Overpass is a great place to repair a car

Every car enthusiast should ideally beoverpass. This construction is necessary because the machine is not always a means of transportation - in some cases it may require repair. That is, the driver has to perform many different actions: lie down on the floor, inspect the bottom of the car and so on. When carrying out these works have to be under the vehicle, which is not very convenient. To simplify the task, it is worth considering the construction of a flyover.

trestle for a car

How to make a flyover

In order to construct such an importantconstruction for repair, you must first acquire the necessary products: special bridges, supports for them. Also need bricks, sleepers, cement. It's no secret that a flyover is a design that can be of various types.

First we consider the flyover of a portable view. It's not difficult to build it - you need to find unnecessary (perhaps old) bridges for the flyover (two pieces are needed). The height of these supports should be about 50 cm. The length of the bridge, as a rule, is equal to a meter (or slightly larger). They will need two. The length of the second should be 40 cm. These details are connected by means of hinges - they are represented by a finger rod. This method is perfectly suited for the organization of an overpass - a practical and sturdy construction, which, if necessary, is very easy to disassemble. When the car repair work is fully implemented, it can easily be put aside.

trestle is

The observation pit is an alternative to the overpass

It is a standard, well-known methodto organize overpasses for car repairs. Make a pit, the size of which roughly corresponds to the dimensions of the car (also take into account the additional distance in width, so that the working conditions are comfortable). To put it simply: the length of the pit depends entirely on the dimensions of the machine. Its walls and the bottom must be covered with concrete solution. This ensures protection from moisture and dirt. You can use modern waterproofing materials - this will also help to avoid problems during operation.

Before constructing a pit, it is worthit is imperative to check how the ground waters are located, where they lie. If they do exist, it is better to abandon the construction of the pit - practical overpass designs are plenty without it. On the strengthening of the walls of the pit must be remembered - otherwise, there may always be a shedding. To access the pit was convenient for inspecting the bottom of the machine, you must build a ladder. When the work is not carried out, everything is closed with a slate (or some other material).

overpass for car repair

Repair of cars using a brick structure

Such an overpass is a design forwhich uses the most ordinary bricks. They are connected to an arc-shaped single unit, the width and length of which must match the parameters of the car. Then cement what happened. There is one disadvantage here, which needs to be taken into account - after a while the cement may begin to crumble. This phenomenon is better to prevent in time. However, this trestle for the car is quite appropriate somewhere in the garden or in the suburban area - still the best solution there is usually not found. In the yard of the house you can build something else, a variant of brick is unlikely to be appropriate.

Construction of trestle from sleepers

The simplest variants we considered above. It's time to describe a serious means - trestle from sleepers. This design is very robust. For its erection you need only one - railway sleepers. This material is compulsorily impregnated with creosote, a special substance, which is necessary to prevent various negative phenomena: the appearance of fungi, the development of decay processes. Due to the impregnation of the trestle the car will last much longer.

So, in order to build, you need to haveseveral sleepers. They are usually laid out on some elevation, prepared in advance, or made directly from the elements. It is important that in length the size of sleepers is somewhere around 500 cm, at least 260 cm wide. Several people should participate in the construction at once - some elements are quite heavy. The weight of the whole construction will be much larger - it will not work alone.

trestle for cars

Types of overpasses

All avtopekady can be divided into two largecategory - only for lifting some part of the car and for full race. It all depends on the ability to withstand the load, from the overall size of the structure. A sturdy trestle is a device where steel corners, channel bars, profile pipes are used as load-bearing elements. Such types of metal rolling allow to withstand very high loads on bending - they are usually laid along the rolling direction along. Before the construction, the size of all load-bearing elements is determined. It is also important to make a certain safety margin before erecting the structure.

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