Biography of Rodrigo Duterte

Rodrigo Duterte is a Filipino politician, a lawyer by education. In the summer of 2016, at the age of 70, he took the chair of the President of the Philippines, enlisting the support of the largest group of people - the Bisaya people.
Philippine President Rodrigo DutertePhilippine President Rodrigo Duterte

Childhood by Rodrigo Duterte

The future president of the Philippines was born in an intelligent family: his mother taught at school, his father was a business lawyer, then became mayor of Danao, and soon took the position of governor of Davao, the third largest settlement in the country.
Rodrigo Duterte in childhood (pictured with family)Rodrigo Duterte in childhood (pictured with family)
In 1956, Rodrigo graduated from the first educational stage in the Davos Primary School. St. Anne. Since in this area the Bisayas mostly Catholicism, Rodrigo received a certificate of maturity at the Academy of the Holy Cross. He studied mediocre, was several times expelled from school.
Young Rodrigo Duterte with his motherYoung Rodrigo Duterte with his mother
In 1968, Rodrigo received a liberal arts degree in the Moscow lyceum, becoming a bachelor of arts. In 1972, he added a law degree to a bachelor’s degree from a college named after him. Holy trouble. After that, Duterte Jr., like his father, became involved in private law practice, and also became a legal adviser in the prosecutor's office. In the same period, he became an ardent supporter of the ideas of communism.
In his youth, Rodrigo Duterte was surfingIn his youth, Rodrigo Duterte was surfing

Political career

In 1979, after seven years of legal practice in the prosecutor's office of his native city, he took the position of the fourth deputy chief prosecutor on the island of Mindanao. This appointment determined his fate and greatly influenced political views.
Big interview with Rodrigo Duterte in Russian
Duterte consistently went through all the stages of ascent in the state legal system and in 1983 became the second person surrounded by the prosecutor. From that moment I rushed up. Within two years, he became first vice-mayor, and then (in 1988, after the “Yellow Revolution”) and mayor of Davao. Rodrigo Duterte held this position for more than twenty years (7 terms with a short break for the post of congressman), until he handed it over to his daughter.
Father Duterte was also a prominent Filipino politicianFather Duterte was also a prominent Filipino politician
Being the permanent mayor of the largest city in the Philippines, Duterte became a popular politician on a national scale. In particular, he gained fame as an extremely tough fighter against organized crime. He created a personal army that consistently eliminated unwanted people. The controlled prosecutor's office and support of military formations allowed him to engage in shooting with rivals with impunity.
The President of the Philippines is interested in motor sports.The President of the Philippines is interested in motor sports.
In the course of “establishing order,” his people destroyed several thousand criminal authorities, which caused disapproval from human rights organizations. Still, Dutere continued to adhere to the following point of view: “The most effective means of fighting the killers, using their own methods.” It is logical that he supported the abolition of the moratorium on the death penalty, introduced in the Philippines in 2006.
Duterte advocated lifting the death penalty moratoriumDuterte advocated lifting the death penalty moratorium
Despite the criticism of human rights defenders addressed to him, Rodrigo Duterte got the number of applicants for the international award for the “Best Mayor of the Planet”.He achieved this thanks to a sharp decrease in the level of crime and a no less sharp increase in the quality of life in the city under his control. Rodrigo Duterte opened new hospitals (in particular, a modern drug rehabilitation center), appointed subsidies to the poor.

Duterte - President of the Philippines

At the end of June 2016, a charismatic politician was elected president of the Philippines. He won the election race thanks to a multitude of populist statements, promises to transform the country into a parliamentary republic and eradicate the drug mafia, as well as his image of a “simple guy close to the people.”
Duterte during the election campaignDuterte during the election campaign
During the inauguration, Duterte openly threatened to kill all those whom he called a criminal. He promised to observe the rule of law, but immediately warned that the human rights of drug traffickers do not apply. He delivered an ultimatum to the drug traffickers: they could surrender to the police and survive, otherwise they would certainly be killed during the anti-drug campaign.
This left its mark on the Philippines’s international relations with other countries.For example, in the first six months at the helm of the country, Rodrigo Duterte managed to send “three letters” law enforcement organizations, called the President of the United Nations and the son of the whore of US President Barack Obama a “fool”.
Duterte called Obama "son of a bitch"Duterte called Obama "son of a bitch"
In the fall of 2016, the odious president threatened to denounce the agreement on military cooperation with America. According to Duterte, "The United States should immediately stop using the Philippines as a dog on a short leash." China immediately took advantage of this, who promised the president economic aid in the amount of $ 24 billion if he fulfilled his threat.
Rodrigo Duterte on cooperation with the EU: “Go to hell”
The Philippines lived for a long time by placing American military bases on their islands, but with the coming to power of Rodrigo Duterte, they had an alternative. However, very soon Duterte disowned from loud words, noting that the Philippines do not intend to stop cooperation with Washington.

Family Rodrigo Duterte

In 1973, Rodrigo Duterte married Elizabeth Zimmerman, but in 2000 the couple married a divorce.
Rodrigo Duterte with ex-wife ElizabethRodrigo Duterte with ex-wife Elizabeth
The couple had six children. Daughter Sarah Duterte Carpio became his successor as mayor of Davao.
Daughter Rodrigo Duterte took over the political "baton" of his father and grandfatherDaughter Rodrigo Duterte took over the political "baton" of his father and grandfather
At the moment, Duterte is in a civil marriage with nurse Cielito Avensenya, nicknamed “Honeylet”. They had a daughter Veronica, who is affectionately called Kitty by loving parents.
Right - girl Rodrigo Duterte, Cielito AvengnaRight - girl Rodrigo Duterte, Cielito Avengna
A large politician controversially stated that in the average Filipino family there should not be more than three children, thereby challenging the Catholic Church that dominates in the Philippines with its rejection of birth control.

Rodrigo Duterte now

After the first months of his presidency, Duterte became known to the international community primarily as a strong anti-drug policy. He created the "black squadrons" - special forces, under the cover of night punishing everyone who is involved in the sale and use of drugs. In the first three months, about 2.5 thousand drug traffickers were killed by the Philippines drug police.
By order of Duterte, the bodies of drug dealers are thrown out of the cityBy order of Duterte, the bodies of drug dealers are thrown out of the city
The assessment of his actions is ambiguous: while human rights activists are talking about the unlawfulness of murders without trial, Duterte’s supporters believe that in a country where more than 35% of the population is drug dependent and the drug mafia is flourishing, such measures are more than justified.
Duterte’s methods are tough but effectiveDuterte’s methods are tough but effective
On November 29, 2016, an attempt was made on Rodrigo Duterte. Unknowns blew up explosives in the movement zone of the presidential motorcade. Duterte himself was not there at the time (the motorcade was following in Maravi to discuss the preparation of the president’s visit), but 7 Duterte’s bodyguards and 2 soldiers were injured by the militants ’actions. Philippine media have linked the blast to Islamic terrorists.

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