Panel of tiles. Decorative ceramic panel

Modern interior is increasingly complemented by a panelfrom the tiles. This element has gained immense popularity among modern interior designers and among ordinary buyers who want to create their own unique style in the house. We will not hide that collections of ceramic tiles with decorative panels are quite expensive. This is explained by the manufacturer's high costs for the development and production of this element of the interior.a panel of tiles

What is a panel

This word is of French origin. The so-called part of the wall or ceiling, which is framed by ornamentation, stucco and decorated with a sculptural or pictorial image. In addition, it can be a picture or a bas-relief, which are performed on a part of the ceiling or wall.

Famous manufacturers of ceramic tiles have takento the arsenal of this device and every year are interesting panels. Tiles for the bathroom, the kitchen looks especially impressive in combination with a masterfully executed art image.

The easiest way to diversify the surfacewalls - use ready-made decorations. Often, along with traditional borders, the collections offer decorative inserts and panels of tiles. They represent a colorful pattern, which sometimes coincides with a pronounced relief, and in size they, as a rule, coincide with the tiles of the background. Usually the panel has a fairly large area, a multiple of 2, 4, 6 background tiles.mosaic panel

The finished image is executed on a seamlessceramic plate size of 1 × 1 m. In addition, it can be recruited from individual elements. Plots of such images are endless - from ancient stories to avant-garde geometric paintings.

Quite often recently, a panel of tiles can represent copies of paintings by famous masters, landscapes, still lifes, floristic ornaments.

Most often, buyers turn to numerousCompanies that manufacture tiles with photo-drawing. In this case, they often face a difficult task - how to harmoniously combine the selected ready-made panels with the created interior? Usually it is realized as a separate independent product, and the problem of its compatibility is shifted to the buyer's shoulders. Let's say that such a task can only be handled by a very experienced designer.

Today, many manufacturersceramic tiles are decided together with the artists. As a result, each sample is developed for a specific collection of ceramics. When creating a panel, certain files with an image are selected. The result is an ideal product, combining in format and color.

Selecting a picture

Quite often, buyers contact the companyfor the production of tiles, having a specific idea when choosing a material. They are well aware of the plot, color and configuration. Some of them prefer a panel of tiles with images of birds and animals, others opt for landscape drawings. To facilitate the choice of the client, colorful catalogs are issued for them. In them, the figure is presented as a separate version, and in combination with ceramic tiles.ceramic tile panel

Production of panels

Waterjet cuttingelements of the image. The smallest particles of the abrasive, mixing with water, come from a special reservoir under pressure to the cutting site. A metal superhard nozzle creates a jet of small diameter that comes out of it at a tremendous speed. The aqueous solution reaches the cutting site, and the abrasive particles break off and carry off the smallest pieces of the processed material together with the water. As a result, a perfectly smooth surface appears on the cut.

Drawing a picture

Images can be applied in many ways -airbrush, decal, mosaic. Traditional compositions from tile manufacturers are usually performed in several color variants. It is often used the addition of different materials in the manufacture of panels. The tile of pastel color can be diluted with inserts of saturated colors from ceramic granite.

Applying a panel

Most often this element is used when creatinginteriors in the kitchen or in the bathroom. At the same time, there are non-traditional spheres of its application. For example, in exclusive, original interiors from leading designers there is a ceramic tile. The panel, or rather the decorative composition is used in the design of gyms and pools of private houses. Often it is used even in the bedroom.panel for bathroom tiles

Mosaic panel

Such an element of the interior can be compared witha genuine work of art both in its beauty and in value. The mosaic panel of handwork is difficult to distinguish from the picturesque canvas. Realistic images with soft transitions of colors and shades are achieved by the method of hitching. Very small mosaic elements are split into even smaller particles and spread them in full accordance with the developed sketch.

If you look at such a picture near,the impression is that they are in a disorderly arrangement, but if you move a short distance, the individual tesserae are surprisingly transformed into an amazing canvas.

There is another way to create a mosaicpanel - matrix assembly. This method is simpler and, accordingly, cheaper. The image is collected from whole tessera of minimum size (10 × 10 mm). Sometimes they are combined with larger details. To speed up and simplify the laying process, the pattern is selected on cardboard (basis).

A paper layer is glued onto the created compositionfrom above, and then cut into sections convenient for transportation. The installers can only lay the individual elements of the panel in the required order, fixed to a special glue. As you can see, it's pretty simple.

It's no secret that the plot of the panel fromceramics clearly indicates the room in which it is preferable to place it. It is quite obvious that a sample with rural landscapes, still lifes, images of baskets with fruits and flowers will be more appropriate in the kitchen. Today, popularity is dominated by relief paintings. They are so voluminous that involuntarily there is a completely meaningful desire to take the fruits from the vase.panel tiles

Widely used in the bathroom is ceramic tiles. Panels are often made with marine motifs or traditional floral patterns. Do not think that this is dogma, it's only advice, a guide to action.

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