Roy Scheider: Biography and Movies

One hundred and forty-two works - approximately in such an amount of films, television and film projects, Roy Scheider took part. And this, despite the fact that his parents predicted his legal career.

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Roy Scheider: a biography. Childhood

Roy Richard Scheider was born November 10, 1932 in Orange (New Jersey). In childhood, the future actor had serious health problems. At the age of six he had rheumatism. To strengthen his health, the boy began to play sports and even achieved significant success. As we have already said, mother and father were seen in the son as an attorney, so he first studied at Rutgers University (Newark), after - at the Franklin and Marshall Law College (Lancaster). It was here that he was overtaken by his passion for theater.

The beginning of the actor's way

The beginning of the film career of Roy Scheider is considered to be a role in a horror film called The Curse of the Living Dead (1964). The career took off sharply after the role of Alan Pakula, performed in the drama "Clute" (1971). He played here with Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, Charles Chuffy.

Thanks to the following work - Detective French Coherent (directed by William Friedkin) - Roy Scheider, whose filmography includes a lot of interesting roles, was nominated for an Oscar.

How to catch a shark and stay alive

Roy Scheider gained wide popularity and popularity by playing the thriller “Jaws” (directed by Steven Spielberg). He played the role of police chief. In the story, the three heroes of this tape, including the police chief Martin Brody, played by Scheider, had to go on a serious fishing trip in order to catch the killer shark.

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Later, the actor played prominent, memorable roles, from which the audience remained under the indelible impression. Directors and critics who saw his work experienced the same thing.

In 1976, the thriller "Marathoner" (directed by John Schlesinger) appears on the screens. Partners of the actor in this picture were Dustin Hoffman and Lawrence Olivier. By the way, Roy Scheider gave his consent to this role because of the participation of the above-mentioned actors in the film - he wanted to work with them. The plot of the film can be briefly described as follows: a young student, Babe Levy, was involved in the pursuit of a Nazi war criminal.

Roy Scheider once again meets with his "friends" sharks in 1978. The sequel "Jaws-2" was filmed by director Jeannot Schwarz.

A successful continuation of an acting career was the role of choreographer, who does not represent his life without work. The musical "All This Jazz" (1979) was staged by Bob Foss. Oscar-nominated Roy Scheider has unfortunately not received it. The prize was awarded to Dustin Hoffman.

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The crime drama "Blue Thunder" (1983, directed by John Badham) was distinguished by its own style and zest. Police pilot Frank Murphy received a new helicopter of the same name. The car was experimental. Curious and possessing a sense of duty, the main character reveals the true intentions of the authors of this project. He understands that these people were not moved by the concern for the safety of citizens.

Roy Scheider, movieswith the participation of which you can list for a long time, and played on the theater stage. So, in the period from 1961 to 1971, he took part in eighty productions.

In the 2000s, he was offered mostly minor roles. His strong point - secondary roles - assumed the exploitation of his extraordinary appearance.The actor’s fatigue began to affect his roles: they were not so noticeable. The subsequent period of his career was also marked by the absence of large and loud pictures. The attitude of the actor to this situation was calm, he was not nervous about this and did not worry.

Personal life, interesting facts

He has been in two marriages. From the first wife, the actor has a daughter Maximilia, from the second, a marriage with which lasted until the end of his life, two children - a son and a daughter.

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He played the President of the United States three times. Fall to his share the role of the military and law enforcement officers. The actor belonged to the category of avid fans of photography and photographs, and therefore almost always carried a camera with him. The rheumatism transferred in the childhood became the reason of its predilection for solar baths.

Roy Scheider not only starred in movies and played in the theater, but also voiced animated films such as Chicago 10, Family Guy, and the American Experience documentary.

The popular actor passed away in 2008. He was seventy-five years old.

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