"Limfomiozot" for children: reviews, instructions, prices

The drug "Limfomiozot" for children is a well-known homeopathic remedy, consisting of numerous components and having an extensive spectrum of action. Parents' reviews of this medicine indicate its high efficacy, which in some cases even avoids surgical operations.

lymphomazot for children

"Limfomiozot" - drops for children: composition

The drug is 100% made from natural raw materials, which does not cause fear for reception even the smallest children. For the manufacture of tools using numerous components of plant origin:

  • Dubovik;

  • forget-me-not;

  • Veronika pharmacy;

  • pine ordinary;

  • wintering horsetail;

  • yellow gentian;

  • knotted needle;

  • therapeutic sarsaparila;

  • walnut;

  • common geranium;

  • chymyanka medicament;

  • calcium hydrogen phosphate;

  • spider cross;

  • iron iodide;

  • levothyroxine;

  • nasturtium;

  • Glauber's salt.

lymphomazot reviews for children

Medicinal properties

The high effectiveness of the drug “Limfomyozot” for children is due to such functions as immunomodulating, anti-edema, lymphatic drainage, anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, detoxification. Many parents, applying in practice the tool "Limfomiozot", reviews (for children) provide the best. Thus, parents note a significant improvement in immunity in frequently ill children, especially when they were previously bothered by rhinitis, tonsillitis, tonsillitis, and chronic adenoiditis. This drug works perfectly with enlarged lymph nodes, dysbacteriosis, tonsil hypertrophy, and “Lymphomyosot” drops are often prescribed to treat skin rashes of an allergic nature. Instructions for children also involves the use of the drug in order to relieve intoxication of various origin.

Efficiency of use

In what cases is it really advisable to use the homeopathic medicine “Limfomiozot”? Instructions for children, reviews of many pediatricians and the results of its practical use speak of one thing - it is this remedy that should be prescribed as an alternative to frequent use of antibiotics.After all, in case of numerous diseases, a child has to regularly use an impressive list of antiviral, immunostimulating drugs, which can hardly be called harmless. Means "Limfomiozot" for children is absolutely safe, as it contains microscopic doses of active substances. That is why many pediatricians consider it necessary to prescribe this drug to children of different ages in order to prevent serious diseases, and also note a good result from its use in the treatment of many childhood diseases.

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Very often, pediatricians prescribe this tool in the complex treatment of chronic and advanced forms of colds (tonsillitis, tonsillitis, rhinitis, adenoiditis). During the period of teething, children are advised to take drops to maintain immunity and protect against viral infections. Intoxication of the child’s body associated with poisoning, powerful drug therapy, and after anesthesia, is much faster with the appointment of this homeopathic remedy. Before entering the kindergarten, during the period of seasonal viruses, experts recommend using this drug in conjunction with immuno-strengthening agents, while not forgetting to follow the systemic approach.

Instructions for use

What is the dosage form and how long should I take the Limfomiozot drops? Reviews for children, as well as the official instructions for the drug contain the following information: for an effective result, you must individually prescribe a medicine according to a specific scheme. In each case, the pediatrician or homeopath sets the rate and frequency of admission, taking into account the nature of the disease, its severity and the age of the child. Usually, the treatment of acute forms of diseases on the first day occurs with the intake of drops every 15 minutes, on the following days the frequency of administration decreases to an interval of 1 hour, 2 hours, and on the third to fourth day of treatment - up to 3 times a day. You should not stop abruptly giving the medicine to a child - you need to gradually reduce the dose, bringing it up to 1 time per week. Usually, to achieve the maximum effect, the agent is taken for a long time, several months in a row.

lymphoma myazot instruction for children reviews

For children, pediatricians prescribe the drug in the form of drops, much less often, in acute conditions, use a solution for intramuscular injections. Drops "Limfomiozot" for children should be taken in diluted form (a small amount of water) or directly dripping under the tongue 30 minutes before a meal or 1-2 hours after a meal.Children from birth to 2 years of age appoint 3-5 drops, from 2 to 6 years - 7-8 drops, after 6 years of age, the rate of admission comes to 10 drops.

Drug reviews

Having studied the numerous opinions about the effectiveness of the use of the “Limfomiozot” means, one can say that they diverge. Some people think that taking a homeopathic remedy does not give any result, and the children still continue to hurt, others insist on the beneficial effects of the drug on the children's body. Positive feedback is based on the practice of using the drug in case of serious problems with ENT organs, lymph nodes, adenoids, and lymph outflow disorders.

Quite a few reviews indicate that it was thanks to the intake of this remedy that it was possible to avoid surgical intervention and subsequently achieve complete recovery. People like the economy of the drug, the absence of bitter taste and smell.lymphomazot with drops for childrenThe most important advantage of the means “Limfomiozot” is its natural composition by 100%, and therefore it cannot harm the medicine. The only exceptions are cases with hyperfunction of the thyroid gland and thyrotoxicosis, in which it is contraindicated to use this drug.

Drug prices

Perhaps the only drawback of the “Limfomiozot” product is its relatively high price. Drops with a capacity of 30 ml. stand in different pharmacies on average from 475 to 700 rubles., solution for injection in a package of 5 ampoules - about 500 rubles., 100 ampoules - 3500 - 5000 rubles.

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