"Lada Granta" engine: specifications and reviews

"Lada Granta" is a domestic budgetB-class car. The model is produced serially from 2011. The car was built on a common base with the "Kalina" of the first generation. This allowed engineers to save money on the development of a new car. Thanks to this "Lada Granta" became one of the cheapest cars in its class. Below the cost was only "Matiz" and some "Chinese". The car is very popular in Russia. Well, let's consider what kind of "Lada Grants" the engine, specifications, design and interior.


As we already noted earlier, the machine was built on"Kalinin" platform. Despite this, the appearance of the "Grants" is significantly different. So, in front we see new headlights, a wide grille with a chrome strip in the center and a body-colored bumper.frets grant engine By the way, on the most budgetary versions it was black. Also in the bumper were halogen fog lights (or stubs instead of them, depending on the cost).


Inside, there are many details, similar to the second onegeneration of "Kalina". So, these are round deflectors on the sides and on the center console, and also a three-spoke steering wheel. It does not have electrical adjustments, but is equipped with projections for a more comfortable grip. On the center console is a radio with a display (in the poorest versions there is a stub), as well as a control unit for the stove. In luxury versions, air conditioning was provided. Seats - very flat, without lateral and lumbar supports. This is perhaps the most basic minus for the salon - they say the reviews.engine fret motor oil Also, the owners note the mediocre qualitynoise insulation. The plastic is very hard and rattles on the pits. Do not cope with their task and door seals: water does not pass, but the road noise is audible distinctly. At the bottom of the center console there are two cupholders. In luxury versions there are 4 columns and power windows. But the upholstery of seats - only fabric. The volume of the trunk of the sedan is 480 liters. The back of the sofa does not fold.

Specifications of Lada Grants

What kind of engine is put on this machine? The car is equipped with one of two four-cylinder power units.

The basic is the 8-valve atmospheric engine. Equipped with such an engine "Lada Granta" elevatorback and sedan. With a volume of 1.6 liters, it produces a power of 87 horsepower. Torque is available from four thousand revolutions and is equal to 140 Nm. This engine "Lada Grants" (8-valve) works paired with a five-speed manual transmission. So, acceleration to a hundred takes 12 and a half seconds. And the maximum speed is 166 kilometers per hour. As for fuel consumption, it is quite acceptable - up to 7 liters per hundred in a combined mode.lada grant which engine In luxury complete sets of "Lada Grants" enginehas a 16-valve timing mechanism. With a volume of 1.6 liters, this motor develops a power of 106 horsepower. The torque is 148 Nm and is available from four thousand revolutions per minute.

For this 16-valve engine "Lada Grants"two transmissions are provided. So, paired with it can work a five-step mechanic or a robot with the same number of steps. As for the dynamic characteristics of the "Lada Grants", the engine produces different values ​​at the same power. The reason for the responsiveness of the checkpoint. So, on the mechanics the acceleration to a hundred takes 10.6 seconds. But the "robot" is slower. With him, the machine accelerates to a hundred in exactly 12 seconds. The maximum speed is 179 kilometers per hour. The only way to safely affect the acceleration is to pour more liquid oil into the engine of "Lada Grants". By the way, from the factory in the engine is poured "Shell Helix" viscosity of 5w30. The volume of oil is 3.5 liters.

With regard to fuel consumption, it is the same on both transmissions. In a mixed cycle, this figure is 6.7 liters per hundred.

About the automatic transmission

Until 2015, the transmission line was presentand an automatic box from the company Jatco. It was a classic 4-mode torque converter. However, with him the machine spent much more fuel. As noted by the reviews, a hundred in the city - 13-14 liters of gasoline.
engine frets grants 8 valve And the car was not happy with the dynamics. Overclocking to a hundred took 13.7 seconds. In view of this, and also due to the reduction in production costs, AvtoVAZ stopped the Jatco transmission and moved completely to the robotic checkpoint. The owners' feedback marks the only plus of this transmission - there is no need to "pull the handle". But given the expense with such a machine, driving to Jatco becomes unprofitable.

Sports "Lada Granta"

The engine at Grants Sport was slightly differenttechnical characteristics. So, for a basis engineers have taken civil 1,6-liter motor. However, equipping it with a distributed injection and other camshafts, they increased the total capacity to 118 horsepower. The torque increased by 6 Nm, compared with the 106-strong model. This gave a small increase in overclocking. The first hundred cars are gaining in nine and a half seconds. The maximum speed is 197 kilometers per hour. The engine of "Lada Grants Sport" is completed with a non-exclusive mechanical transmission on 5 stages. The fuel consumption of the car is 7.8 liters in mixed mode.

Prices, complete sets

The car is offered in several trim levels:

  • Standard.
  • Norm.
  • Suite.

The cost of the basic version is 330 thousandrubles. This price includes one airbag, an onboard computer, stamped 14-inch ear and audio preparation. Under the hood is an 8-valve engine and a manual transmission.Grid 16 Valve Engine The "Norma" package is available at a price of 405thousand rubles. For this price, the buyer will receive a folding back of the rear seats, fog lights, ABS and stabilization system, electric power steering, audio system with Bluetooth and USB, and 4 speakers. As an option, air conditioning and a second airbag are available. For this you have to pay another 25 thousand rubles. There is also an option "paint the body in a metallic" at a price of 6 thousand rubles.freck grant elevatorbek engineLuxury version is available at a price of 480 thousandrubles. This price includes an extended package of noise insulation, four electric windows, mirror adjustment, immobilizer, seat heating, climate control, 15-inch cast wheels, multimedia complex with 7-inch screen. As an option, the manufacturer proposes to retrofit the car with a navigation system. For this you need to pay 9.7 thousand rubles. But, as the reviews say, the standard navigation in the "Grant" is very bad - it's better to use a regular navigator.


So, we found out what "LadaGrant "and what kind of engines it is equipped with. At the moment, the car is the cheapest in the line of AvtoVAZ. However, the run-in between the bundles (or rather their cost) is simply huge. This causes a storm of negativity among Russian motorists. Nevertheless, the car continues to be actively sold in different regions of Russia, even with an 8-valve engine.

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