Mirkin's Diet

This diet is designed specifically for those people,who want to lose their excess weight, but do not want to deny themselves a diet, as many other diets suggest. The diet of Dr. Mirkin gives a good result, if you follow all the instructions and rules clearly. In the food system proposed by the doctor, there are no contraindications. Thus for a week it is possible to dump 2-3 kgs, and for a month - 7-10 kg. But it must be remembered that even if you have achieved the desired result, you do not need to stop. You can then allow yourself any indulgence, but diet should still be adhered to. Otherwise, you very quickly dial the dropped weight. After all, losing weight is much more difficult than typing. And more: before starting a diet, you should consult a doctor!

Mirkin's diet requires the separation of food products into those that are allowed and those that are prohibited. The following products are permitted:

  • Meat, except for roast pork.
  • A bird, except for a fried duck.
  • Fish of any kind.
  • Seafood.
  • Dairy products with fat content no more than 3,2%, eggs.
  • Cheese with a fat content of less than 40%.
  • Vegetables, except beans.
  • Mushrooms.
  • Fruit, spices and herbs.
  • Vegetable oils.
  • Any drinks that do not contain sugar.

Prohibited foods in the diet of Dr. Mirkin:

  • Bakery products and pastries.
  • Bananas, apricots.
  • Dates, figs and nuts.
  • Sweets.
  • Potatoes, legumes and cereals.

Those products that belong to an authorizedlist, you can use in completely different types. However, if you fry them, then you must use only vegetable oils. Drinks can be slightly sweetened, and juices or compotes are best diluted with water. If you are very hungry, then in between meals, you can eat vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage) or fruits (oranges, apples, currants).

Below are three types of diet menu of the doctorMirkina. If none of them suits you, then you can buy a book, which contains a large number of a wide variety of menus. In the book you are sure to find a menu according to your taste. So, there are three types of menus:

  1. For breakfast, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese (200 g) andto drink coffee (it is possible with milk). For lunch - meat borsch (250 g), cabbage salad with onion and butter (150 g), a slice of bread and apple juice. For a snack - a glass of low-fat milk. For dinner - sausages (100 grams), a glass of yogurt and an apple.
  2. For breakfast - boiled sausage (100 grams) and coffee. For lunch - the ear without fish and potatoes (250 g), cutlet (100 g), tomatoes with dill and vegetable oil (130 g), a slice of bread and apple juice. For a snack - a glass of tomato juice. For dinner - cottage cheese (210 g), a glass of kefir and grapes (200 g).
  3. For breakfast, you can eat a couple of boiled eggs and tea. For lunch - potato-vegetable soup with meat broth, sausages (100 g), cucumbers with butter and onions (130 g), a slice of bread + compote of dried fruits. For a mid-morning snack - a glass of low-fat kefir. For dinner - cheese (100 g), orange + a glass of kefir with a fat content of 2.5%.

In addition to proper nutrition, it is necessary to carry outa small physical load throughout the day. Does Mirkin's diet help to lose weight? The responses of most people who took advantage of this diet are very different - both positive and negative. However, there are many more positive ones. About 70% of dieters on the diet were able to lose 10 kilograms per month! Another 30% was distributed between those who could not lose weight and those who lost more than 10 kg. Some girls lost even 18 kg. But for this we need a strong willpower and, in addition to the diet, a considerable physical load.

Many women pay attention to the fact thatit is difficult to begin to adhere to a diet and not to allow yourself once again to do any indulgence. Similarly, the girls note that with the Mirkin diet, unlike other diets, when losing weight, there is no change in the skin. It remains elastic, without stretch marks. And this is a big plus.

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