"Mikrolaks" (microclysters): instructions for use and reviews

Constipation is the result of complex disorders in the motility of the gastrointestinal tract and / or a consequence of bacterial imbalance. To provoke discomfort, which, by the way, is fraught with complications, can be various factors, and both children and adult organisms are equally susceptible to the threat of the development of this ailment.

"Mikrolaks" (microclysters) is a combination medicine of a laxative effect, intended for rectal use. Once in the large intestine, the active ingredients liquefy the fecal masses and, at the same time, increase the tone of the smooth muscles, which facilitates the emptying process. For this reason, the drug is used not only in the fight against constipation, but also when it is necessary to carry out diagnostic studies of the specified part of the digestive system.

Release form, storage conditions and shelf life

The drug is available in branded carton containing four disposable bottles with special tips. Capacity microclysters - 5 ml; the tip of the tube is sealed by the factory contour capsule; it must be broken off just before the rectal injection of the preparation.

microlax microclysters

The optimal storage temperature is from +5 to +25 degrees Celsius. At the same time, the maximum shelf life of a hermetically packed unit (meaning the original microclyster "Mikrolaks") determines the application instruction at the level of five years. After this period, the medicine is not used.

The manufacturer, the Swedish company MacNeil AB, focuses consumers on the fact that authentic product packaging is marked in a special way: the actual period of time concluded between the “manufactured / valid to” dates is usually less than five years exactly one month.

Chemical composition

The instruction informs the following about the contents of the microlax microclyster:

  • the active ingredient is a colorless solution of a viscous consistency based on glycerin, water and sorbic acid;
  • the role of active ingredients is assigned to citrate and sodium lauryl sulfoacetate (90 and 9 mg, respectively), as well as liquid sorbitol (about 625 mg).

Pharmacological kinetics

Microclyster "Mikrolaks" (reviews of adults about the drug mainly positive) ensures the onset of the therapeutic effect within 5-15 minutes after application.

microclyster microlax instructions for use

The first to react is the peptizer (in this case, sodium citrate), which stimulates the natural dehydration of fecal masses. The presence of sodium lauryl sulfoacetate in the solution contributes to the fact that the intestinal contents become more homogeneous. In turn, sorbitol provokes the accumulation of additional reserves of water in the problem area of ​​the digestive system, and as a result, fecal masses give in to natural softening.

It has been clinically proven that the use of microclyster "Mikrolaks" does not affect the work of the systemic blood flow. This means that emptying is a result of a medical pinch point and that the body cleans itself of foreign chemicals as soon as possible.

General indications for use

Need to understandthat the practice of OTC use of the drug Mikrolax (microclysters in most countries are available for purchase without compulsory consultation with your doctor) is fraught with consequences. Despite the high safety of the components of the drug, compliance with all requirements of the instructions is not a panacea for likely complications. For example, the result of individual intolerance of components can be not only colic, but also systemic disorders of the digestive tract. In order to avoid such troubles, the manufacturer of the indicated medication strongly recommends that consumers undergo preliminary examinations with specialized specialists.

microclyster microlax instruction

Argumented grounds for the use of the drug "Mikrolaks" can serve:

  • constipation of various origins (both in children and adults);
  • complex medical measures related to the need for preparation for the study of the gastrointestinal tract (rectoscopy, x-rays of the colon, etc.).

Recommended dosage

Before the introduction of an enema, it is necessary to break the integrity of the cap seal (break off the contour protection) and, slightly pressing on the bottle, ensure that the tip of the nozzle is smeared with a drop of solution.As for experiences with a single dose, it will not be possible to exceed it: the volume of reagents is limited by the capacity of the original tube, and the ratio of the components themselves is chosen so that the solution has a positive effect on the child’s body and on the gastrointestinal tract of a mature person.

application of microclysters microlax

Patients older than 3 years, the contents of one unit of the drug "Mikrolaks" (microclyster) is injected rectally, with immersion for the entire length of the tip; after which the tube is fully compressed and, in such a compressed state, the nozzle is removed from the rectum. Newborns and children under the age of 3 years for constipation and examinations should undergo a similar procedure (with the only difference that microclyster is administered not by the full length of the tip, but only by half). As mentioned above, you should not try to dose the drug when treating infants: optimal rationing is the manufacturer's care (for this reason, a bottle with the active substance and disposable).

Side effects

The described laxative does not violate the intestinal microflora (the ingredients are practically not susceptible to absorption, which means they do not enter the bloodstream).The manifestation of any side effects when using the drug is rather an exception to the rule.

Microclyster "Mikrolaks" (instructions for use makes it clear that the drug is safe for patients of all age categories) in rare cases can cause a barely perceptible burning sensation in the area of ​​administration. Usually such a scenario takes place when the instructions regarding the preparatory stage are not followed (that is, a slight squeezing of the bottle ensuring lubrication of the nozzle was not carried out). The probability of allergic reactions is even less: their development is a natural result of self-treatment (this is an individual intolerance to the components, which can only be identified by a specialist).

Contraindications for appointment

There are no special restrictions on the use of laxatives. The reason for this is the peacefulness of the chemical composition.

microclyster microlax how to use

In particular, the microclyster "Mikrolaks" during pregnancy can be used without any concerns about potential threats and consequences. The same situation is with infants: the children's body responds well to the components and does not accumulate compounds in the cells. However, some restrictions are permissible.For example, hypersensitivity to lauryl sulfoacetate or sodium citrate or oncology of the colon can be a contraindication.

"Mikrolaks" - microclysters for children. Features of use

Judging by the reviews, young and inexperienced mothers often have doubts about the effectiveness of the drug. In their view, the drug must necessarily cause an emptying of the intestine in the first fifteen minutes after rectal administration (this is, by the way, the instructions). However, the reactions that are triggered in the body after the microlax microclyster has been delivered (for newborns, as for children under 3 years old, the recommended dose is 5 ml of solution, that is, one bottle), have their own nuances. So, say, the absence of a bowel movement after half an hour amid the absolute calmness of a baby can only indicate one thing - the child’s intestines are not completely filled, and the laxative simply has nothing to influence (there is not enough fecal mass).

Under such circumstances, it is strictly forbidden to increase the dosage, which is called, at the discretion of the parent,since in the long run this is fraught with the addiction of the muscles of the intestine to low loads (as an option, the anus sphincter will cease to function as a control valve).

Budget "understudy" of the drug

The average price at which MicroLax microclysm is sold (there are no analogues as such, but in pharmacies one can find substitutes with a very similar final effect) - 300 rubles. The cost of drugs-synonyms varies widely. The same suppositories — glycerin suppositories — are available in an assortment of 20–50 rubles, but, like standard rubber pears, they have several disadvantages: specific storage conditions, difficulty introducing into the rectum, questionable sterility, and so on. In addition, many pharmacological proposals are burdened with age restrictions ...

In turn, the mechanism of using lactulose syrups (Duphalac, Guttalaks, Normaz and others; the price starts from 200 rubles) provides for oral use, which is not very convenient if the patient is a crumb. In addition, we must not forget that the list of contraindications for medicines taken orally in this way is much longer than in the case of rectal drugs.In other words, there are no exact “twins” in “Mikrolaks”, and all alternatives presented on the market in comparison with the described preparation have much more minuses. However, it’s also not worth pinning all hopes on a miracle remedy: regular constipation is a signal that the time has come to seek clarification from your doctor.

Microclyster "Mikrolaks" for newborns: five reasons to say: "Yes"

The undoubted advantages of the drug include:

  • balanced composition (all components are “friendly” to the microflora of the rectum);
  • the point nature of the action (the components are mainly absorbed by the feces, which virtually eliminates the likelihood of their entering the bloodstream);
  • high practicality (elastic tubes with special rectal tips are ready for use at the first need; no additional manipulations with the active substance are needed, there is no need to calculate an individual dose of the medicine, etc.);
  • acceptable rate of onset of therapeutic effect (after the use of some analogues, defecation occurs after a few hours, while the drug stimulates bowel emptying within the next 15 minutes);
  • moderate cost.

microclyster microlax for newborns

And yet, we must constantly remember that the microlax microclyster (how to use a disposable tube, described in detail in the “Recommended Dosage” section) is an emergency aid that cannot be abused in any way. Moreover, noteworthy, this rule applies without amendment to the date of birth of the patient, that is, the constant artificial stimulation of defecation is extremely undesirable for both children and their parents.

Feedback and Comments

Microclyster "Mikrolaks" (reviews of adults in the thematic forums are mostly positive and contain very little criticism on the merits) - a frequent guest of various headings, in varying degrees, affecting the issue of motherhood. Young mothers and fathers note the versatility of the drug and emphasize its effectiveness. At the base of a number of comments lies the phrase: “Everything suits me, no flaws have been found.”

microclyster microlax adult reviews

Situations where a laxative did not help, are rare. In this case, the participants of the discussions themselves put forward assumptions about the root cause of the lack of a result. The most common version is incorrectly following the instructions on the procedure for extracting microclysters (the rectal tip must be removed from the rectum,without unclamping a squeezed disposable tube).

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