Protection from ddos ​​attacks.

I communicated with a friend, in their company there was a DDoS attack, recently many servers fail, stop working, a lot of competition in the market leads to such attacks, the service is not able to immediately handle millions of requests, which leads to slower work, and later stops working altogether. Can someone tell me the reliable protection from the server DOSS attacks?
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Answered on April 18, 23:05
It may be worthwhile to entrust this work to programmers who are engaged in the development of protection programs. I think this is a better option than trying to figure out how to install certain programs.
Answered 18 april 23:09
All attacks are carefully planned. Data centers through their network channels pass traffic that is infected with viruses that penetrate the user's computers through links in your mailbox, through an advertisement that you open on a particular site, infect a computer and put it at risk. On the Internet you can find a lot of sites that offer to protect servers and computers from DDoS attacks, so one of them can be useful for you.
Answered 18 april 23:15
There are anti-virus programs that remove all viruses that have fallen on your server, protects, blocks upon entry, it is worth scanning the server and computer more often to prevent such situations.
Answered on June 2 23:53
It is necessary to protect the system from all external influences with a good password. Too simple and common passwords are quickly cracked by hackers. A truly reliable password is hard to come up with, because it should not be tied to anything and there should be no logic in it. There is, for example, such a password generator:.

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