I really like a variety of fast food, especially pizza, but who does not like it. But unfortunately my favorite company where I ordered the pizza closed. I want to find a good company that makes delicious pizza, and then ordered several times, then a lot of mayonnaise, then the dough is raw. I've found in Ufa pizza delivery here. Maybe someone already tried and knows how it is in quality and taste? I do not want to spend money once again and remain unsatisfied with the order.
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Answered on June 7 20:50
I agree everyone loves pizza, although it can not be abused. But I am such a person that I am not attached to any specific companies. On the contrary, I like to take in different and learn new tastes and compare them.
Andrey Sribny
Andrey Sribny
Answered on June 7 21:03
I love pizza more spicy and so there was a sausage side, if you have not tried this, I advise you to try. In my opinion, it was called kozanostra, but I don’t remember where I ordered it, because very rarely we take it.
Answered on June 7 21:13
But I don’t like pizza as much as rolls and sushi.My wife and I used to always order pizza, but after taking a set of rolls, then we don’t change them for anything.

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