"Perfect Voice 2": Musical Comedy Actors

A beautiful picture with a simple plot is the film “The Perfect Voice 2”. Actors, beloved by the audience in the first part, played in its continuation. The role of the director this time was made by the Screenwriters of the film - Cannon Kay and Repkin Mickey. It was removed from the book of the last “Sing perfect. Chasing the glory of vocalist a cappella. ” A lot of fans of the first film were looking forward to the release of his sequel called “The Perfect Voice 2”. Actors returned to television screens. What do they remember this time?

"Perfect Voice 2": the actors once again delight the viewer

So, more. What do the viewers see on the screen, watching the movie "The Perfect Voice 2"? Actors play the role of participants in the vocal group "Barden Bella", regularly winning in competitions for singing a cappella. Everything would be fine if it were not for one small problem that arose during one of the speeches. Girls are excluded from participation in any competitions.Even beginners are no longer accepted into the singing club. However, it is still possible to return the former glory. For this you need to win the world championship in Copenhagen. And here they don't like Americans. Especially since the rivals of girls are incredibly strong. “Bella's” are beginning to doubt whether they should sing at all.

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Spectator discontent

However, not all viewers were satisfied with the picture “Ideal Voice 2”. Actors, according to many of them, performed their roles quite boring. And if the first part was far from being a master, the second is generally a debut for Elizabeth Banks. Managing a woman’s team was clearly not very good. Therefore, the result is not all impressed. The idea itself is simple, the scenes are not ignited, the numbers are forced, the humor leaves much to be desired. So say the audience in many of their reviews.

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Positive sides

However, not everything is so bad in the movie "Perfect Voice 2". Actors and the role of many quite satisfied. Particular attention is paid to the game Anna Kendrick. In recent years, with the roles she is not very lucky. And the ability to sing the development of Anna as an actress, rather, slows down than complements.But in this film, she looks, unlike her colleagues, alive. It is worth noting also the modest roles of Sagal Katie, David Kross, Ki Keegan-Michael. In addition, in the film starring Rosie O'Donnell, Rosie Perez, Adam Levine, Natalie Morales, Grant Briana Banks Greylen Bryant, Christina Aguilera, Farrell Williams, Gus Rhodes, Freddie Stroma, Montgomery Richie Kearns, Patrick Smith, Samantha Jimenez Leticia, Snoop Dogg, Adam Sofa, Skylar Astin, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Staynfeld Hayley, Anna Camp, Alexis NEP, John Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Banks, Jason Jones, Sorensen Birgitta Yorty Dean Ester, Chrissie Fit.

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In a word, a lot of famous artists present to your attention the film “Ideal Voice 2”. Actors, perhaps, their game is not impressed everyone. But here are great musical discoveries and solutions appreciated everything. Beautiful voices, perfect sense of rhythm, new treatment of popular hits. The choreography is refined and synchronous. Suits attract with their originality. Arrangements in the songs are missing. Viewers hear only the voices of talented performers. The truth is that all the performances under the phonogram sound. There are no live performances in the film.Instead, they play processed, high-quality studio recordings. Therefore, it is not possible to hear how actors actually sing.

But the picture is remembered thanks to easy, generous and hilarious humor. Rebel Wilson is an inimitable actress who can't help but make you smile. The film does not do without various amusing situations, traditional American jokes. In fact, the audience liked the humor. However, see for yourself and draw conclusions. Have a great time!

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