Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel 5 * (Turkey): room description, service, reviews

In the modern world there are many opportunities for travel, thanks to which we have the chance to spend holidays abroad. Of course, going on a trip, we pay great attention to the choice of hotels. It is no coincidence, because the hotel is the place where we have to live throughout the rest. And on what will be the hotel, including its territory, rooms and service, depends largely on what impressions will remain with us on vacation. Before choosing a hotel, travelers usually not only ask the opinions of travel agents about which places to stay in, and which places not, but also read reviews from other hotel customers. In this article you will get acquainted with the detailed description of the famous hotel in Turkey and find out what impression it left at the guests.

About the location of the hotel

Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel is located in the Maiden's Bay of the resort settlement of Hisaronu, at a distance of twenty kilometers from the city of Marmaris. One hundred thirteen kilometers from the hotel is the airport Dalaman.Some tourists arrive at another airport, Bodrum. It is located one hundred and twenty kilometers from the hotel.

marmaris resort deluxe hotel

If you are set up for a quiet holiday on the seashore and are looking for a comfortable hotel with not too high prices, Marmaris Deluxe Hotel Hotel may be just what you need. The institution is perfect for families with children or a business trip. The hotel has a rest citizens of different countries. Here you can not only spend a relaxing family holiday. The hotel provides a mobile and a beach holiday, as well as visits to various excursions.

Territory and infrastructure

Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel 5 * (Turkey) opened in 2010. The last time the hotel building was reconstructed in 2012. The area of ​​the hotel is sixty-five thousand square meters. Next to it is the Marmaris Resort, D-Hotel. The institution has a developed infrastructure. On the territory of the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel there are two swimming pools (one for adults and the other for children), a water park, a spa, and shopping centers.

marmaris resort deluxe hotel 5

The hotel has a reception desk, it operates twenty-four hours a day. Tourists check in to the hotel room at two o'clock in the afternoon; on the departure day, it is necessary to leave the hotel at 12:00.Employees of the registration counter can help you bring things into the room, exchange currency, and book tickets. You can pay for hotel services using bank cards.

The coast near the hotel

Speaking about the territory and infrastructure of Marmaris Resort Deluxe, one can not fail to mention the beach area, which is located a hundred meters from the hotel. It has everything to enjoy a holiday by the sea, sunbathe, swim and really relax. You can use chairs, umbrellas, sheets and towels for free. The beach consists of sand and pebbles.

In general, most of the citizens of our country who spent their holidays in this hotel have a good impression of the beach area. The territory is not very extensive, but, as a rule, there are places for all tourists. The hotel staff regularly clean the beach, so there is always neat and safe.


The hotel consists of one hundred and forty-five rooms and can accommodate up to three hundred guests. All rooms of the hotel have a modern interior. Each is equipped with the following amenities:

  1. Tables and chairs.
  2. Nightstands.
  3. The beds.
  4. Home clothes.
  5. Cooling chamber.
  6. Boiler.
  7. Coffee machine.
  8. Mini bar.
  9. TV.
  10. Alarm clock.
  11. Wireless Internet.
  12. Air conditioning.
  13. Luggage storage.
  14. Phone.
  15. Bathroom with cosmetics.
  16. Sink.

Rooms are serviced around the clock, bed linen and towels are changed two or three times a week.

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The maid keeps the room tidy every day. From the windows or from the balcony of your room you can enjoy a beautiful view of the mountains, the garden and the pool.

Room categories

Tourists always have the opportunity to comfortably stay in the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel. Description of rooms, according to their categories:

  • “Deluxe” for two people with one double bed (the room also has a flat-screen TV, air conditioning, luggage storage, telephone, toiletries, a kettle, mini-bar, bathroom and shower, with a balcony overlooking the sea coast).
  • “Deluxe” for three persons with three beds (to all the facilities described above, added wooden floor or parquet, wardrobe; windows overlook the garden or the sea).

All rooms are qualitatively renovated and equipped with modern technical equipment.

Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel

Single storey houses

For family holidays in Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel 5 * offers separate buildings - bungalows.Next to these houses are a swimming pool and a terrace with seating. If tourists choose a bungalow for a vacation with a family, they are recommended to prefer more distant cottages so that the music from the disco does not prevent them from sleeping at night. In total, the hotel has seventeen separate houses for guests. Of course, the main advantage of the bungalow is a secluded rest.

marmaris resort deluxe hotel 5 turkey

In addition, the situation in the rooms is pleasant, cleaning is carried out regularly, and all appliances are modern and work properly. There are many picturesque places near the cottages where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Hotel Services

If you choose a place to stay and stay at the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel, the service (more precisely, its quality) is definitely important for you. This is natural, because every tourist would like to get the maximum for the money that he invests in his vacation. As free hotel services you can list wireless Internet, a swimming pool, use of beach equipment, attend entertainment at the hotel, saunas and baths, as well as a fitness room (until seven in the evening).You will have to pay for sending correspondence, printing documents, medical care, washing clothes, beauty salon procedures, sports equipment and renting a pleasure boat. Also, the services of organizing business meetings (provision of audio and video equipment, rental of premises for negotiations) will require additional costs. The hotel has a spa. Here you can trust professionals to take care of your face, body and hair. Masks, cleansing and rejuvenating procedures, water massage, sauna, haircuts and hairstyles - all these pleasures for an additional fee can be quite accessible on vacation.


When you go on vacation abroad, of course, you want to take a break from constant grocery shopping and cooking. If you are going to stay in the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel, the food you are certainly interested in, because you need to eat tasty and fresh, well-prepared food in an institution, the quality of which you can trust. The hotel offers an all-inclusive system. The food here is generally well organized.

The hotel has three bars, as well as a cafe and restaurant.

marmaris resort deluxe hotel service

In Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel 5 * you are offered a complimentary breakfast, lunch, lunch, dinner, local spirits and soft drinks. The restaurants serve dishes of European, local and international cuisine. The menu of these places is famous for delicious Turkish food, fish and seafood, good coffee, tea and confectionery. If you wish, you can cook vegetarian or diet food, grilled dishes. For children there is a children's menu. Although some tourists are dissatisfied with the lack of a large selection of dishes, in general, judging by the reviews of travelers, it can be concluded that the food in restaurants is of good quality. In addition, there are no large queues, and the staff of the institution (waiters and bartenders) usually make a very pleasant impression on the guests.


While relaxing in the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel, you can be sure that you will never be bored. For hotel guests there is a program of animation activities (discos, gala dinners, dance shows). Connoisseurs of shopping can go to the city and stroll through the shopping centers, bazaars and souvenir shops, and sports fans always have the opportunity to rent sports equipment and play volleyball, tennis or darts. Water gives a huge scope for various types of entertainment.For example, you can do water aerobics, swim on a catamaran or a boat. If you are interested in the history and culture of the country, excursions are provided for you. Even a walk through the neighborhood will be very exciting. Near the hotel are interesting places, such as a shopping center and bazaar, bars, marina, museum of the Navy. Surely you will want to visit them. If you are traveling with children, be sure that your child will always be in business. Employees of the hotel organize entertainment for children, for example, a children's club, discos, various types of activities. For the active recreation of small guests there is also a swimming pool, a waterslide and a playground. If parents need to leave somewhere, they can not worry - their child will always be supervised. For an additional fee you can use the services of a nanny.

Marmaris Resort Delux Hotel room description

Reviews of hotel Marmaris Resort Delux Hotel

Tourists characterize this institution differently. Most reviews are very favorable. Tourists talk about the hotel as a quiet and cozy place with a high level of service, good food and interesting entertainment events. Plus called the proximity of the hotel to the beach.Good organization of children's leisure is an undoubted advantage of the Marmaris Resort Deluxe Hotel. In the reviews, tourists celebrate a wonderful animation. Many parents and their children were satisfied with the work of animators. As disadvantages of the hotel most often referred to as the absence of the usual dishes, an insufficient amount of fruit; note the lack of sun loungers on the beach and not quite satisfactory condition of some rooms (old furniture, cramped shower). Another disadvantage of the hotel is not too neat working clothes of the attendants at the restaurant and the slowness of some waiters.

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