Maple Lysosybolds: description, care, planting

These beautiful ornamental-deciduous deciduoustrees today are very popular in landscape design. There are many types of ornamental maple. Most of them are thermophilic, so in Central Russia they do not hibernate. But in recent years, frost-resistant varieties have been introduced, which, with due care, develop well and grow for many years. We will introduce you to one of them in this article.maple leaf

Maple Lysosus: Description

One of the rarest varieties belonging to the genusMaple (Acer), the family of Sapindaceae (Sapindaceae). The map of false-syphilis in natural conditions occurs in Korea, Primorye, and Northeast China. Currently, thanks to outstanding decorative characteristics, it is bred in many countries, including Russia, mainly in the southern regions.

The maple is very beautiful in the spring, until the pinkish-red, bright cover scales of the leaf buds, which have just released the folded young leaves, have fallen out.maple lies in the suburbs

But this tree is especially spectacular in autumn, when the leaves change the range of tones several times in a short period of time and finally acquire fiery scarlet colors, creating the illusion of a burning bonfire.

Extraordinarily good maple lies and inflowering time. At this time, from under the horizontally stretched leaves, white-red inflorescences hang on the dark red long petioles. The exquisite beauty of this maple turned it into a desired garden and park plant. Specialists in landscape design recommend it for single, as well as for group planting and creating original composition groups.seeds of maple false-throat

This is one of the most decorative maples with openworkrugged green leafy foliage. She is very beautiful. Up to half the leaf plate is cut. The diameter of the leaves is up to ten centimeters. The blades can be widely rhombic or triangular. Young leaves on both sides are pubescent, then they become perfectly smooth. The trunk covers the bark of a light gray tinge, the young shoots are greenish or reddish, with a slight gray bloom.


The flowers are large, yellowish-white in color withlarge, twice the size of the petals of purple sepals. Ten to twenty flowers are collected in racemose inflorescences bearing pubescent axes. Flowering begins after the leaves bloom, and lasts for fifteen days. At the beginning of ripening the lionfish are colored pinkish red, later they change color to yellowish brown.root maple system

The root system of the maple is falsity-deep,very sensitive to soil compaction, the transplant tolerates well. Lives and in the conditions of the city maple false-zygophagy. In the suburbs reaches a height of not more than six meters. Despite the good winter hardiness, it can freeze at very low temperatures. Correctly develops on soils with good drainage.


This species of maple multiplies by cuttings, seeds,and most decorative forms - grafting (tingling or incubation). If you want to grow this extraordinarily beautiful tree on your site, you can use seeds. In natural conditions, they fall, falling, pass a natural stratification in winter and in summer sprout.

Maple pseudosylbolds discards fruit at the endAugust. They are collected and sown in the ground. If the autumn planting is not planned, they are stored in a glass, cloth or polyethylene container in a cool room, at a temperature of no more than +10 ° C and at a humidity of 15%. Before sowing in spring, they are stratified in wet sand for one to two months at + 15-20 ° C.maple lies

To stimulate the germination of seedssoaked before sowing for three days in hydrogen peroxide. In the first half of May they plant seeds in the beds to a depth of not more than three centimeters. The map of false-syphilis gives the first shoots in about three weeks. By the end of the first year shoots grow to eighty centimeters. They should be weeded, loosened and watered. After planting, the trunks should be mulched by peat with a layer of five centimeters. The young tree is transplanted to the permanent place at the age of one to three years.

Maple Lozognoblad: Planting and Care

Since growing maple from seed is a processlong, more often used seedlings. Planting is carried out in the spring or autumn. The distance between the plants is from two to four meters (single planting), and for a hedge it is enough two meters. The landing pit should be 50 x 50 x 70 cm in size.

The root neck can be slightly recessed orstay at the soil level. If the groundwater is close to your site and it is waterlogged, drainage should include gravel and sand with a layer of at least twenty centimeters. The bottom of the landing pit should be well loosened. For this, forks are poked into it and swing them back and forth forcefully.maple leaves

If a full mineral fertilizer was not applied during the planting in the landing pit, then in the following spring, the following composition (based on 1 square meter) should be carried out:

  • urea - 40 g;
  • potassium salts - 15-25 g;
  • superphosphate - 50 g.

When loosening and watering in the summer, make "Kemiru-universal" at the rate of 100 g per 1 m².


The maple of false-syphilis is a water-loving plant. In the dry season it is watered once a week - fifteen liters per tree. After landing, a double norm is required. Lack the soil during weeding or immediately after watering to prevent soil compaction.root maple system

Diseases and pests

The map of false-throat is especially often affectedcoral spotting. In this case, some branches die, the cortexit is covered with red small bulging spots-pustules. Affected branches should be immediately removed, carefully cover the sections with garden varnish, and the used cutting tool should be thoroughly disinfected.

Maple whiteflyIs another serious disease that canthreaten this kind of maple. Spraying with a 0.1% solution of "Atellika" or "Amofos" is necessary. Maple mealybug is treated by spraying, which is performed before the buds are blooming. The drug "Nitrafen" (3%) is used, and in summer the tree should be treated with "Carbophos" (0.1%). maple leaves


Maple Lozognoblidov - this is very bright and spectaculardecorative plant. The pattern of openwork leaves, their original shape, unique autumn coloring, unusual in form and coloring fruits and inflorescences, complex pattern of bark attract attention of owners of country houses and garden plots to it. Even this one tree will change your site beyond recognition. Perfectly combines with coniferous species.

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