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Cinema is an integral part of the lives of millions of people. A variety of films and TV shows are released almost daily, but not all films have a truly interesting plot and are represented by a truly impeccable acting game. Today we will review a rather interesting film that appeared on screens in 2005, but continues to be published to this day.

Actors "Think like a criminal"

“Thinking like a criminal” is a popular American television series that tells about events taking place in the life of a team of investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. At the beginning of 2017, this cinematographic work is presented in 12 seasons, and the total number of episodes is 256. In this article we will conduct a fairly detailed review of this film, we will learn the cast, reviews and much more.

basic information

This exciting procedural drama (the genre presented by TV shows, whose storylines are built around each of the released episodes) appeared on the screens of viewers around the world on September 22, 2005.Then many did not even realize that this cinematographic work would win the hearts of millions of people, because of which the creators of the project would be forced to release new and new seasons. The actors (“Thinking like a criminal”) were able to perfectly fulfill their roles, as many TV viewers leave positive feedback about.

It is also worth noting that the approximate duration of one series of this project is 42 minutes. Thus, if you count, it turns out that it will take you about 180 hours to view 256 episodes, which is a little more than a week.

Thinking like a criminal: actors

In addition, it is impossible not to mention such an outstanding person as Jeff Davis, who is the creator of this cinematic work. As you understand, the actors (“Thinking like a criminal”) really did their best to present a truly spectacular series to world viewers, but at the same time due tribute should also be given to the founder of the series, otherwise we wouldn’t see anything like that. .

Story line

Earlier it was noted that each episode of this television series has its own storyline, therefore, it will be impossible to describe all the episodes shown over several years.One of the most interesting series tells us that in the city of Seattle in a short period of time 4 girls were abducted. The police are already convinced that a serial maniac appeared in the city, who kidnaps and then kills its victims, but no one finds the corpses.

When the situation in Seattle escalates, the case is referred to a special unit of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose representatives specialize in behavioral analysis of the actions of violators of the law.

The actors of the series "Think like a criminal"

The head of this unit is Jason Gideon, who along with his colleague is doing everything possible to figure out the culprit. The main characters of the cinematographic work are trying to create a psychological portrait of a maniac, but, as you understand, this is not so easy to do. In general, the actors (“Think like a criminal”) perfectly fulfilled their roles, so many people liked this film, but there are also negative reviews indicating a large amount of unnecessary information in almost all the series.


Any television project has a number of interesting facts that every fan of this or that series wants to know.In this case, it is worth noting that during the show on television of the 3rd season of this cinematic work, the creator of the project was forced to take a break, as the writers began to strike. By the way, these events are global, as the strike of the Writers Guild of the United States of America is the largest in the last 20 years. In addition, the continuation of this film was released to viewers in April 2008.

It is impossible not to notice that at the very beginning of May 2015, the CBS television channel announced the extension of the TV project to the 11th season, and on May 6 of the following year, the same company signed a contract to release the 12th season of the television project “Think like a criminal”, whose actors could perfectly imagine themselves and their heroes.

Beginner Cast

As you understand, after several years of the release of this project, some artists left, while others came to their places. However, this does not negate the fact that the actors (“Think like a criminal”) are truly true professionals, because their play in this television series deserves respect.

Thinking like a criminal: actors and roles

So, the initial cast included such outstanding personalities as Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gabler and others.

The emergence of new characters

It is also worth noting that in 2016, when the season 2 was coming out on the nose, Lola Glaudini announced that she had to leave this series. The girl explained this by the fact that she dreams of returning home to her favorite city, New York. After some time, this actress was replaced by Paget Brewster, who also managed to perform the role of an Interpol agent named Emily Prentiss.

In addition, in the same season, actress Kirsten Wangsness joined the main line-up, who had previously appeared on the show.

Before filming Season 3 of “Think Like a Criminal,” whose actors are quite successful people, it became known that Mandy Patinkin leaves the main cast. He was replaced by Joe Mantegna, who began to play the role of David Rossi, who is a veteran of the OAP.

In addition, during the same period, the television series “Think like a criminal”, whose actors could perfectly present themselves, temporarily leaves AJ Cook, who unexpectedly announces his pregnancy to everyone. During the absence of the actress, she was replaced by Meta Golding, who played the role of an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Thinking Like a Criminal 12: Cast

And now let's discuss in more detail not the series “Think as a criminal”. The actors of this project deserve more attention, so let's talk briefly about their biographies!

Thomas gibson

This man was born July 3, 1962 in South Carolina. All the actors of the series “Think like a criminal” are professionals, but no one has as much experience as this man. Gibson became a real decoration of this television project, because many began to watch this film only because of the participation of Thomas in it.

The career of this man began in 1987. As you understand, it continues to this day, although at this moment Thomas Gibson is already 54 years old. One of the very first films of this man was the cinematographic work entitled “The Guide Light” of 1987, where Thomas played the role of Peter.

Additionally, we note that not all the actors of the series “Think as a criminal” have such extensive experience in the field of cinema. However, this man shares his professionalism with the young generation, so we can be sure that such outstanding actors will be replaced by representatives of this field of activity no worse.

AJ Cook

Many believe that in the television project “Think like a criminal”, the actors and roles where they were really well chosen, AJ Cook played her heroine better than anyone. The girl herself was born in Canada in 1978, and began her career in 1997. Her father worked as a schoolteacher, and her mother was an experienced psychiatrist. The actress has 2 brothers and one sister: Nathan, Paul and Angela.

Thinking Like a Criminal (Season 12): Actors

As you remember, it was already noted earlier that during the filming of the 3rd season of the TV series “Think like a criminal”, actors and roles where they ideally fit together, this girl temporarily left the project because she was pregnant. Today, AJ is married to a popular musician named Nathan Andersen, and together they bring up a son who was born on September 13, 2008.

Reviews of the series

The television project “Think like a criminal 12”, whose actors nevertheless perfectly performed their own roles, receives a huge amount of positive comments. People are pleased with the interesting plot and impeccable acting. Many note the dynamic development of events and rather short duration of the series.

Some are convinced that the actors made the TV project “Think like a criminal” (season 12) interesting, because the plot is no longer as exciting as it was before.It is possible that this is a mistake, because sooner or later everyone will get bored.

And now let's talk briefly about another movie with a similar name!

“Thinking like a criminal: The behavior of a suspect”

Actors of this film could well present themselves, but still only one season came out. The premiere took place on February 16, 2011, and the storyline tells us what is happening in the life of agents of a special unit of the FBI. In this case, the heroes of the film are also trying to use behavioral analysis in order to catch criminals in different parts of the United States of America.

Thinking like a criminal: Behavior of the suspect: actors

In general, the film is also interesting, and such actors as Forest Whitaker, Michael Kelly, John Posey and others took direct part in it.

As you can see, the series “Thinking like a criminal: The behavior of a suspect” is not represented by such actors as the movie discussed earlier, but this movie deserves respect, because it’s an interesting plot and a good acting game.

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