Riddles about autumn for schoolchildren

Moms and dads need to periodically come up with entertaining and educational activities for their children. Riddles about autumn, spring, summer and winter may well be a great idea for a wonderful pastime. The most important thing is to think about the scenario of the event correctly, even if only one child and a parent participate in it. It is easy to do, just pre-prepare interesting puzzles about autumn with the answers.riddles about autumn

What is the use of puzzles for children

To anxious parents it may seem that logical questions are only entertainment for the children. In fact, this is not the case, the riddles about autumn and other seasons help to develop a variety of qualities, which are:

  • Logical thinking.
  • Fantasy.
  • Perseverance
  • Savvy.
  • Horizon.
  • Attentiveness
  • The ability to achieve their goals.

riddles about autumn for children

These are just some of the nuances that indicate that children's puzzles for children about autumn are not only entertainment, but also development for little boys and girls.

How to get a child interested in participating

Of course, in order for the child to participate in the lesson not out of respect for the parents, but with real passion and great zeal, you need to think about motivation. The best way to lure a son or daughter is to promise a prize when all the riddles are solved.

Naturally, you need not just to promise, but to do it. The following can serve as a presentation:

  • Sweets.
  • Symbolic souvenir.
  • Small toy.
  • Hike to your favorite place of entertainment.

riddles about autumn with answers

Based on the interests and preferences of the beloved offspring, each parent will be able to independently determine how to interest his son or daughter.

What should be the riddles about autumn for the little ones

Of course, for different ages there should be neodikovye questions. If a boy or a girl is first grade students, then you can take into account such riddles:

At this time the leaves

Everybody changes colors.

Under the rug,

He rustles, attracts.

Yellow, red leaves fly,

So, for us the time of year is in a hurry.


It is raining this time of year

Leaves color change,

Everyone goes to school.


Trees leaves themselves off,

Their top rain pours water.

People take umbrellas out of the cabinets,

What time of year does this happen?


Who without paint and without brushes

Can decorate the leaves on the trees?


The air at this time smells of rain,

Cold winds come day after day.

Trees leaves bare

Tell me when it happens?

Even the smallest students will find the answer to such riddles about autumn. The main thing is that the questions are diverse and interesting for boys and girls.

Mysteries about autumn for children of secondary school age

Boys and girls who already attend school can come up with logical questions with more complex semantic content. Riddles about autumn for schoolchildren may be as follows:

Cranes are drawn to the south,

It's getting cold, damp around.

Rain pours the earth,

The leaves of the wind from the trees breaks.

When does this happen?


This time is not easy

It is time for knowledge.

Children put backpacks on their shoulders,

Moms and dads accompany them to school.

And under the feet of a colorful carpet,

Which pleases when the summer passes.

What time of the year are these children?riddles about autumn for schoolchildren


Quiet rain knocks outside the window

The leaves spin in a festive dance.

Their outfits are beautiful now,

Multi-colored hands, fingers.

Nature without paints, without brushes, water

Painted every piece of earth.

What time is it

Will someone call me that word?


To the poets at this time comes the muse,

Rustling slowly leaves in the yard.

Already guys at this time of year

Briefcases collected at dawn.

Trees dress up in clothes:

Green, yellow, red, gold.

What is this great time of year

Who will give me the answer to this question?


At this time of year you want to nature

After all, it works wonders without paints.

Decorate with red, gold and yellow

All around the trees, parks and forests.

What time of year are such miracles?


This time of year is wonderful with its magic,

Many secrets and mysteries in it.

In the trees, as an artist, she will decorate the leaves,

Summer at this time of the year will wave us to everything.

Under the feet of the rug of leaves,

And they spin above your head.

Bears go to their holes, because they go to sleep.

What is the time for this, does anyone know?

Such puzzles about autumn will give the child inspiration, immerse themselves in fantasy and help develop logical thinking. The most important thing is to read them with inspiration and correctly place accents.

Short puzzles about season autumn

It is not necessary to read long speeches. Sometimes it is quite enough to briefly talk about the time of year so that a boy or girl can quickly find the answer to a question. For example, you can take the following options:

At this time, rain, leaf fall

And the colorful time parade.


Summer time is ending,

And the kids go to school.children's puzzles about autumn


At this time, nature

It changes the weather.

The leaves of the trees fall.

When does it happen?

Such children's puzzles about autumn are suitable for the little ones and for older children.

Long puzzles about autumn

You can present questions about the time of year in poetic form. For an example, you can take these ideas:

Wonderful time to change nature,

The weather is changing, everything is around.

And the muse visits all poets,

No wonder, because the magic is around.

Trees all nature decorate,

Like a sorceress, without a brush and pen.

The rain on the roofs rumbles,

Like heaven crying over the summer.

Under the feet of a colorful carpet,

Children collect their treasured briefcase,

After all, at this time in school it’s time,

Soon classmates and all friends will meet.

What is the time of the year who will answer me

When in the sky flocks fly to the warm edges?


Cranes flock away

In those places where it is brighter and warmer.

The leaves on the trees nature will decorate,

Rain dripping from the sky, flying.

Children in school collect school bags,

Everyone in a line in a hurry.

Such poems will surely be liked by children of different ages.Find the answer to the question will be easy.

Mysteries in prose about autumn

It is not necessary to rhyme the lines, it is quite possible to prefer prosaic riddles. For an example, you can take the following ideas:


The trees at this time of year are different. Their season colors in red, yellow and gold colors. The rain becomes habitual. The kids start going to school after a long rest.


At what time of year do birds fly south and do trees change colors?


When it gets colder and changes the decoration of trees?children's puzzles for children about autumn

Such short puzzles in prose will certainly be easily guessed by even the smallest boys and girls.

How to turn an evening with riddles into a real holiday

Of course, moms and dads need to think about how to organize a developmental activity so that the child will not be bored. For example, you can do the following scenarios:

  • Costumed celebration. For such an event, you must first prepare. In the wardrobe of each child there are elegant suits or dresses. You can offer your son or daughter to dress up in your favorite outfit. So the developmental activity will be perceived as a holiday, and not as a lesson.
  • Competition "who is better."This option is suitable if several children are involved in the lesson. It will be necessary to issue chips for the correct answer. When the puzzles are over, you need to calculate who has more. The winner is, of course, the one who scored more chips. But each child should be awarded with prizes so that no one was hurt.
  • Draw an answer. It is clear that the process of the game will involve not only the riddles about autumn. It is necessary to give the kids paint, felt-tip pens and an album, then say that the answer should not be voiced, but drawn. This will help not only to develop logic, but also to show the creative abilities of the beloved offspring.

No matter what the scenario of the developmental class will be, the most important thing is for the child to have fun and feel his significance for the parents.

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