Rice wholesale

We recently opened a grocery store in Astana and are now actively engaged in expanding the range. Please recommend the company in Kazakhstan, which is engaged in rice sales. If you know any other companies that sell wholesale food products, I will be grateful for the recommendations.
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Answered on June 1, 05:44
In theory, many sales representatives should have already visited your store. Surely there is already plenty to choose from. Or do you have a very small shop with a small turnover, so they offer not very interesting conditions?
Answered on June 1, 05:57
Have you contacted Baidal's company yet? She offers the sale of rice in bulk in Kazakhstan. If not, here is a link to the site, maybe you will be satisfied with the prices and delivery terms. By the way, I personally prefer to pack rice and other cereals myself, because I either need a pound or make a large supply at the request of my wife. So such products should go well in the store. I wish you success!
Answered on June 1 06:03
And it seems to me that it is not very convenient to work with many suppliers. It is better to cooperate with several large distributors who have a wide range of nomenclatures.

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