Leather jacket-leather jacket

Leather outerwear - jackets, coats and raincoats- has always been and will remain fashionable. This is the classic of the autumn-spring dress. Almost every person dreams about purchasing such a product. Leather outerwear is comfortable, practical and can last almost ten years. As a rule, we are accustomed to buying outerwear from the skin of classic cut, which will always be in vogue. But in any rule there are exceptions. People who want to stand out from the crowd, but who have an aesthetic taste and are eager to acquire quality clothing, will always find something to choose from.Female Scythe

One of the types of men's outerwear is a leather jacket-scythe. Women's half of the population such an element of the wardrobe, too, took on its arms.

Convenient and free cut, extra pockets - this is what attracts connoisseurs of practical clothes.

Initially, the crochet was the outer clothing of bikers made of thick leather, it served as a protection against the oncoming wind while driving a motorcycle.

Special pockets allow you not to lose things that are stored in them.

And the leather jacket got its name thanks to the zipper, which is sewn diagonally: from the left thigh to the right shoulder.Female jack-up jacket

Modern fashion designers such an element of clothing are widely advertised. The female duck was fashionable in the past seasons and remains at the leading positions this year too.

At the same time, one should understand the difference between leatherjacket and crook. Female classic tapered jacket can not be called a duck if it lacks capacious pockets, and the zipper, although it stands out, is not fastened diagonally.

Biker jacket does not assume highcollars, but always decorated with metal rivets. The sleeves are always long, and on the back there is a special fold, so that the clothes do not hamper the movements.Women's leather jacket

A leather jacket-a scythe, female and male, has ceased to be a sign of rebelliousness, having shown itself in a new role. Today, it embodies sexuality, beauty and convenience.

This wardrobe element is very functional. It can be dressed for an informal party as well as for an official meeting. You just need to choose the right clothes for her.

Motorcycle fashion is supposed to be worn for such ajacket jeans, sweater, high boots with rivets (bertsy). Fashion designers offer to create a unique image with the help of a dewdrop. Straight velvet dress, high-heeled shoes, crochet, ladies' clutch bag, some silver jewelry (earrings, bracelet) - and you can safely go to a nightclub.

Going to work, you can put it under a scythea soft sweater and a maxi-skirt, completing the ensemble with a capacious handbag. The created image will look stylish and feminine, if the pullover or sweater will be muted light tones without a pattern, and a skirt - free cut. Over the trouser classic costume, too, can be dressed in a scythe. Women's narrowed leather skirt with a white blouse is the perfect office option.

When putting on a scythe, do not forget that shesymbolizes not only a fashionable trend, but also a way of life. It is a symbol of freedom, openness, rebellious spirit and readiness for any situation. It gives inner strength and confidence.

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