Leonid Engibarov: a clown with autumn in the shower

He was not recognized for a long time. And when Leonid Engibarov, whose biography will be given to your attention, suddenly passed away, the world suddenly realized what talent was lost forever. He died quite young - at 37 years his heart broke. And after that, the "clown with sad eyes" turned into a legend.

From boxer to mime

In the creative profession, people often come,having overcome many obstacles, having mastered other kinds of activity and having sustained an aversion of associates. Leonid Yengibarov was no exception. After all, his career lasted only 13 years, during which he turned from a man without a name to a world-wide star.

And it all started off trite: after graduating in 1952 school, he became a student of the Institute of Fisheries. But, the truth, I studied there only half a year and was transferred to the Institute of Physical Education. The fact is that even during his studies at school fragile and weak, Lenya enlisted in the boxing section and unexpectedly began to make great achievements in this sport.

By the way, his reprise of "Box" draws thisthe situation. In her on the ring a flimsy and insecure guy, funny and stupidly waving his arms, wins a healthy athlete. And let him dragged from the ring under his arms - he's still the winner!


Searches for a place in circus art

In the mid-50's Leonid Engibarov has already achievedsignificant successes in boxing, becoming a master of sports, and, by the way, this served as a kind of preface to his future destiny, because he will many times still have to hold a blow.

In 1955 in the circus school the clownery department was opened, and Engibarov decided to go there. There he very quickly realized that this was his element, his vocation. Therefore, hitting the distribution in the troupe of the Armenian circus in Yerevan, he plunged headlong into finding himself, his place in the arena.

To some extent he was lucky, because even in the schoolEngibarov met with director Yuri Belov, with whom he worked all his creative life. It was Yuri Pavlovich who prompted the future celebrity to see an image of a slightly sad "thinking clown" - a "clown with autumn in the shower", as his contemporaries called it.

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Clown with autumn in the shower

True, it should be said that at first this imageit was difficult for viewers to perceive - he was too out of the usual frame of cheerful and carefree rugby, mixing the audience between the numbers, while the workers of the stage dragged the props. Contrary to all the canons, before the perplexed visitors of the circus appeared a delicate and intelligent mime, not so much confused as forced to think and even saden. Leonid Yengibarov (photo of the great artist you can see in the article) turned his numbers into something akin to the lyrical confession of a very lonely and defenseless person in this world.

About the rich inner world of the beautiful artistone can judge even according to him, who now is so fond of quoting journalists: "It is especially difficult to stand on one hand, because at this time the entire globe is in it!"

Yes, for a long time the young artist was not perceivedseriously, advising even to change the line. But the image of a thinking clown was too close to Leonid's heart, and he did not want to back off from him, believing that the moment of understanding and success would come.

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Time of success

And this time has come. In 1961 The Yerevan Circus went on tour to Moscow, where, after the first speeches, a rumor about an unusual clown swept through the city. On Engibarova began to walk, as a solo program. The success was amazing: the girls gave him flowers, and the audience applauded standing, and it all looked as if he was not a clown, but a ballet soloist.

Popularity was growing. In 1962 the film "The Way to the Arena" (directed by L. Isahakyan and G. Malyan), where Leonid Engibarov himself appeared as the protagonist, was released. The artist's personal life and difficulties, which he faced on the way to glory, were depicted realistically and touchingly, which, incidentally, made the clown even more famous.

And in 1964 in Prague - at the international competition of clowns - he received the first prize. For a newly-unbeknown artist, this was a stunning success!

leonid angiarbari photo

He is too freedom-loving!

The first victory was followed by others. Now Leonid was offered tempting contracts in foreign circuses, but Soviet officials were adamant. Already too uncontrollable and freedom-loving was Leonid Yengibarov, therefore, an unequivocal verdict was passed against him: "Do not let go!" The management was afraid that one day the artist simply would not return from his foreign tours.

And at home the artist was unbearable: to circumvent the endless heavy censorship, he even had to write one in the script, and play another on the stage. Someone closed their eyes to this, but, naturally, there were those to whom the glory of the artist did not give rest, and denunciations were written on him.

All this, and also greater loads (LeonidEngibarov and his ensemble gave 3 performances a day!) His heart was worn out. And in 1972, during the hot, stuffy summer, when peat bogs were burning near Moscow, and the city was full of thick smog, the heart of Mime could not stand it.

a monument to the Lengibar

It is interesting that on the day of his funeral he suddenly set offheavy rain - obviously, even nature mourned the departure of a sad clown.

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