Sayings of great people about man and person

Since ancient times, people are trying to understand their nature and understand the impulses that are driven by them. Scientists, thinkers and writers have devoted many works to the issues of personality and morality. Opinions and conclusions are different. One can agree with others, no.

Perhaps the reader will find interesting the statements of great people that we have picked up about a person who will bring him at least a little to the solution of eternal mystery.Sayings of great people about man

About human qualities

People do not cease to argue about what personality traits a person must possess in order to be a worthy member of society. What qualities need to be developed and which ones to fight? Shed light on this question will help the statements of great people about man and his character.

  • Pride turned angels into demons. Humility makes a man like an angel. (R. Duval).
  • Weak people believe in luck - strong in cause and effect. (RW Emerson).
  • Live like a brave man and, if fate is not favorable, repel her blows face to face. (M. T. Cicero).
  • Envy - blinds of people who do not give them the opportunity to think clearly. (H. Malcolm).
  • The selfish person is unable to love others, because he does not know how to love himself. (E. Fromm).
  • Patience is a wonderful quality, but life is too short to endure. (A. Faraj).
  • Courage is not given to people. (L. Kostenko).
  • Man is the only being who refuses to be who he is. (A. Camus).
  • There is a certain inspiration in the freedom of human nature, which rises above itself to accomplish the feat. (A. Hamilton).Wise sayings of great people

About the choices that people make

Most likely, everyone has repeatedly heard the statement that a person is the master of his own fate, and everything depends only on the right choice. Confirmation can serve wise sayings of great people on this topic.

  • In life, there is always the choice of being optimistic or pessimistic. I choose optimism. (D. Anderson).
  • Happiness is a choice that requires a lot of effort. (Aeschylus).
  • When making your choice in life, do not neglect life itself. (S. Johnson).
  • Each person builds his world in his own image. He has the right to choose, but no power will free him from the need for this choice. (A. Rand).
  • For some reason, everyone can become a savage. The difference between a good and a bad person is only in the choice of the reason. (W. James).
  • The history of free people in reality has never been an accident - it is their choice! (D. D. Eisenhower).
  • We almost always have a choice, and the better it is, the more we control our own life. (W. Glasser).Omar Khayyam's statements about people

Omar Khayyam's statements about people

This remarkable Persian scientist, philosopher and poet is surely known to many. His short poems, filled with deep meaning, are close and understandable to people to this day. Therefore, rereading, in various publications, the statements of great people about a person, one can always meet the wise aphorisms of Omar Khayyam.

  • And with a friend, and with the enemy, you must be good! Who is good by nature, in that malice you will not find. If you offend a friend, you will make an enemy. Embrace the enemy - you will find a friend.
  • Threats of hell and hope of paradise! What happens next in life, I don’t know, you can at least be sure of one thing - it flies, everything else is nonsense.
  • After all, only those who are worse than us think badly of us, and those who are much better than us ... So, they are simply not up to us.
  • In fact, we are only figures on this chessboard of life and, in the end, we will all leave it, having gone into non-existence.
  • If they are gossiping about you, it means that you are missing not only for yourself, but also for others.They just fill themselves with you.
  • “What will people think?” - this question should be on the last place. In essence, they don't care. Life is yours.
  • The world will remain the same when we die, as if we did not come. No, and there was no shortage of it, it will not become empty again.Philosophical statements about people

Philosophical statements about people

  • People tend to worry more about what they cannot see than what they can. (Y. Caesar).
  • The moment you stop to become a better person is the moment you get worse than you already are. (K. Bryant).
  • If people say bad things about you - live so that they envy. (Plato).
  • Good people do not need laws to act responsibly, and bad ones will find a way to get around them. (Plato).
  • Human happiness has two equal wings: flowers and grapes are beautiful and useful. (M. Rylsky).
  • Respect people not for wealth, but for philanthropy. After all, we appreciate the sun is not for its greatness, we value its benefits. (G. Bailey).
  • We are not the infinity of the standard "I", but the infinity of different universes. (V. Simonenko).
  • Philosophical treatises and intelligent statements about people of prominent figures give only a weak idea of ​​the purpose of man.Truth is known only to God. (R. Duval).
  • Each person is a creation of an era in which he lives and few are able to rise above the ideas of his time. (Voltaire).
  • A person must carry grain to the world, as he carries grain to people. (G. Koval).
  • In order for a person to continue his development, there must be at least one minute of despair in his life. (D. Maxoroli).
  • Great people have high values ​​and great labels. (D. Gitomer).
  • Praise makes no one better or worse. (M. Aurelius).Clever sayings about people

On the role of man in society

  • The only thing that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing. (E. Burke).
  • The tragedy is not that bad people are cruel and oppress others, but that good people stare at it in silence. (M.L. King Jr.)
  • One of the key problems today is that politics has become such a shame that good people do not go to the government. (D. Trump).
  • A society that produces twice as many lawyers as poets and artists is doomed. (D. Fogerty).
  • Either we accept the flaws in good people, or we must tear the pages out of the bible. (R. Duval).
  • Almost all people can overcome adversity, but if you want to test a person, give him power. (A. Lincoln).
  • Great people talk about ideas, ordinary people talk about things, insignificant about wine. (F.Lebowitz
  • Difficulties often prepare an ordinary person for an extraordinary fate. (K. Marcus).

With humor about human flaws

Such statements of great people about a person and his vices allow you to look critically at yourself.

  • People will laugh at anything but their own idiocy. (Ishavardes).
  • Two things are endless: the universe and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the universe. (A. Einstein).Humorous sayings of the great
  • When people say they hate life, what do they compare it to? Is there a more attractive alternative? (To Bryant).
  • Say “no” more often than “yes” and soon make sure you surround yourself with good people. (L. Lohan).
  • Some people come into our lives and leave a mark in our hearts. From the others we do not expect anything except the traces on the stairs. (D. Handi).
  • The difference between a fool and a genius is that a genius has limits. (A. Einstein).
  • By the time a man realizes that his father was right, he already has his own son, who does not consider him right. (C. Wadsworth).
  • The human brain is a wonderful thing. He begins his work at the time of birth and does not stop until the person starts speaking in public. (D.Jessel).
  • No one can rush others like a bummer. Because, pleasing his own laziness, he wants to appear diligent. (Laroshfuko).

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