Parktronic: do-it-yourself installation

The list of car security systems changes every year. Some assistants and assistants leave due to elementary obsolescence and low efficiency, others come and expand the range of capabilities of the owner, increasing with it the reliability of driving. The mandatory list of safety devices of modern cars includes parking sensors. The installation of such assistants 5 years ago was unavailable due to excessive prices for the average motorist, but today even low-end models are equipped with similar kits. And the meaning of this option is undoubtedly there. Moreover, anyone who wants to acquire parking radar can save on services for its installation, having implemented it independently.

What is parking sensors needed for?

Anyone who is familiar with the difficulties of parking, knows how important it is to feel the dimensions of the car. The standard way of assessing the position of the car is a mirror (or assistance from the side), but the task of driving under tight conditions is simplified if it includes parking sensors.Installing this device will allow you to assess the current position of the machine, as well as receive information about the possible danger of a collision.

parking sensors installation

At the time of parking, the sensors of the system are activated and by means of ultrasound scan the distance of the car to the nearest object. If there is a risk to drive into a tree, pole, other car or any kind of fence, special sensors will give a signal to the control unit. After that, an alert for the driver will be received immediately, which will allow him to correct the current direction of travel and safely park the car.

Varieties of PDCs

One of the key issues of concern to the motorist, who decided to install parking radar, is among the sensors. On this basis, and you can hold the first "watershed" between the models. Of course, many ultrasonic sensors more effectively analyze the position of the car and the possibility of threats from different sides. But it is important to understand that the installation of parking sensors with their own hands with a large number of sensory elements is very difficult. In this regard, it is worth mentioning tape radars, in which the presence of sensors is not at all provided. The function of the scanner performs only one antenna.Despite the external convenience of such devices, they are not as effective, and therefore are not particularly in demand.

Also, parking radars are classified according to the means of giving a signal to the driver. Inexpensive models perform this function through sound, and more advanced modifications also activate the light indication or alert via the display.

The composition of the kit PDC

Knowledge of the device configuration will help to initially create a picture of how parking sensors are located on the car. Installation is performed in different parts depending on the purpose of the components.

installing parking sensors do-it-yourself

The mandatory list includes the following elements:

  • Control block.It performs the function of processing information from sensors, carries out system diagnostics and gives signals to the car owner about the current state of the device.
  • Ultrasonic sensorsPerhaps the most important elements of the system, which detect obstacles and send a primary signal of approaching them to the electronic unit.
  • Indicator light,which notifies the driver of the danger.
  • Display,which details video information.
  • More modern models are also equipped with special systems that provide a projection of information from sensors on the mirrors or windshield.

It has already been noted that there are systems without sensors - this is a parking sensor, the installation of which involves only the installation of a special antenna and a control unit. In terms of ease of installation, this is the most profitable solution, but the real help from such devices is minimal.

General installation principles

By and large, the operation is reduced to the drilling of holes and the correct distribution of wires. List of tools and materials:

  • parking sensors kit;
  • cutter for drilling sensors;
  • cutter for holes in the car;
  • spanners;
  • screwdriver or drill;
  • insulation, pencil, soldering iron, tape, pliers and tape measure with a tester.

    installing rear parking sensors

Directly installing rear parking sensors is performed only after the layout of the sensors has been drawn up. In particular, it is necessary to determine the distance between them. Space for sensors are marked in the bumper, and the control unit is mounted in the trunk, on the inside of the wing or in the cabin on the dashboard.The display is also installed on the instrument panel. Before integrating the equipment, it is necessary to carefully drill the holes using tape, cutters and other devices that may be necessary in the implementation of this procedure.

Sensor installation

installation of parking sensors

After making the markup and creating holes, you can proceed to the installation of the equipment. It should be borne in mind that the installation of the sensor PDC is performed so that the sensors are turned out. Fixing of elements is performed using the appropriate rings provided in the kit. During installation, you must follow the sequence. In addition, sensors must be built at right angles to the ground. Marking also matters. For example, in the case of a direct bumper, it is possible to install any models, and only bumpers with slopes are suitable for DJ sensors that have a removable body.

installation of parking sensors for Ford

When performing this procedure, it may be necessary to dismantle the bumper. It depends on the car model and the type of bumper. And on the other hand, if, for example, the parking sensor is installed on the Ford Focus, a jack is not required, the body structure will allow this operation to be performed on the spot without additional manipulations.

Installation of the electronic unit

The control unit can be fixed with double-sided tape, having previously evaluated the possibility of its operation in the intended place. The fact is that this component is rather sensitive to physical impacts, therefore it is desirable to mount it in a safe cabin area. Before installation it is necessary to degrease the surface. Parktronic triggered when you start the reverse gear. In this regard, after installation, the unit must be powered from the corresponding lamps.

installation of front parking sensors

Features of the installation of front parking sensors

The spread of parking radar due to the difficulties of fixing the position of the car in reverse. But for greater reliability, some owners equip cars and front sensors. In terms of sensor integration, the installation of a front parking sensor is no different from mounting a rear set (the standard number of sensors is 4). The main difficulty in the complex provision of the car with parking devices is the need to install a switch. The fact is that the front sensors will work in traffic conditions, when the machine is tightly adjacent to another vehicle.Therefore it is necessary to provide a special switch sensory devices.

Installation of parking sensors with camera

Completion of parking radar camera improves the ergonomics of the system and the effectiveness of its use. There are several ways to mount it, in most cases the installation of parking sensors with a camera is performed according to the principles of the same sensors. The device can be fixed in the ceiling lighting or in the frame of the license plate of the car. Depending on the model, the most convenient way of integration is chosen, cabling, as a rule, is performed on the same channels as the rest of the sensor infrastructure.


When all the equipment is installed, you can proceed to the wiring. The cable is laid on the right side of the car, because in this part of the engine shield has a special plug. Wiring from the sensors is brought into the cabin, after which the connection with the electronic unit is made. Further, there are two connection options: through twisting and using terminals.

installing a PDC camera

In the first case, you need to clear the wires from insulation, and then twist them and wrap with tape, so all the pairs of cables are connected.Usually, if you install the PDC with your own hands, the first option is chosen, but for the sake of reliability it is better to prefer the more technologically advanced second method. It involves the use of terminals, the compression of which will provide a contact connection between the wires. Stripping insulation is not required, and yet some difficulties will have to be overcome. A rivet should be connected to the positive cable from the rear lamp. The second hole is connected to the second wire of the control unit. After that, pliers need to push the jumper, which will pierce both wires and create an electrical circuit Parktronic.

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