Propane cutter (work features)

All gas welding work requires a personquite a lot of effort. Unlike them, cutting metal, carried out with the help of gas, can be performed even by a novice in this matter. The propane (gas) cutter is such a convenient tool that you can learn how to work with it in a matter of days.

Features of the work

Propane cutterIn order to quickly and efficiently cut the metalwith the help of gas, it's enough to learn how to keep a propane cutter in your hands. It simultaneously uses this substance and oxygen. Their mixture just gives the greatest temperature necessary for constant burning. The propane cutter is intended for manual cutting of low-alloy and carbon steels.

The disadvantages and advantages of cutting propane

One of the main disadvantages of this type of cuttingis that the edge of the cut is not as flat as when using an acetylene torch. Despite this, it is much cleaner than the one obtained from working with a Bulgarian or gasoline burner. Another disadvantage of propane cutters is that they can not be cut by many metals and alloys. They can be used only when working with low- and medium-carbon steels (grades 08-20G, 30-50G2) and malleable cast iron.

Propane cutter (price)Well, now let's move on to the merits of thistool. A propane cutter is used when it is necessary to work with a relatively thick metal. They can cut something out of the pattern. This tool is especially indispensable when a curved cut is required. It is necessary to use it in the event that it becomes necessary to break through a blind hole (20x50 mm) or to cut a circle from a thick sheet of metal.

A small weight of this tool providesconvenience of its use. The propane cutter is much quieter and lighter than similar gasoline ones. Due to this tool, work with metal is about 2 times faster. Unlike gasoline, propane costs much less, which reduces the cost of these works. Due to this, gas cutting is most often used for large volumes (especially when cutting structures for scrap metal).

Scheme of work

Propane Cutter LighthouseTo cut a metal, you need to have a cutterpropane, cylinders with oxygen and this substance, high-pressure hoses. The gas supply is regulated by means of reducers. They should be located on each of the cylinders. At the same time, it should be taken into account that on the propane tank the thread is reversed. The metal is cut by the action of a thin jet of hot flame generated by the torch. During operation with this tool, oxygen and propane are mixed in a special mixing chamber. This creates a combustible mixture of gases. Recently, the propane Mayak cutter has been widely used. It refers to injector type tools. This cutter is a propane cutter, the price of which, depending on the modification, ranges from 1300 to 1800 rubles. It has proved to be well proven when working with large volumes of metal.

In the event of emergency situations when working with this instrument, first of all, the supply of gas and then oxygen is blocked.

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