Pancreatitis: seizures and their consequences

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process affecting the pancreas. This leads to a violation of the secretion of a number of enzymes and incorrect amount of insulin produced. Since both functions of the pancreas are extremely important for a person, their violation leads to serious health problems. When diagnosing this pathology, a person must know how to relieve an attack of pancreatitis in order to be able to provide first aid for exacerbations.

pancreatitis attack home treatment

Features of the disease

Pancreatitis, the attacks of which frighten many, is associated with incorrect work of the internal systems and organs. When the digestive system functions normally, the enzymes are inactivated. But with the disease balance collapses due to a wide range of reasons why enzymes are activated.

Pancreatitis (attacks of the disease can be unpredictable) is characterized by the fact that the cells literally eat themselves from the inside, that is, they are destroyed by the influence of the enzymes contained in them.At the same time, the destruction of the body’s own tissues is as simple as the fermentation of food from outside.

The course of the disease is associated with inflammation that develops in the pancreas. This produces toxins that enter the bloodstream and poison the entire body. Digestive enzymes also cause intoxication, since an attack of acute pancreatitis indicates their penetration into the circulatory system.

Pancreatitis: seizures and their symptoms

What are the manifestations can identify the transition of the disease in the acute form? There is a classic attack of pancreatitis, the symptoms are:

  • There is severe pain in the stomach, sometimes it spreads over the entire upper abdomen and seems to encircle the body.
  • If the patient lies on his back, the pain syndrome becomes only stronger.
  • Investment comes when you sit down and lean forward. You can also lie on your side, with your legs under you and taking the so-called “embryo position”.
  • Tension, bloating.
  • Increased pain when touched.
  • Vomiting, passing very hard, but not bringing investment.
  • Problems with the chair.If pancreatitis was diagnosed, the seizures are accompanied by either a strong and foul-smelling, fatty, profuse, watery stool, or the complete absence of feces.

If an attack of pancreatitis begins, symptoms also include:

  • unwillingness to eat;
  • weight loss.

Be careful!

If at least two of the symptoms listed above are observed, an attack of pancreatitis most likely begins. Treatment should be prompt and strictly under the supervision of a physician, so the first thing a person should do is call an Ambulance.

pancreatitis attack symptoms

If there is an attack of pancreatitis (symptoms), self-treatment is strictly prohibited, as the probability of death is dramatically increased. After a couple of days, the skin becomes pale, flabby, then grayish, sallow.

On the complication of the situation signals plaque in the language of white or yellowish. Most often on the background of pancreatitis peritonitis develops. If a patient with this disorder has not been hospitalized urgently, the probability of death is high.

What leads to?

If a pancreatitis attack has been diagnosed, home treatment and inattention to one's health canlead to the following complications:

  • phlegmon;
  • purulent abscesses;
  • internal bleeding;
  • peritonitis;
  • pancreatonecrosis.

In any of the options can only help a highly qualified doctor.

What can be done waiting for an ambulance if there is a pancreatitis attack (symptoms)? Treatment at home is the injective introduction of "Drotaverina", "Papaverina".

Among ordinary people, it is widely believed that enzyme preparations can help. It is fundamentally wrong, they only worsen the situation. It is possible to take analgesics, but in most cases there is no effect from them.

pancreatitis attack symptoms treatment

If there was an attack of pancreatitis (symptoms), treatment at home is reduced to simple actions:

  • rest;
  • hunger;
  • cold.

A heating pad filled with cold water is applied to the back or to the solar plexus area, trying to calm down, waiting for the doctor to arrive.

What can I do and what not?

If you have had an attack of pancreatitis, first of all you need to stop eating and drinking. The exception is pure water.

If during attacks in the digestive tract food particles enter, this causes an additional release of enzymes.This situation is most unpleasant in the first three days of exacerbation of the disease. The pancreas is irritated more and more, causing the symptoms to intensify, especially pain.

Medical fasting implies refusal to eat the first three days of exacerbation of the disease. Please note that this is a forced measure during an attack of pancreatitis, as well as it obliges to exit the regime of refusal from food gradually. First, under the supervision of a doctor, you can eat a few savory crackers per day, after which you gradually allow low-calorie foods.

Per day it is recommended to drink no more than half a liter of liquid. It is recommended to eat only purified mineral water without gas. Allowed infusions, decoctions of herbs that are useful for inflammation of the pancreas.

how to remove an attack of pancreatitis

We try to get rid of the symptoms.

An exacerbation, attacks of pancreatitis are usually accompanied by debilitating, as they say, “all juices with pull-out” pain. To reduce it, it is necessary to take measures to weaken the inflammatory processes. The most effective and easiest way - ice warmer. It is placed on the sternum and changed from time to time.

Compress can be done not only from a heating pad, but also from what was found at hand, for example, a bag. You can fill the container with cold water, you can with ice. Then the object is wrapped with a towel and only then laid on the skin.

Peace and purification

Often a seizure is accompanied by exhausting vomiting. Occasionally she brings a slight relief. If the patient observes this in himself, then he can try to ease the very severe pain, causing an attack of vomiting artificially. To do this, simply press with your fingers on the language in the root area. But be careful: it does not always bring relief, but can only provoke a deterioration in general well-being.

If the pancreas inflamed, it is important to observe rest, bed rest. In many ways, it depends on the state of the nervous system whether the symptoms will worsen further. It should be possible to remove the tension from the gland. In addition, in a person at rest, the blood circulation becomes somewhat less intense, which also has a positive effect on inflammation.

acute pancreatitis attack

Danger of seizures

The acute form of pancreatitis is expressed by the fact that the enzymes that the pancreas produces, destroy the organs from the inside, end up in the blood and disrupt the functioning of other systems.There are cases when it provokes even a complication of breathing.

In acute form, it is important to call a doctor as soon as possible. The patient needs first aid.

It is acceptable to use antispasmodic drugs, but others are not recommended or even prohibited. Do not eat anything until the doctor arrives. If qualified assistance is not provided in a timely manner, the death of the patient is likely. Before the arrival of the doctor, you can not even drink water in a larger volume than a quarter glass in half an hour.

Pancreatitis and problems with bile

Often acute inflammation of the pancreas is associated with impaired functioning of organs associated with the production and outflow of bile. In such situations, a little to ease the symptoms of the inflammatory process can be choleretic drugs.

Please note that medication is not allowed if there are stones in the gallbladder. Drugs in this situation can only lead to complications, the condition will worsen. In addition, choleretic take in combination with antispasmodic drugs. The course is prescribed by the doctor, after examining the patient's body and learning about the intolerance of a substance and allergies inherent to the patient. Often the outflow of bile provokes severe diarrhea, followed by a better condition.

pancreatitis attack treatment

Significant nuances

One of the factors most difficult to perceive by the pancreas is heat. This is most pronounced in the inflammatory process, the body literally does not tolerate heat, the negative reactions become stronger, the symptoms are activated, the cells corrode the gland from the inside faster and faster. Therefore, doctors recommend to put ice compresses. This is not just a method of reducing the inflammatory process, but also a good way to relieve pain.

As soon as the attack began, it is necessary to try to clean the intestines completely if possible. This will help stop the production of gland enzymes. The most effective method is to provoke profuse vomiting. And, of course, as stated above, follow the food and drink.

When the symptoms begin to pass, you can gradually move from fasting to baby food. Under the supervision of a physician, you can take enzyme preparations. Such substances can deactivate the pancreas, which has not yet recovered from an acute attack. This will help ease the pain.

No stereotypes!

Just a few years ago, there was a certainty in society that pancreatitis only haunts those who like to drink.Statistics show that today the disease is very common, there is practically no correlation with addiction to alcohol.

pancreatitis attack symptoms home treatment

The most important factor leading to the development of pancreatitis is lifestyle. The more a person is faced with stressful situations, eats junk food, junk food, fried foods, the stronger the load on the pancreas and the more likely that it will fail.

The consequences can be severe

Acute pancreatitis provokes a wide range of complications. In particular, there are false cysts localized in the pancreas. This is a rather serious complication, but it occurs frequently.

If during exacerbation of pancreatitis a person quickly recovers, with repeated research it is often possible to find a tumor in the stomach on top resembling a tumor. It is found even with palpation. At the same time the stomach regularly hurts, and amylase is detected in the blood serum. In the classic version, cysts appear in the tail of the gland, in the body and on its head.

False cysts are called due to the nature of their formation. In particular, the walls are formed by tissues and organs surrounding the affected area, that is, there is no epithelium that lines the usual cyst from the inside.Inside often find blood, enzymes, dead and decaying tissues.

pancreatitis seizures

If you do not practice any treatment with a false cyst, then the prognosis is uncertain. In some cases, the situation resolves itself, as a rule, if the cysts are small. If the diameter of the neoplasm exceeds 5 centimeters, it becomes the cause of the pain syndrome and is treated by surgery.

False cyst, in turn, also provokes complications. Inflammatory reactions and suppurations are usually observed. It is possible to break through the tissues of internal organs and rupture of the contents, after which pancreatic ascites is diagnosed. And in the case when the area of ​​localization of the cyst is the head of the gland, patients suffer from vomiting and nausea, eating very little. The feeling of satiety is provoked by obstruction of the output section of the stomach. This leads to malfunction of the intestines.

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