Psychology of relationships in the family, among friends, at work.
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Relationship psychology

We often repeat the word "relationship". It concerns family and friends, co-workers and acquaintances. We say that they have developed or have not developed, that they are complex or simple. But what do we put into this word? The fact is that the psychology of relationships is very individual. Very common point of view, which in practice is expressed as follows: I do not like this and that in you. Because of your weaknesses, our relationship suffers. Change or it's all over.

Could this be? Of course not. Any interaction is the result of the efforts of at least two people. It is known that there are no right and guilty ones, except in extreme cases. In all others, the responsibility for what is happening lies on both.

If you are not satisfied with how your partner treats you, but you suffer for years, who do you think is to blame? Only he? No, because you encouraged him with your inaction.

If children are out of control, are they bad? They do not appreciate the efforts of parents? Also no. As a rule, it turns out that for a long time the parents did everything so that the children did not disturb them, were obedient and did not interfere.At a certain moment, the children themselves begin to make decisions, and then the opinion of their parents becomes indifferent to them.

If they promise to pay you a salary for months, but they constantly break the promise, convincing you to work more, will you be ready for the fact that you will be deceived again? Will you blame your employer?

In contrast to this, there are many positive examples of excellent relationships, considering which you can make your life better.

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