 to 11 thousand rubles. A wide range of models, good indicators of cold scroll current make the devices presented functional and reliable.


According to the reviews, “Kursk batteries” 60R, 45, 110, 190R and other varieties can be selected in accordance with the operating conditions. There are several modifications of the presented products.battery kursk 60r reviews

There are dry-charged batteries (for execution N), as well as flooded and charged. You can also purchase products on the case of which a hydrometer will be installed. This allows you to assess the state of the fluid inside the product.

For hot climates, the company has developed special designs category "tropics". They are not afraid of extreme temperature rise. Also presented modification can be applied in the loaded conditions.

For harsh climatic conditions, heavy duty batteries have been developed for driving on bad roads. These batteries withstand more charge and discharge cycles and are resistant to deep discharge. They provide system operation in difficult conditions. There is also an opportunity to make batteries by the individual order.


Reviews of "Kursk batteries" 190, 110, 55, 60 Ah and other popular varieties indicate the presence of decent technical characteristics. Presented products are characterized by increased rates of starting currents.This allows you to start the car even in severe frost.acb kursk battery reviews

Automotive battery manufacturer relate to the starter type. Almost always they are delivered in an unattended form. These are the most modern types of batteries. This approach allows you to create a sealed enclosure that is not subject to the ravages of vibration. At the same time the use of the presented batteries is safe.

Indicators of cold start current increase in accordance with the capacity of the battery. For the smallest varieties of car batteries (45 Ah), this figure is 360 A. This is a good result. It is not inferior to the indicators of foreign varieties of competing products. In cargo types, the starting current indicator is from 880 A (capacity 132 Ah).


There is a certain labeling that applies to submitted batteries. "Kursk accumulator", according to reviews, is distinguished by a special notation developed by the plant technologists.

There is a number 6 in the marking. It indicates the number of series-connected batteries that form the nominal value of the battery voltage.The letters "ST" indicate that the battery is of a starter type. The following is information about battery capacity.Kursk batteries owner reviews

The battery may have a normal water flow. This system is denoted by the letter N. In some cases it is required to provide lower values ​​of this indicator. If the system is characterized by low water consumption, the marking contains the letter L. If there are VL in the designation, this means that the battery has the smallest value of this indicator. Water consumption in such models is minimal.

Other designations

Reviews of Kursk car batteries provide experts. They argue that the manufacturer has thought up a convenient system for identifying their products. As you know, the battery may differ in direct or reverse polarity. If the positive terminal is on the right, the letter R will appear in the symbol. For direct polarity, no symbol is used.kursk 6st 60n battery reviews

Depending on the type of battery, on its case in certain areas there is information about the date of production. For passenger models with a nominal capacity of 45-110 Ah applied on the label on the cover.She is in the upper right corner. For cargo types of batteries (132-225 Ah), a number with information on the date of production is printed on the front of the hull.

The first two numbers indicate the month of manufacture. For example, if it is 11, then the battery was created in November. The next two numbers indicate the year of release. For example, if it is 17, then the battery was manufactured in 2017. This simple approach makes it easy to identify batteries for both buyers and car manufacturers.


"Kursk batteries", according to the owners, have a lot of advantages. Due to this, the demand for presented batteries only increases.

The battery is manufactured using modern technology. As a result, managed to create a durable, reliable product. It is able to ensure the stable operation of the electrical system even with a large number of devices connected to the network.

In cold weather, the battery makes it easy to start the engine, even if there is not the highest quality lubricant. This was made possible thanks to increased rates of starter currents. The latest technology, high-performance equipment and careful quality control make it possible to market high-quality, durable products.

The manufacturer provides a guarantee on its battery, which is valid for 1 year. This is a worthy product, which has a reasonable price.

Recommendations of specialists

Reviews of "Kursk batteries", provided by experts, argue that this is a quality product. It will be functional and durable, but only if it is used properly. Before using the presented equipment, it is important to study the manufacturer's instructions.

Should follow the rules of battery operation. This is especially important when using products of the type served. Such products are fire and explosive. Therefore, when refueling the presented unit, sparks should be avoided. It is also forbidden to smoke near the battery. It can not be turned over, tilted at an angle of more than 45º.

Serviced and maintenance-free batteries must be installed correctly in the seat. They should not stagger. The terminals must be firmly connected to the contacts. It is also extremely important to select the battery in accordance with the existing climatic conditions and features of operation.

Negative reviews

Reviews of Kursk batteries are both negative and positive. Experts say that when choosing and operating the battery, you need to follow the manufacturer's recommendations. In this case, problems when using the battery will not.

Among the negative reviews can be noted statements about the insufficiently long service life of the battery. He can not provide the start of the motor, according to some drivers, in the winter. However, with the right choice of the model, such problems are not observed.

Drivers claim that after several seasons certain problems start to occur in the electrical network. It is important to carry out periodic maintenance of the car. If the system is in good condition, such problems will not occur.

Positive reviews

Most drivers agree that the presented batteries can be classified as high-quality. They meet all the requirements that are put forward to the battery category "Standard". With proper operation, batteries work long and productively.

Having considered the main characteristics of "Kursk batteries",testimonials of buyers and experts about them, it can be said that these are high-quality products that have an acceptable price.

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