Need a good dentist

Good evening, I need help, I came to my friend's place, ate the cake and the tooth began to hurt badly. I have a seal, I just recently put it a month ago, a aching pain from the middle. Can anyone know a good dentist in the Rizhskaya metro area?
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Answered on November 14, 2017 23:48
At the present time there are a lot of dental clinics in Moscow with the latest technology. I think that professionals are not so easy to get to, you need to pre-register for an appointment, plus you need to have insurance.
Answered on November 14, 2017 23:52
Hello, I found you on google maps clinic near the metro, called "Dentistry Best." They have a website: there is information about the methods of dental treatment, prices and everything related to this industry. I also have a problem with the teeth and gums, there was a strong inflammation. I would like to find a specialist, be monitored and treated with him constantly.
Oksana Sichkovskaya
Oksana Sichkovskaya
Answered on November 14, 2017 23:57
I rarely use the services of a dentist, I drink painkillers - relieves pain.I am afraid of dentists panic, as in childhood my parents were taken to the state dental clinic. Now I know that there are a lot of modern technologies, but fear overcomes me and soothes pain with medicines.

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