Raspberry variety Orange miracle: description of the variety and photos

In every garden is growing everyone's favorite raspberry. It has long been famous for the amazing taste and healthy qualities of the fruit. However, many gardeners have always been confused by the fact that the plant occupies a large area and has small fruits. To solve this problem, breeders are engaged in breeding remontant raspberry varieties. Such crops, after fruiting, are able to recover anew and give the amateur gardener a second harvest. Renovation in French means "rise again." One of these varieties able to be revived is the raspberry Orange miracle.


A tall bush with proper care can reach a length of 2 m. At the same time, it is compact enough due to the fact that its slender shoots are not spreading along the sides, but steadily directed upwards. But under the weight of a generous harvest, the bush changes its shape and requires a garter. Each year the plant forms 5-7 new shoots.The branches of the plant are dotted with thorny thorns.

Leaves are saturated green color, wrinkled, gear.

Raspberry Berries Orange miracle - this is what most impressive to others. The twigs, on which the fruits are tied, are placed on each shoot half of its length. Bright orange cone-shaped berries have a dense structure. All the constituent parts of the berries (drupes) are inextricably linked. The fruits have a pleasant aroma, juicy, sweet to the taste, sometimes with mild acidity. The average size of berries is up to 4 cm, weight is 4 g. About 3 kg of fruits are collected on average from one bush.

raspberry orange miracle

Characteristic variety

When breeding remontant raspberry Orange miracle Russian breeders hoped that this variety will be the plant of the future. This opinion is due to the fact that the culture does not require large technological costs for its cultivation. The main condition in the care of an unpretentious plant is pruning of the aboveground part of it at the end of the season. In the description of the raspberry variety Orange Miracle, the following features can be distinguished:

  • of all varieties of a similar color, raspberry is considered the earliest;
  • stable and high yield;
  • long life cycle up to 15 years;
  • unpretentiousness;
  • not affected by pests;
  • transportability and keeping quality of fruits;
  • overripe berries do not fall off the stalks;
  • root shoots do not give a lot of excess seed;
  • fruits remaining on cut branches can ripen;
  • excellent frost resistance;
  • hypoallergenic berries.

raspberry orange wonder variety description


Raspberry variety Orange miracle is not protected from damage by gray rot and does not tolerate drought. If you allow temporary drying of the soil, it will adversely affect the plant.

For this type of dangerous strong wind that can break or tilt shoots. The spikes located on the branches damage the berries.

A gardener can get around such difficulties if he takes the necessary measures in time. It should be created for garter bushes reliable support, to prevent the drying of the soil and protect the plant from the disease.

From the full description of the raspberry variety Orange Miracle, one can see that the positive characteristics cover the disadvantages, and there is no reason to refuse to grow such amazing berries. The article provides information on how to properly care for raspberries.But first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of planting material.

Selection of seedlings

For novice gardeners, the cultivation of raspberries always originates from the selection of seedlings. They are best purchased in specialized stores. No need to buy large bushes, as they take root worse. The main thing is that there should be at least 4 buds on the handle, from which new shoots will flow. The height of the stem should be about 20 cm.

A healthy and well-developed root system will allow the plant to quickly adapt to a new location. It should be noted that there are no rotten or cracked roots. It is better that when buying seedlings the roots are packed.

raspberry remontant Orange miracle

Appropriate place

For planting raspberries, you must choose a well-lit place, preferably on the south side. On a darkened area, the time of ripening of berries is significantly delayed. This inappropriate condition will also affect the amount of the crop.

Another obstacle for the cultivation of raspberries. Orange miracle can be the close occurrence of groundwater.

This raspberry variety is not demanding of soil composition, although the plant has some preferences.For raspberries, you can create a suitable soil, filling it with necessary elements.

Soil preparation

Raspberry Orange miracle feels good on structured and enriched soils. It is better to prepare the wells for planting in the fall, and plant raspberries in early spring. To do this, dig holes 40 x 40 cm and lay them in humus or peat, and then sprinkled with earth. The depth of the hole is 30 cm.

If the pits are prepared in spring, this is done like this: a handful of ashes and 2 tablespoons of superphosphate are sprinkled evenly into the depression across the bottom, and sprinkled with a mixture of soil on top.

When preparing the soil, you can create a reserve of useful substances for several years ahead. They dig a groove a little deeper and lay fresh manure into it, grass, and non-decomposed vegetable waste and sprinkle it with earth. Next, perform all the actions described above.

It is important to know that the raspberry variety Orange miracle does not tolerate acidic soil. In sour soil make lime fluff.

raspberry orange wonder variety description reviews


There are several planting options. The bush method implies placing saplings with an interval of 1.5 x 1 m. If the plants are planted in rows, they are placed 0.5 m apart from each other, the aisles are left about 2 meters.Tape landing method - this is when raspberries are planted in several lines, with the same distance between rows. Intervals, roughly, are the same as for the other methods.

Next, the shoot is installed in the groove and, holding the hand, gently fall asleep soil. Through this process, you can alternate the earth with humus, laying them in layers.

The seedling should be planted so that all its roots are under the ground. Otherwise, they will become bare, and the plant will not receive sufficient moisture, and the roots will gradually shrink. Meanwhile, the roots should be close to the surface, 6-8 cm. Such an arrangement of the root system will allow to properly moisturize the plant.

In order to protect the young bush from the future weather, it is better to drive a peg at once and tie a sapling.

raspberry orange miracle variety reviews


  • At the beginning of the season you need to remove the weeds in time and loosen the ground. Closer to the summer raspberry bushes can be overlaid with mulch, so as not to stir up the root system. But before that, the soil should be moistened and fluff well. Ideally, a layer of mulch should be 5-7 cm, but less possible. As such material you can use straw or dried grass, mixing them with humus or peat.
  • Regular watering is one of the most important rules that require proper care. Raspberry Orange miracle needs abundant watering, but care must be taken not to overdo it. The roots of raspberry are located to rotting, therefore every amateur gardener needs to adapt to the plant and learn to feel intuitively when it is necessary to carry out regular watering. By the way, the correct watering is a guarantee of plant conservation for the next season. Roots, well saturated with moisture, in winter will not be exposed to freezing.
  • For maximum yield, you should not forget about dressing. Judging by the reviews of the raspberry Orange miracle, the culture is very responsive to organic fertilizers. Solutions are prepared in the classical way: mullein is diluted 1:10, and chicken manure is 1:20. At 1m2use 4 liters of the finished solution. If during the season raspberries are sometimes fed with phosphate mineral fertilizers, then in this way it is possible to build the potential for obtaining the harvest for the next year.
  • During fruiting there is a danger of lodging of the bushes. Due to the weight of the berries, they tend to fall down and may break. Even if this does not happen,then on the fallen branches the berries will be dirty. To get rid of this kind of trouble, it is better to build a support in time or use a trellis.
  • The unique raspberry variety Orange Miracle frees the gardener from a single procedure for the care of cultivated plants. Raspberries do not need to be treated with chemicals, as it is almost not damaged by pests. Harmful insects were observed on bushes with beautiful berries extremely rarely. It can be a raspberry beetle, aphid, stem fly and raspberry weevil.
  • To save the plants from future pests, garlic and onions are planted next to raspberries. Spice plants and flowers with a specific smell are scattered between the bushes. These "helpers" include: calendula, marigold, rosemary, tansy, wormwood, lemon balm. From the same herbs prepare infusions for spraying. In the fall, the soil around the bushes is treated with Karbofos, and in the spring the bushes are sprayed with potassium permanganate.

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The peculiarity of raspberry remontant varieties is that it gives a bountiful harvest only on young shoots of the current season. Therefore, in the fall cut off all fruitful stems.

Spring pruning of the plant is also carried out.As soon as the snow melts, all shoots freezed and blown away by the wind are removed so that they do not pull nutrients and do not interfere with the development of new shoots. It was noted that if raspberry grows intensively in the spring, then its development and fruiting will continue to be more successful.

For early harvest, you can leave a few uncut shoots. But raspberries on them are much smaller. This is reflected both in the number of fruits and the size of the berries.

Collection and use of berries

It is better to collect raspberries in the morning when the dew subsides, or in the evening. You can not pick berries after rain, as they will quickly deteriorate.

For longer storage raspberries tear off the stalk.

Since there are many thorns on the shoots, then when harvesting you need to protect yourself with appropriate clothing.

Because of the density of the fruit, raspberries are grown for sale. Berries can be freely transported and stored for some time without a refrigerator. From the photo of a raspberry, the Orange Miracle can be judged by how tempting it will look on the shelves.

Most likely, everyone knows that raspberry berries are always used for colds. They are dried, boiled from them jam or rubbed with sugar.

To keep the raspberry fresh, you need:

  • take 1 part of berries and 2 parts of sugar;
  • mix thoroughly or beat the mixture until a homogeneous consistency;
  • then put in a cool place and drink in the winter with tea.

In winter, dry raspberry branches are also used for therapeutic purposes. They are cut from the bushes, filled with water and boil for 15-20 minutes. Then insist and drink instead of tea.

Fresh raspberries are recommended for people suffering from anemia, atherosclerosis and hypertension.

Berries have a tonic effect, improve the condition of the skin and contain a useful complex of vitamins.

raspberry orange wonder reviews


In the reviews and description of the raspberry variety, the Orange Miracle mentions a positive feature. This plant is not prone to sprawl and it eliminates the hassle of care for him. But the breeding process is complicated by the lack of young cuttings. And yet methods of breeding raspberries exist.

In early spring, all 3-year-old shoots are cut off from 3-year-old plants. Loose roots will begin to develop and will give more material that can later be seated.

It is important to have time to separate the newly formed shoots.Their height should be no more than 5 cm. It makes no sense to dig up higher seedlings, because their roots have already taken root in the native bush. If they are disturbed, then the old plant can hurt, and young bushes will develop poorly.

Suitable shoots gently break in, pull out along with a lump of earth and transplant to a new place. Deepening for seedlings should be pre-moistened, and after planting the plant can not be watered abundantly until it is rooted.


Fine berries have already managed to recommend themselves as an excellent raw material for making jams and jam. Fresh, they are very tasty. The color of the berries varies, depending on the weather. In the sunny period, the fruits become pinkish. In cloudy weather, the berries do not reach the characteristic color and remain yellowish as well as less sweet. In the reviews of the raspberry variety Orange miracle, people often indicate that the harvest is stored for about 5 days, and in the refrigerator for 2 weeks.


From the description of the raspberry Orange miracle, we can conclude that the cultivation of this crop is a worthwhile matter. For each gardener this occupation will allow to get satisfaction from their own labor.Who would not want in the summer heat to see on his table amazing berries with a pleasant aroma!

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