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Robin Tunney is a popular American television and film actress. In her career, there are many great roles played in the pictures of a wide variety of genres. That is why to remember at the beginning of our article about the best roles of this wonderful actress, probably, will be superfluous. After all, our today's heroine no longer needs to be introduced.

The early years, childhood and family by Robin Tunney

Robin Jessica Tanney was born in the city of Chicago on July 19, 1972. Her parents were representatives of the Irish people. Her father immigrated to the United States as a teenager, and her mother was born in America, but was the daughter of Irish immigrants.
Robin Tanney on Dr. HouseRobin Tanney on Dr. House
The rest of the family of our today's heroine was not much different from many other families in the United States of America. The father of the future actress was engaged in selling cars, and my mother worked as a bartender. That is why the Robin Tunney family has always been among the representatives of the classical middle class.Her parents were not poor or too rich. And because our today's heroine has always lived the lives of ordinary American children.
In childhood, Robin was fond of singing, but later decided to leave the music and take up acting. After graduating from Carl Sandburg High School in 1990, she enrolled at the Chicago Academy of Art (Chicago Academy for the Arts), in which she became a screen star.

Star Trek actress Robin Tanney, filmography

After receiving the necessary education, soon Robin moved to Los Angeles, where she began to build her film career. At first, like many other Hollywood celebrities, the actress played cameo roles in various television series. So, in the early nineties, our today's heroine in the serials "Law and Order", "Like in the movies", "Life goes on." In each of these projects, Robin Tanney performed roles in just one or two episodes. However, very soon the format of its screen works began to grow.
The first big picture in this regard was the fantasy comedy “Frog”, in which the actress got one of the minor roles.After that, our today's heroine played the minor characters also in the comedy “The Frozen Californian”, a little-known series “Class 96”, as well as in the youth film “The Store“ Empire ”. It is noteworthy that for shooting in the last of these pictures, Robin even had to get a haircut. However, the separation from the head of hair was not the highest pay for the subsequent success.
As a result, very soon the new proposals for filming the actress began to arrive one after another. In 1996, Robin Tanney played a major role in the popular series “Sorcery”, and later appeared in such films as “Julian Po”, “Montana”, “Bullets administer justice”, “End of the World”. For the touching melodrama "Niagara, Niagara" actress received the prize of the Venice Festival. Later, she was also nominated for the Blockbuster Entertainment Award for the role of a brave climber in the film “Vertical Limit”.
End of the World / End of Days - movie trailer with Robin Tunney
Thanks to all these roles, by the beginning of the 2000s, Robin Tunney had established itself as the established Hollywood star. She starred on a par with celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Christian Slater, Stanley Tucci. As a rule, in each of her paintings, Robin Tunney played central roles.Therefore, the actress did not have to worry about the course of her career.
In the 2000s, Robin Tanni continued to work on herself, and therefore very soon managed to please her fans with some really unexpected works. During this period, the actress skillfully alternated with films of various genres, and therefore the army of her fans grew steadily. Thus, the comedy Wedding Party, detective Cherish, erotic tape Exploring Sex, as well as thrillers Zodiac and Paparazzi appeared among our heroine’s works. In 2006, the talented actress managed to perfectly express herself also in the genre of drama, having played in the film “Open Window”. For this role, the American was awarded the main prize at the Boston Film Festival.
Paparazzi movie trailer with Robin Tunney in English
Chicago's vibrant actor play attracted the attention of American television producers. As a guest star, Robin Tanney has appeared on such popular TV shows as “Doctor House” with Hugh Laurie. “Escape” also played the main role, and some time later agreed also to a bolder proposal, having played one of the main roles in the series “The Mentalist”. This television drama has brought a celebrity career to a fundamentally new height.However, the actress was not going to stop there.

Robin Tunney is currently

Already acting in the series of the CBS channel, our today's heroine appeared in such films as “Burning Plain”, “August”, “Death of Superman”. Each of these tapes subsequently became very popular with viewers and film critics. Thus, the actress showed everyone and everything that is not going to lock in within one project and is ready to constantly move forward in her career and destiny.
Robin Tunney and Simon BakerRobin Tunney and Simon Baker
Currently, Robin Tunney continues to appear in the latest series of the project “The Mentalist”, which over the years has gained tremendous popularity, as well as working on new cinema projects. At the time of this writing, the last work of the actress was a touching picture “Find Your Happiness”, which was released in 2012.

Personal life Robin Tunney

Fee for a successful acting career for Robin was not the prevailing personal life. In 1997, the girl married the film producer Bob Goss, but their marriage lasted only five years.After parting with her husband, the actress was left alone for a long time, but in 2007, it seemed, she still found her woman's happiness with Australian director Andrew Dominic. Despite the magnificent wedding, their marital union also subsequently existed not for long. Currently, the actress is one.

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