Restaurant "Public" (Tula): address, menu, prices

"Public" - one of the best restaurants in the Russian city of Tula: a cozy atmosphere, inviting to communicate, simple but tastefully furnished interior, delicious dishes of the Balkan and European cuisine, excellent service.

About city

Tula is a hero-city of the Russian Federation and is located 193 kilometers south of the capital. The territory of the city is located in the northern part of the Central Russian Upland, near the river Upa.

This is a major cultural, industrial, scientific, historical center of the country. Significant railway junction.

The population of Tula is 485.2 thousand people. Thanks to the great cultural and historical heritage, thousands of tourists visit it every year.

restaurant public tula

First of all, the city is known for Tula gingerbread, painted samovars, the finest lace and bright Filimonovsky miniature toys made of clay.

As well as the estate (now the house-museum) in Yasnaya Polyana (14 kilometers from Tula), in which the great Russian writer and thinker lived - Leo Tolstoy.

As for the local population, we can safely call the people of Tula a very sociable, open, hospitable people. They like to visit public places (cafes, restaurants, theaters, museums, festivals), meet in friendly companies for a cup of tea or coffee, it's just interesting to spend free time.

And one of the favorite places is the restaurant "Public" (Tula).

Menu, address, description of the institution - in this article.

Favorite place

Restaurant "Public" (Tula) is an institution that welcomes visitors. Locals and guests of the city often gather here to have a good time and enjoy delicious dishes of Balkan and European cuisine. As well as traditional pastries, which are made in the shop institutions.

In the interior of the restaurant Public (Tula) there are no excesses, everything that could divert attention from the main thing - the present, the current moment of life, the people with whom we communicate.

Public restaurant Tula menu

Everything is done simply, but cozy and with excellent taste. A lot of space, light, wood, white ceilings and columns, lampshades of simple form.

Here everyone is equal - every visitor, regardless of status and social status.This is the main essence of the restaurant, as well as compliance with the name - "public", "public".

Crossing the threshold of this institution, you unwittingly forget about vanity, everyday moments, problems. Here you just relax and enjoy the present moment of life, you are right here and now.

From time to time in the institution are musical evenings.

If visitors came with children, then there are interesting programs and a children's menu for them.

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Special features

The institution was founded by VCT consulting group, the founder and head of which is George Kostic, a talented chef and restaurateur from Serbia. Under his leadership, open about 20 institutions in Europe, Asia, Russia, which every year are gaining increasing popularity.

The concept of the restaurant "Public" in Tula is a modern institution that combines only the best traditions of international restaurant culture with the latest trends in its development.

As for the staff, there are no inexperienced beginners in the establishment. Selection and training takes place according to all the rules of the European school. Only highly qualified professionals work here.


Restaurant "Public" is an institution in which there is a full production cycle:

  • raw material processing;
  • production of semi-finished and finished products;
  • implementation

The restaurant’s cuisine is represented by the best traditional dishes of Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria, Italy, and the Caucasus. Meals are combined or served separately, the restaurant offers visitors a fairly large and varied menu.

Also the restaurant’s chip is confectionery - designer cakes. At the request and the "project" of the client, confectioners make delicacies for any celebration, of various sizes, colors and differently decorated.

restaurant public menu prices


Restaurant "Public" (Tula) demonstrates a feature that can be attributed to one of the edges of its democracy - an open kitchen. This phenomenon is gaining increasing popularity in the field of restaurant business in many countries, including Russia.

The visitor can observe the cooking process, which he ordered. Everything is transparent and open.

public restaurant tula

What exactly does the institution offer for guests?

Cold appetizers:

  • olives and olives;
  • marinated herring with potatoes;
  • vegetable mix;
  • assorted Balkan cheeses;
  • bruschetta with cheese and salmon;
  • beef tartare;
  • salmon carpaccio;
  • veal fillet carpaccio;
  • cold cuts;
  • pickles;
  • jamon rolls with arugula;
  • cold lamb with red onions;
  • lard with mustard;
  • shrimp;
  • cheeses


  • "Greek" with cucumber, walnuts, garlic and sour cream;
  • vegetable with cheese;
  • salad with veal, shrimp, apple and chicken;
  • "Olivier" with salmon;
  • chicken salad with the addition of sweet pepper;
  • "Caesar" with chicken;
  • "Caesar salad with shrimps;
  • with tongue, mushrooms and fried eggplants;
  • with turkey meat, vegetables, mushrooms and cheese;
  • Garden salad;
  • with veal and roasted peppers and others.

From hot appetizers: squids in batter, cheese sticks, breaded, cheese Suluguni with vegetables, capelin, fried.

restaurant public address menu

From the first courses: chicken soup with noodles, chicken broth with quail egg, mushroom cream soup, goulash soup in bread, ear of several types of fish, shurpa, cheese soup in white bread and others.

Balkan dishes:

  • buckwheat flour pita with fillings (cheese, meat, potatoes with onions, spinach);
  • minced meat rolls;
  • Serbian dish with boiled potatoes, cheese and minced meat;
  • pleskavitsa with bacon and cheese;
  • "mukkalitsa";
  • home-made sausage with grilled vegetables;
  • karajordjev schnitzel;
  • leg of lamb with vegetables and mashed potatoes;
  • Serbian delicacies and others.


  • baked mackerel with potatoes;
  • pikeperch meat patties;
  • flounder;
  • salmon;
  • Buzara with seafood and sea bass;
  • sea ​​bass fillet with vegetable puree;
  • cod with fried potatoes;
  • catfish with vegetables and potatoes;
  • grilled dorado;
  • fish platter and others.

Hot dishes:

  • beef stroganoff with potatoes and pickled cucumber;
  • pasta with vegetables;
  • homemade dumplings with beef meat;
  • "Graten" with turkey;
  • quail on the grill;
  • vegetable snack;
  • liver duck with grilled vegetables and others.

Grilled Meat Dishes:

  • steaks;
  • shish kebab (chicken, pork, lamb, beef);
  • lula kebab with chicken meat;
  • half chicken;
  • pork neck and others.


  • rice mixture;
  • buckwheat;
  • potatoes (boiled, baked, fried);
  • asparagus and so on.

Bread: a sesame loaf, a flat bread, a bread basket and others.


  • strawberry;
  • chocolate with cherry;
  • tart "creme brulee" with cherry;
  • Passion Fruit Cheesecake;
  • cupcakes;
  • apple tart with vanilla ice cream;
  • cheesecakes;
  • cakes: "Napoleon", sour cream, Italian, "Opera";
  • eclairs;
  • ice cream of a different type and so on.

Children's menu:

  • salads (vegetable, "Mouse", envelope with chicken and vegetables);
  • chicken noodle soup;
  • French fries;
  • oatmeal;
  • cutlet with mashed potatoes;
  • macaroni with cheese or strawberries;
  • salmon skewers;
  • meat medallions with mashed potatoes;
  • desserts (pancakes, cheese cakes, chocolate, strawberry jam, sour cream).

musical evenings in the restaurant public tula

The menu and prices of the restaurant "Public" in Tula will surely pleasantly surprise you.

For example, grilled meat dishes - from 280 rubles, and the Serbian dish “Pleskavitsa” - 360 rubles.

The average check for one person is 1,000 rubles.

Come and see for yourself!


Address of the restaurant "Public": Tula, Demonstration Street, 22.

Opening hours: from Monday to Thursday - from 12.00 to midnight, on Friday and Saturday - from 12.00 to 02.00, on Sunday - 12.00 to midnight.

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