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Neurological problems in children: why and what to do?

Causes and solution of neurological problems in children

Where does neurology come from in newborn babies and why are many of the symptoms of neurological disorders today considered to be the norm even among doctors? What to do in the presence of malformations?

These questions are often asked by parents who are seriously worried about the future of their children. The problem of neurological disorders in children every year becomes more and more urgent. However, against this background, some pathological symptoms of development began to occur so often that they are simply taken as the norm. And even neurologists, when they are found in a child, only shrug their shoulders and prescribe a standard treatment regimen.


Causes of neurological disorders in children


In most medical reference books, the main list of factors provoking pathologies of the nervous system includes the following:

  • Abnormalities of fetal development, triggered by infections, viruses, hereditary diseases.

  • Wrong way of life of the mother during pregnancy: the effect of nicotine, alcohol.

  • Injuries to the mother during pregnancy.

  • Adverse reactions to the use of certain drugs by the mother during pregnancy.

  • Pathological delivery, cesarean section, large fruit.


Birth injuries are also considered to be the cause of neuropathologies, but for some reason it is considered to be that violations in newborns cause only very serious injuries that are sometimes incompatible with the life of a child.

However, according to statistics and global studies in the field of neuroscience, even the smallest damage to the spine or skull, received by an infant during childbirth, cause serious disturbances in the activity of the central and peripheral nervous systems. Outwardly, this can be manifested only by unobtrusive symptoms, which sometimes decrease rapidly during the neonatal period, giving way to other manifestations.


Childbirth - the cause of neuropathology


It is worth pointing out the factorswhich make any genera pathological and artificially provoke fetal hypoxia (it is the lack of oxygen in brain cells that leads to the death of brain cells and disturbed nervous processes).

These include all means of obstetric aid that violate the natural course of the birth process, it is:

  • The fights stimulants are the synthetic hormone oxytocin and prostaglandin analogues (dinoprost, dinoprostone) and antiprogestogens (mifepristone).

  • Epidural anesthesia.

  • Premature opening of the fetal bladder without emergency indications.

  • Extrusion and extrusion of the fetus without attempts.


Signs of Neurology in Newborns


Hypoxia at birth provokes the following disorders in newborns:

  • Pathology of vision and hearing.

  • ZPRR.

  • Vegetative disorders of the nervous system.

  • Hydrocephalus.

  • Epileptic syndrome.

  • Syndromes of minimal brain dysfunction (MMD).

  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • Disorders of mental development, up to manifestations of autism.



Newborns who have experienced hypoxia during childbirth have the following signs that indicate a neurological disorder:

  • Tremor of the limbs and chin.
  • Bad sleep.
  • Long feeding for 40-60 minutes due to violation of the sucking reflex.
  • Frequent and abundant regurgitation.
  • Anxiety or apathy, meteozavisimosti.
  • Insufficient weight relative to height.
  • Frequent and prolonged hiccups.
  • Hypertonus (clenched jaws and pursed legs) or muscle weakness (standing on tiptoe).
  • Torticollis.
  • The presence of hematomas.
  • Fast or too long overgrowing of fontanelles.

Over the past decades, these signs have become so common that among ordinary people there is a perception of their “normality”, naturalness, and that they simply need to be “overgrown”.


What to do with neurology in children?


Despite the development of neurology as a science, the problem of birth injury remains relevant for more than a decade. The Soviet neurologist A.Yu. Ratner and his other contemporaries constantly focused on it, and the works of the French physician Michel Oden were dedicated to her. This problem is regularly recalled in publications on osteopathy.

There are two ways to solve it:

  • Preventing birth injuries by optimizing the birth process and childbirth measures.

  • Elimination of birth injuries and damages directly in the neonatal period, optimally in the first 3-5 hours after birth.

In the first case, it is necessary to review all protocols for the management of childbirth and change the entire system of rendering medical aid to the parturient. In the second, it is necessary to teach neurologists and neonatologists the basics of osteopathic correction of birth injuries.

At the level of parents, first of all, it is necessary to increase the literacy of future and accomplished fathers and mothers and to make the treatment of newborns available to osteopaths and osteopracticists.

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