Satellite Internet "Tricolor": reviews, rates and features

Tricolor TV is recognized as the leading satellite operator in the Russian Federation. It occupies a leading position in the domestic market provider came out in 2005. According to statistics, the company is characterized by dynamic growth of the subscriber base against the background of the general stagnation of the economy.

Key aspects

internet tricolor reviews

The number of customers of the operator exceeded nine million people. "Tricolor TV" owns more than eighty percent of the local satellite communications market. Currently, broadcasting is carried out under two brand names. In addition to broadcasting federal and cable channels, the provider offers a number of additional services. InfoCas is a service that is aimed at promptly informing customers.

It is a list of electronic messages that are displayed on the TV screen. The service is indicated by a closed postal envelope.Work with the service occurs through the remote control. With the help of the “TV Guide” option, viewers watch the program schedule, as well as get access to extended information about films, broadcasts and broadcasts.

The “Telechat” service involves the exchange of text messages that subscribers send from their mobile phones. The service is not available on all channels. Teletext is a service that was implemented by one of the first company managers. It allows you to read the latest news and reports from the scene in real time. The site operator is available email service. Each viewer has the opportunity to register the box in the zone @

Always in touch

satellite internet tricolor reviews

Satellite Internet service "Tricolor", reviews confirm this, it allows you to always be up to date. The company offers high-speed channel connectivity, which is two-way. This option is chosen by subscribers who live in areas that are not served by fixed and mobile operators. Most often, this option is connected to the owners of suburban housing.

To use the service, you must purchase special equipment. Broadcasting provides satellite "Express AMU1." In the reviews about the Internet "Tricolor" states that a confident coverage area is limited to the territories of the Urals, the European part of the country, the west of Siberia. The kit required to access the network is purchased independently from the representatives of the provider. The area of ​​stable broadcasting includes the cities of Rostov-on-Don, Murmansk, Moscow, Surgut, Samara, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk. As well as Ekaterinburg, Perm, Nizhny Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Kazan, Syktyvkar.

Opinion about the two-way Internet "Tricolor" divided. In commercial operation, the service was launched in September 2016. The maximum data transfer rate is 40 MB / s. The capacity of the return channel does not exceed 12 Mb / s. In their reviews of the Internet "Tricolor", many argue that the real figures are somewhat less.

The cost of a public IP is 300 rubles per month. Many subscribers are surprised by the high cost of services. In the central part of Russia there is a mass of alternative solutions at more modest prices.Estimated category of users - residents of taiga villages, shift workers.

Today, it’s still too early to talk about the results of the operator’s work. Since the launch of the service, only one year has passed. Those who connected to the network, not sparing money, in their reviews about the Internet "Tricolor" mention excellent service and excellent service.


satellite internet tricolor tv reviews

Today, ten variants of programs are available to network users. The cheapest rate - "Internet 1". The monthly fee for its use is 275 rubles. It includes one gigabyte of traffic. Data transfer rate does not exceed 40 Mbps. For additional package you need to pay 290 rubles. The tariff "Internet 2" costs 490. It implies 2 gigabytes.

An expanded plan will cost 990 rubles per month. When it is connected, traffic is provided without any restrictions. The transfer rate is different. Connect unlimited satellite Internet "Tricolor", reviews confirm this, you can until December 31, 2017. The service is available to all individuals and operates within the coverage area of ​​the operator. The main condition is compliance with the terms of signing the contract and making payment to the subscriber’s personal account.

Everyone connected has the opportunity to change the previously selected tariff for free.According to official information, the Internet is provided by the company "Tricolor TV" together with LLC "Eutelsat Networks". The license for the provision of communication services was issued in 2015. The Alliance implements access to the personal account with a password. With it, the subscriber interacts with the provider. Disables previously selected services, changes the tariff plan, blocks and suspends service.

Regular customers of the operator regularly receive newsletters with the best deals. Personal options are developed for them that differ from the standard ones. In the contract concluded with LLC “Eutelsat Networks” all the conditions of cooperation are listed. If you believe the reviews about the satellite Internet "Tricolor", then all arising controversial situations are resolved quickly and in favor of customers.


tricolor tv internet reviews

To use the Internet, the presence of an installed dish is not a sufficient condition. Equipment that transmits television channels is not suitable. Requires purchase of a special receiver. On average, a set of access to the network costs users 30 000 rubles.As you can see, satellite Internet from "Tricolor TV", in the reviews of this is also mentioned, is an expensive service. Fork out will also have to install the equipment. Workers charge about 6,000 rubles for their services.

Boxed version

The standard kit includes connectors and cables, fasteners, antenna system, reflector, bar, router, transceiver. Additionally, you need to purchase a cable, power adapter. In the box with the equipment manufacturer puts the instruction manual, training disk. To calculate the estimated volume of consumed traffic and choose a tariff, you need to determine the needs of the client.

If he plans to daily watch videos, movies, play online games, then 10 gigabytes will be enough for him for three days. The best option is a program in which 50 gigabytes is provided. A win-win choice is Tricolor TV's unlimited satellite Internet, and so far there have been very positive reviews about it. Communication is stable and reliable. It is disconnected only in case of shortage of funds on the user's balance.

Questions and answers

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How to check the personal account of the subscriber? To find out how much money is left in the client’s personal account, you need to visit the operator’s official website. The system will ask you to enter the ID card.If the number is correct, a message appears on the page with the subscription end date. The easiest way is to contact your telephone line operator for help.

Support service

The consultant will ask for the ID of the equipment or the number of the Internet contract from Tricolor TV, in the reviews it is recommended to keep all the papers at hand. If the phone number is connected to the personal account, the provider independently reports the exhaustion of funds. At the toll-free support service number 8-800-500-01-23, technical specialists will provide comprehensive answers to all user questions.

Online support helps subscribers to install and connect multiple receivers at once. The provider recommends monitoring and timely updating the software of the receiver. If the period intended for upgrading the “firmware” was missed, then the client will have to perform the update procedure independently. Detailed instructions are available on the provider's website.

How to find out the price and tariffs of "Tricolor"? In the reviews on the Internet they say that the preferential connection terms are valid until December 31, 2017.Current prices can be obtained from consultants and representatives of the provider.

Network connection

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To gain access to the Internet, customers of an operator who already have a satellite dish installed should check its diameter. A valid value is 80 centimeters or more. If this requirement is met, then we can limit ourselves to buying a modem. Otherwise, you need to install another plate of the appropriate diameter.

There is an exit

If all equipment is installed correctly, the user has the opportunity to go online and watch television channels at the same time. How to connect the Internet "Tricolor"? In the reviews, customers recommend contacting the official representatives of the operator. They will install and adjust the necessary equipment, check its performance.

At the same time, many users of the network insist that the promised connection speed does not match the actual speed. The maximum values ​​were recorded in the period from 23:00 to 07:00. At peak times, from 18:00 to 23:00, the speed above 100 kilobits per second does not rise. Calls to technical support do not solve anything.Telephone line operators claim that, according to their information, the network is working properly, all standards and norms are observed.


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Such reviews and the price of satellite Internet "Tricolor" scare potential customers. They prefer to delay and postpone the purchase of the kit. High tariffs are not satisfied and summer residents, whose residence outside the city is seasonal. The “Holiday” service is not provided.

New customers of the operator note that the speed immediately after the connection is high. But the situation is changing for the worse over time. In the reviews about the price of the Internet "Tricolor TV" users write that in six months the speed drops to 512 kilobits per second. Technical support considers it the norm, because it corresponds to the numbers prescribed in the tariff. The contract states that the reception is carried out at speeds up to 20 Mbps. Therefore, there are no violations, the lower threshold is not marked.


In some cases, customer service recommends switching to a different rate. At the same time, in the reviews about the Internet “Tricolor”, the speed of the “Internet 100” is again indicated up to 40 Mbit per second. The channel is divided between several clients, its bandwidth decreases. Sometimes there are interruptions, the network becomes inaccessible.Most customers are alarmed by the lack of guarantees from the operator.

Promises are fulfilled, but with a lot of reservations. The main problem is the lack of clearly defined lower boundaries. For technical service, too, there are complaints. Experts do not call back on left user requests. Questions remain unanswered. Service "Promised payment" is missing.

Many clients connected to the "Tricolor" on the action, in which installation was carried out free of charge. When problems arose during operation, customers had to fork out. Masters who go to the place of installation, ask 2 500 rubles. To this amount you need to add the cost of gasoline. The further the object is from a large settlement, the more expensive the equipment will be re-set.

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