Nails toes: what to do?

When your toes grow numb, a naturalThe question is, what is it connected with? Most often this problem exacerbates older people, but sometimes young people face it. Experts argue that the reason for this change can serve as a change in a person's way of life, for example, when working for inactive work or abuse of cigarettes.

Doctors conditionally distinguish a group of diseases,which are most often found in medical practice. First of all, this is, of course, radiculoneuritis, that is, a disease in which nerve endings are destroyed, and, consequently, impulse transmission is inhibited. Problems with the spine can often explain why your toes are numb. These include osteochondrosis, that is, the curvature of the vertebrae, which compresses the nerve endings, or tuberculosis of the spine. In some cases, this seemingly unremarkable symptom should be paid special attention, since it can mean the presence of cancer at a late stage of development. Particularly active in the period of adverse weather conditions and low temperature on the street is Raynaud's disease with complete circulation impairment or multiple sclerosis. Numbness can be felt with a micro stroke, in which there is an increase in pressure in the vessels of the brain.

Sometimes toes grow numb when a personlong time sitting in one position or something pressing on the limb. Such a state does not present any danger to the health and life of the patient, and after a certain period of time passes without a trace. It is worth remembering that if the decrease in sensitivity to full numbness of the fingers happens too often, you should consult a doctor and undergo a general examination.

Of course, in order to getqualified treatment, it is necessary to find out the exact cause of this state of affairs. And depending on the revealed illness the intervention of the neuropathologist, angiologist or endocrinologist is required. However, smokers and alcohol abusers should think about their own way of life, because bad habits contribute to intoxication of the body. Even caffeine in large quantities creates a spasm of blood vessels, from which the toes grow numb.

So, the first thing in the presence of a symptom should beTo address to the surgeon who carries out inspection and either reveals pathology of surgical character, or excludes it. The next specialist should be a neurologist. He usually prescribes an MRI or CT scan of the spine, increasingly a lumbar region. After establishing a clear diagnosis and the appointment of a specific treatment, the inconvenience of this symptomatic manifestation can be alleviated at home.

If your toes are numb, then you shoulddaily curative gymnastics. As a rule, the attending physician only welcomes such an initiative and even recommends a concrete effective set of exercises. A good effect will produce contrasting foot baths. As a preventive measure, you should completely abandon cigarettes and alcohol, and minimize the number of cups of coffee drunk per day. A harmful habit to replace the tradition of eating only foods rich in vitamins and beneficial microelements, especially iron and vitamins of group B. Any kind of foot massage, as it improves blood circulation, will suit perfectly.

When your toes numb, specialmeans, because their effectiveness is strictly individual and depends on the specific diagnosis. That is, what will have a positive tendency in the treatment of osteochondrosis, absolutely will not be useful in restoring the condition in diabetes mellitus.

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Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do Nails toes: what to do