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Summer Glau is a beautiful girl and beautiful actress. In her career there were a variety of roles, and therefore today she is well known to all fans of American cinema. Surprisingly, the sci-fi genre has become the “crown” for our today's heroine. The actress has become very popular, playing in such TV shows as "Firefly", "Terminator: Fight for the Future", as well as in the cinema film "Mission" Lilac. This fact makes the main character of our article today an absolutely unique actress. After all, girls like her in our time a little.

The Early Years, Childhood, and the Summer Glau Family

Summer Glau was born on July 24, 1981 in the Texan city of San Antonio. In addition to her, there were three other children in her family, among whom our today's heroine was the eldest. The father of the future celebrity worked as an architect, and my mother taught her children to a school in San Antonio all her life.
Traction to art in the soul of Summer appeared in early childhood.However, it is worth noting that at first the young beauty was not to acting, but to ballet. The girl began choreography at the age of five, and later achieved such success in ballet that she decided to leave school at an early age and go to home schooling. Subsequently, such a step was justified and very soon brought a noticeable result. The young ballerina became one of the best students in her section, received many prestigious dance awards, and also became a real star in her work.
Summer Glau in The Big Bang TheorySummer Glau in The Big Bang Theory
In dreams about the fate of a professional ballet dancer, all the childhood of a young celebrity passed. However, at some point all ballet successes were crossed out by a serious leg injury. At first, our today's heroine was very sad about this. She went in vain to different doctors and chiropractors, but the verdict each time remained the same - it was necessary to forget about the ballet art of Summer Glau.
In order to get her daughter out of a prolonged depression, one fine day her parents sent the girl to friends in Los Angeles.There, our today's heroine spent the summer, and then absolutely by chance even managed to get a job in one of the new commercials. This episode turned out to be fateful, and very soon Summer Glau returned to San Antonio with a new dream - the dream of becoming an actress.
After graduating from secondary school, the young beauty moved to Los Angeles, where she began step by step to build her career as an actress. At first she starred in advertising and worked as a model, but already literally half a year later she managed to make her debut on a television screen.

Star Trek Actress Summer Glau, Filmography

Her first screen role, Summer Glau received in one of the episodes of the fantastic series “Angel”. It is quite remarkable that her ballet skills, which she demonstrated in the frame, performed an excerpt from the party Giselle, were useful to the girl in this project.
As a result, the debut was quite successful. Bright appearance and innate acting talent helped the actress to gain a foothold in the world of American cinema. Just a few months after the first work, our today's heroine played one of the roles in the episode of the series “C.S.I.Crime scene ”, and very soon appeared also in the new fantastic project“ Firefly ”.
Summer Glau and Dean Winters | The Chronicles of Sarah Connor
Shooting in space odyssey turned out to be particularly successful. Very soon, the heroine Summer Glau became a permanent character in the story. She had personal fans, but because the actress could first feel like a real celebrity.
Work on this project stretched for a whole year, during which Summer managed to become one of the brightest stars of American television. However, the girl failed to immediately gain a foothold in this capacity. After the end of the project “Firefly”, our today's heroine began to reappear only in episodes of various TV series. Between 2003 and 2005, the actress played in such projects as Anatomy of Passion, 4400, The Antiterror Squad, Detective Rush and some other television tapes.
Re-get a major role Summer Glau could only two years later, after the first bright work. A new page in the filmography of the actress was the same role of River Tam in the cinematic adaptation of "Firefly" - "Mission Serenity".For this work, our today's heroine managed to get the SFX Award and the Saturn Award. After that, her career slowly began to gain momentum again.
Summer Glau
Over the next two years, a talented native of San Antonio played a major role in the low-budget fantasy film "Mammoth", and also appeared in the image of the central character in the television film "Dedication to Sarah."

Summer Glau is currently

The year 2008 was truly triumphant in the career of an actress. During this period, Summer Glau received one of the main roles in the TV series "Terminator: Battle for the Future", which instantly brought her great success. For her role as Kammer Phillips, the actress won the Saturn Award, and was also awarded several other prestigious nominations.
Summer Glau is also known as a ballet dancer.Summer Glau is also known as a ballet dancer.
After that, Summer began to appear on the screens almost regularly. Among her largest works are such paintings as “Deadly Honeymoon”, “The Legend of the Gates of Hell”, “Helpers for the Holidays”. In addition, one of the central roles of Summer Glau managed to get in the fantastic series “Cloak”, but the project was closed after the first season.
Currently, the actress continues to be filmed on television.In recent years, she has appeared in such popular projects as The Big Bang Theory, Strela, and some others. In 2013, Summer played together with Peter Dinklage in the fantasy comedy The Knights of the Kingdom of Toughness. This work is currently the last in the filmography of the actress. Peter Dinklage, Margarita Levieva, Ryan Kvanten and others also starred in this project.

Personal Life Summer Glau

In different years, the actress met with different young people. Some novels were fleeting, some were more successful. Today, Summer Glau has a long relationship with photographer Cooper Reynolds. Their romance has been going on for several years. All familiar couples are already discussing rumors about the allegedly preparing wedding.

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