Shaking hands, what to do?

Many people for some reason are sure that their hands are shakingonly alcoholics who are in a state of severe hangover. In fact, trembling in the hands, and in the scientific tremor of the upper limbs, can arise for a variety of reasons. What hands are shaking about, we have already told in detail in the article Why are our hands shaking, so now we will not once again list all the causes that cause trembling of hands, but we will talk about how to get rid of this very unpleasant phenomenon.

What to do if your hands are shaking: Tips

  • If the constant trembling of the hands is a symptomany serious illness, for example, Parkinson's disease, thyroid hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, or damage to the brain area, then it should be treated only by a doctor, while necessarily identifying the underlying disease.
  • Sometimes hand tremor is undesirablea side effect of some medications, such as Terbutaline, Salbutamol, Fenoterol, Levodopa, Zufillin or Theophylline. In this case, in agreement with the attending physician, it is necessary to cancel their intake or to reduce the daily dose.
  • Sometimes hands can shake due to overexcitationcentral nervous system caused by excessive consumption of products containing caffeine or other vegetable alkaloids (theobromine and nicotine). To get rid of trembling in your hands in this case, you must at least temporarily give up coffee, cocoa, strong tea, chocolate. You also need to quit smoking.
  • If the hands are shaking after a lot of physical exertion, you do not need to heal the trembling - just give your hands peace, lie down and relax a little.
  • If your hands are shaking with old age,needlework: knit, embroider, weave decorations from beads, sculpt small toys of clay or plasticine. All of these exercises perfectly train the motility of the hands and fingers and thus weaken the senile tremor.

At quite healthy people most often trembling in hands arises as a result of strong stress, emotional excitement, excessive emotional loading.

What to do if your hands are shaking with excitement

  • If your hands are shaking with excitement, try to calm down first. To do this, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and mentally count to ten.
  • To get rid of a sudden nervous tremor inwill help the flowers tansy. Tansy flowers - small bright yellow peas with a bitterish-spicy, wormwood smell - you can buy in any pharmacy. If your hands are shaking, put two or three dried flowers of tansy in your mouth, roll them with your tongue, and then carefully and slowly chew. Saliva, abundantly allocated in the process of chewing, swallow, and when all the bitterness of flowers leaves, spit the flower cake.

Soothing herbal collection

If the tremor of the limbs is caused by a constant nervousoverexcitement, get rid of trembling in your hands will help the healing soothing tea, brewed on herbs. Prepare it very simply. Mix in a half-liter glass jar three spoons of dried and ground herb motherwort, two tablespoons of dried hawthorn fruit, a spoon of mint leaves, a spoon of shredded herb marsh grass and two spoons of crushed rhizomes of valerian.

Early in the morning, two tablespoons of this herbalCollect in a container in a thermos (pre-wash the thermos with boiling water), pour two cups of boiling water in a thermos bottle, seal the thermos bottle and leave it for an hour and a half. Strain the tea through a strainer and drink it in half a cup for a quarter of an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner. With this method of eating the tea prepared in the morning just enough for one day. The course of taking such a soothing tea is not more than one month.

Kalinovy ​​tea

Relieve nervous tension will help tea. For its preparation in glass or porcelain ware, grind the pestle with five tablespoons of ripe berries of Kalina. Fill the berries with three glasses of steep boiling water, cover the container with a tea lid, wrap it with a thick towel and leave to infuse. After four hours, strain the tea and drink it half a cup five times a day before eating.

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