Salting salo. Time tested recipes

Fragrant and tender lard with garlic and pepper aroma is a favorite delicacy of many gourmets. Despite the fact that this product is almost 100% fat, it is very useful. If you use it in moderation, then the benefits to the body are obvious. Fat contains acid, which promotes proper metabolism in the body and prevents cholesterol from being deposited on the walls of blood vessels. To get really tasty, you need proper salting. Recipes consider in this article.

Salting sala recipes

Dry way

Before salting lard, it must be chosen correctly. The color of the fresh product should be white and pink. The skin of good fat thin, and the consistency is homogeneous. It is easy, as in butter, a knife enters, otherwise it is very sinewy. And now about how salting is performed. Dry-type recipes do not use brine. We take salt salt, coarse, allspice (not ground), red and black pepper (ground),garlic, bay leaf and some fragrant herbs (cumin, marjoram, cardamom and others). Make a dry mix for salting. Mix 4 large spoons of salt, half a spoon of red and a whole spoonful of black pepper and herbs to taste.Salted fat recipeThis amount is based on one kilogram of the main product. You can use any additional ingredients and spices, as everyone has their own addictions. Salo cut into pieces, you can long, but not very wide (5-6 centimeters). It is also desirable that it be thin (no more than 6 centimeters in height), then it will turn out to be better salted fat. Each recipe is individual. If you want to give the final product a pronounced garlic taste, then chop the garlic pieces. However, the shelf life is reduced. Take the tank, which will be salted salo. Recipes can be changed depending on the volume of the product. At the bottom we put a little dry mix, bay leaf and peppercorns. Next, lay out a layer of bacon and sprinkle it with a mixture of salt and seasonings. Do not forget to add laurel and allspice. So, we do layer by layer. Leave the fat at room temperature, and then put it in the cold.After 5 days, the product is ready for use.

Salted lard

Hot salting

For this method it is necessary to prepare a brine. It will take one kilogram of fresh lard, a head of garlic, a glass of coarse salt, a few peas of pepper, a teaspoon of adzhika, several bay leaves, 100 grams of onion peel and 6 grams of liquid smoke. Pour 1.5 liters of water into the pot and let it boil. Next, put the bay leaf, pepper and adjika. When the water boils again, pour in liquid smoke and pour onion peel (for color). Now we put the prepared pieces of fat into the brine, reduce the heat and cook for about 5 minutes. Then turn off the fire, but do not get fat. It should cool with brine. After that, we get it from the brine, dry it and rub it with paprika with black pepper. Put the fat in the fridge for a couple of hours. This is the whole salting of fat. Recipes do not differ in complexity, and the result is excellent.

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