Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips

Agree, just to grow a bush of tomatoes - the task is quite simple, especially since this plant is not very capricious. But to get a decent collection of this vegetable can, having mastered certain skills and knowledge. There is a mass of techniques that allow to accelerate ripening. Tilling tomatoes in the open field is perhaps one of the main methods for increasing yields and getting ripe vegetables in the early stages.

Planting tomatoes

Planted seedlings in open ground after establishing a stable temperature. The plant grows well on an even, sunny place. The distance between the bushes depends on the variety and how it is planned to form the plant. Tomatoes with a stem of small height (determinant), as a rule, are early ripe varieties. They are planted in a row, the distance between the bushes should be 60 cm, and the interrow distance - 70 cm.Tall seedlings (indeterminant) are positioned so that the distance between the bushes is 70 cm and between rows 90 cm. All tall seedlings belong to late-ripening varieties, which are distinguished by high yields and have a bush height of up to 1.5–2 meters. When planting in the hole, you must add organic fertilizer and up to two liters of water. The plant is well buried, covered with earth, which is then well rammed.

pasynkovanie tomatoes in open ground

Landing in the ground with the above requirements, however, as well as pasynkovanie tomatoes in open ground, is one of the methods to increase the yield.

Care during cultivation

During the growth of tomatoes, it is necessary to perform certain procedures, which include: watering, hilling, weeding, tying, pasynkovanie, protection from pests.

In order for the bush to settle down well, it is necessary to ensure sufficient soil moisture in the first week after planting. After the seedlings finally take root, watering is carried out every ten days, constantly destroying the weeds.

For the full development of the root system is required to loosen the soil and carry out hilling.Tying up stalks and pasynkovanie tomatoes in the open field is the most effective methods to accelerate the ripening of fruits.

tomatoes pasynkovanie and pinching

Tying is carried out several times during maturation, it is necessary to do it under the ovary. Thus, the brush is better illuminated and warms up, which leads to a significant acceleration of maturation. Also, due to tying and exclusion of contact with the ground, tomatoes are less affected by diseases.

Growing tomatoes: pasynkovanie determinant varieties

Rooted seedlings quickly grows into a shrub with many lateral processes. On each branch formed ovary with 4 brushes. By removing the side stepsons, the yield is significantly reduced. Therefore, undersized varieties to see the pinch is irrational and, as a rule, such bushes do not require special shaping.

Methods of rational cultivation of low-growing tomatoes

To obtain a rich harvest of tomatoes, it is necessary to make considerable efforts. However, there are ways to facilitate the care of a long-established shrub, as well as propagate seedlings after planting.

growing tomatoes pasynkovanie

As a rule, all stunted varieties form powerful lower stepsons.For reproduction, it is necessary to regrowth the stepson without effort to bend to the side, fasten with a pin and sprinkle with earth. After a while, the stepson will take root and give rise to a new bush. Using this method, you can get a good harvest, not having a large number of seedlings.

The second method allows you to reduce the time for the care of tomatoes. Masking in this method is not required. Everyone understands that tying the branches is a laborious process. But stunted bushes can do without it, it is enough to plant them thicker. Growing bushes will support themselves.

Features of cultivation of determinant varieties in the northern regions

The cold and short summer, characteristic of the north, often does not allow growing and harvesting tomatoes. Masking tomatoes in the open groundallows you to significantly reduce the time of ripening and get excellent fruit, grown and ripened not in a greenhouse. When side shoots are removed, the maximum inflow of nutrients to the ovaries of the fruit occurs, which accelerates their growth and maturation. Picking off stepchildren is better when they are 3-5 cm in size, every 10 days.Shrub form so that it remains one or two stalks. Of course, this will not allow to collect a large crop, but there will be a guarantee that all fruits will have time to ripen in the conditions of a short summer.

care of tomatoes pasynkovanie

Late-ripening tomatoes: pasynkovanie and pinching

For tall tomatoes it is necessary to form a bush, otherwise the lateral branches will grow, thus making it impossible to fully develop the ovaries. Such bushes are characterized by the fact that the first fruit ovary is formed after the eighth leaf, and the stepchild stems appear in the bosom of each. Thus, they take over the majority of the nutrients coming from the root system. As a result, the fruit ovary develops sluggishly, has small and inconspicuous fruits. If you do not intervene in this process, then it will be impossible to grow tomatoes without a pinch.

When growing indeterminate seedlings, it is advisable to form three stems. To do this, you must leave the two bottom strong stepson and grow them like regular stelby, tying up to the support and removing, all the other stepchildren. It is necessary to cut them in a timely manner: if you missed the moment and stepchildren outgrown, it is better to use scissors.

tomatoes without pasynkovka

With proper care, tall tomatoes produce a bountiful harvest and are characterized by a long period of fruiting. In addition to pinching, in such varieties, it is necessary to pinch the upper stems. This is done a month before the planned end of the harvest, thus providing the opportunity to collect large tomatoes. The grazing and pinching, as well as the tying up of tomatoes are the main techniques that allow you to grow a good harvest in almost any climatic zone.

Features of the cultivation and care of cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes can be grown both on the plot and at home. There are many varieties of these tomatoes that require different care. High varieties grow rapidly, thrive abundantly, forming stepchildren and fruit buds. Therefore, they need to pay more attention and remove extra stepchildren every week. And some varieties can grow both in open ground and in a pot on the windowsill, they do not need such care, because each branch forms a brush and no longer grows.

Cherry Tomatoes

Final moments

There are basic methods that allow you to get a high yield of tomatoes, no matter what kind of cultivation: be it tall “De Barao” or low-growing cherry tomatoes.Tilling, tying, and timely watering is the key to getting a decent harvest. However, do not forget about plant nutrition. The best option is to apply fertilizer containing phosphorus and potassium in the fall when digging the site. Fertilizers containing nitrogen should be applied only in spring. Also, every three years it is necessary to change the place of planting, and to prevent the disease of seedlings, tomatoes should not be planted near the potatoes.

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Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 14

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 84

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 93

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 82

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 2

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 82

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 63

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 15

Masking tomatoes in open ground. Cultivation, care. Secrets and Tips 59