Biography of Alexey Lebedinsky

Childhood and youth of Alexei Lebedinsky

Alexey was born in Leningrad on Vasilyevsky Island. Since childhood, he was an addicting child. I graduated from music school with honors piano. As the best graduate, he spoke to Richter himself in the Great Hall of the Conservatory. Possessing such excellent musical abilities, I did not enter the conservatory and even the music school. Lebedinsky became a student at the Institute of Electrical Engineering, and then he joined the army. There he played in a military band.

Early career of Professor Lebedinsky

After the end of the service, Alexey worked for a while as an illuminator in the Theater for Young People. Realizing that without music nowhere, he entered the Institute of Culture and began to work at Lenconcert. Under the leadership of Pavel Elstara for two months he performed with a hard-rock band in military units. And suddenly, at the Mussorgsky school, Lebedinsky saw an announcement that a keyboard player was required in “The Secret.”At that time, Maxim Leonidov was recruiting musicians in the theater “The Secret” for the play “The King of Rock and Roll”. And they took Alexey. Work there continued until the “Secret” collapsed.
Professor Lebedinsky - Teach in school
Next was the work of the arranger in the Union of Composers. At that time, Lebedinsky was already writing music that was heard by one of his customers. He advised to show it on television. And after some time, after listening to the advice, Alexey was already working as the music editor of the Adam's Apple program. Work there lasted a long time. With the development of the television advertising market, the opportunity has arisen to voice and compose various kinds of radio and television commercials. Even after leaving the "apple", he did not stop writing advertising.

The first glory of Alexei Lebedinsky songs

The person who accidentally heard and insisted that the song “Boatman” be put on the air was Dmitry Nagiyev. Then he worked on the radio "Modern". After five days everyone knew this song. So, thanks to friends and musicians who pushed Alexey Lebedinsky to the stage by force, he began to perform. Popularity brought constant touring, Lebedinsky collected palaces and stadiums. Due to his excellent sense of humor, star disease has not touched him.
Working with Russian Size, Lebedinsky recorded several remixes, and after the album “Come on!” Was released in 1996, they began to call him Professor Lebedinsky. The cover versions of famous domestic hits, made by dancing, with stunt and irony, was a huge success. But in 1997, he broke up with the "Russian Size" and began independent work on his songs, releasing albums and giving concerts. New songs masters moved to dance positions, leaving behind a coarse charm, banter and irony. Now he is loved by a more refined audience, thanks to the release of new lyrical songs.
Singer Professor Lebedinsky is not limited to music and has various hobbiesSinger Professor Lebedinsky is not limited to music and has various hobbies

Photography in the life of Lebedinsky

My passion for photography began as early as seven years old, when my father gave Alexey a camera, Chayka-2. They, closing in the bathroom, enthusiastically took photos under the light of a red lamp. This hobby is for life. Wherever Lebedinsky was, whoever worked, on whatever touring he performed, there was a camera with him everywhere. He took off and grandfather FED, then bought a Zenith, and then Nikon.
It was the purchase of a Nikon camera that made the hobby become serious. Subsequently, Lebedinsky began to earn and this profession.And his professionals helped him, Sergey Maksimishin, who later became a friend of Alexei, and Vadik Piskarev. After some time, Lebedinsky had his own style. It can be called - "minimalist genre." First, he exhibited at one of the Internet resources, then began to participate in photo exhibitions. Lebedinsky published his work in the "Photo Album number 1". The book circulation of three thousand copies quickly sold. Periodically his personal photo exhibitions are held, having success and attracting attention. Creativity Lebedinsky like, it is claimed.

Personal life of Alexei Lebedinsky

Little was known about the personal life of the composer and performer Lebedinsky, especially when literally everyone sang his songs. But now we can say that Alexey had a hard time. When his daughter Veronica was one year old, he broke up with her mother and was engaged in raising himself. According to Lebedinsky, a family in which people simply do not fit together is not worth saving. Naturally, he didn’t bring Veronica alone, he was helped by nannies, grandmothers and loyal friends. Those years are the peak of popularity, when concerts, recordings, tours and filming took almost all of his time.
Professor Lebedinsky alone is raising a daughter (rare shot)Professor Lebedinsky alone is raising a daughter (rare shot)
Professor Lebedinsky has never been deprived of the attention of beautiful women. Due to this, Veronica had the opportunity to communicate with her father’s friends, thus obtaining women's advice, women's attention and, to some extent, women's warmth, even if not maternal.

Professor Lebedinsky today

Today Lebedinsky is not only a talented photographer and successful musician, but also a father who takes care of his daughter. She is studying in England, and while she has to communicate at a distance.
The plans - the publication of new photo albums, CDs, and preparation for new photo exhibitions. Alexey is a man who does not stand still. It is important for him to develop, achieve results, learn something new. Recently, he began to shoot clips, realizing that this, too, can do.
Professor Lebedinsky - I will kill you, boatman
Lebedinsky lives an interesting life, in which there is a place for his beloved daughter, photography - a passion that has grown into a profession, touring and filming. He is glad that he has his listeners and seeks to bring them joy with his creativity.

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