Sochi Arboretum is a museum of nature

Russia is a country not only with a great history, but also with a huge territory. The scale is impressive absolute any. Let the harsh northern climatic zones prevail here, we also have our own pearls. The best resort cities in the subtropics of the Black Sea coast are the Russian Riviera.

Sochi Park "Arboretum" is located on the territory of one of the best Russian resorts on the Black Sea coast. It is a monument of nature, a museum of landscape architecture with more than a thousand different types of plants, as well as beautiful monuments of architecture. The Arboretum is part of the Sochi National Park.

Natural monument

The importance of the Sochi park for the global ecological climate is difficult to overestimate. It is included in the list of national parks of Russia from 49 specially protected natural territories, it is a pledge of the Fundamentals of the state policy in the field of environmental development of the country.

Alley of the Sochi Arboretum

In total, the territory of the Sochi National Park occupies more than 2 thousand.km², of which the territory of the Arboretum is about 0.49 km². It grows:

  • about 80 varieties of pine trees (the largest collection in Europe);
  • about 80 varieties of roses;
  • about 80 varieties of oaks;
  • about 20 varieties of palm trees;
  • collection of Japanese plants;
  • collection of vines;
  • collection of cacti.

And many other exotic plants, trees and herbs that are specially purchased in nurseries around the world. Here is the most suitable and mild climate (unlike the average Russian) for the rapid growth of all kinds. More than 2/3 of the park consists of evergreens, so it is called "the green treasure trove of Russian subtropics". The main part is arranged in the style of classic English parks, the other repeats the decorations of Italian parks with statues, there is a Japanese garden with a characteristic architecture of this country. The “Arboretum” in the photo sometimes looks so non-artificial and natural that it can easily be confused with the real jungle. The park is fascinating for its beauty.

How was created

The famous Sochi Arboretum was created back in 1889. Khudekova S. N. Sergei Nikolayevich was engaged in journalism and dramaturgy, successfully published a daily newspaper in St. Petersburg.He was not just a talented gardener, but a member of the board of the Imperial Horticultural Society. He owned a manor in Ryazan province, which regularly participated and won at exhibitions.

Villa "Hope"

Later, together with his assistants, he turned 50 acres of land on the slope of Lysaya Gora (Sochi) into a luxurious manor with marvelous exotic gardens and a collection of small architectural forms. First, the park was cleared, Hudekov bought up hundreds of tropical plants and ordered sculptures, fountains, gazebos and vases in the Paris workshop (St. Petersburg). His close friends took part in the creation of the Sochi park: his nephew S. A. Kosarev and landscape architect Lamgau K. A. Another ten years later, an estate was built in the park under the name "Nadezhda" (in honor of the wife of Khudekova), surrounded by peach and plum gardens .

Anticipating future upheavals in the country, Sergei Nikolayevich sold the entire estate, while by 1917 the park already had more than 550 plant species and was badly damaged by the civil war. He resold many more times within five years, until he passed to the state and became national. Sergey Nikolaevich was buried in Petersburg in 1928


At the beginning of the century, after the world and civil wars, it was necessary to engage in the reconstruction of the city, then the park received its second birth. When laying the Resort Avenue, it was divided into two parts: the upper and lower gardens.

Dendropark Alley with tall trees

At the beginning of the century, after the world and civil wars, it was necessary to engage in the reconstruction of the city, then the park received its second birth. When laying the Resort Avenue, it was divided into two parts: the upper and lower gardens.

The Arboretum is an experimental base of the Research Institute of Mountain Forestry and Forest Ecology of Russia (since 1944). The nursery has become not just a museum, but has become a place for scientific research in order to improve the survival of new plants in an atypical environment. In the 60-70 years. the park has grown from 0.15 km² to 0.49 km², has been replenished with new ponds and cascades, park sculptures and architectural objects, including unusual landscape gardens with unique samples of subtropical plants from around the world. In 1977, they built a cableway with a length of about 1 km, which runs from the avenue in the middle of the Arboretum to the very peak.

Cable car

The oldest researcher of the park - Korkeshko A. A. has been monitoring and restoring every tree for more than half a century. He literally knows all of them by name.Aleksei Alekseevich’s father also worked at the Research Institute Gorlesekol Sochi, so if you put together the time that they devoted to their work, you will get about a century. For more than 75 years of the park’s existence as a scientific institution, scientists have developed and put into production a multitude of recommendations for protection and forest park construction.


Journey to the Arboretum - this is not the matter of one day, to enjoy all its wealth will have to spend many hours. And it's worth it, because here you will find:

  • bright glades;

  • Japanese garden;

  • Chinese courtyard;

  • rose garden;

  • bamboo grove;

  • palm alley;

  • sequoias forest;

  • fountains;

  • arbors;

  • a cafe;

  • zoo;

  • Villa "Hope";

  • monuments and sculptures;

  • layout tiled dolmen;

  • picturesque bridges.

Dendropark Pond

As well as ponds, cascades and a stream with a waterfall, inhabited by exotic birds and fish. Unfortunately, few plants have special nameplates, so tourists often use the services of guides, who will tell and show almost any strange plant of the park.


Familiarity with the park usually begin near the main entrance,from where you can reach the Resort Avenue and quickly climb the cable car to continue the excursion from the upper garden, gradually descending back. If you pay excursions on the "Dendropark" at least 2 hours a day, then in less than a week you can bypass all the alleys, glades, bridges and gazebos. You can eat here in the cafe, which is located in the upper garden. Closer to the top of the park has a steeper terrain, so it is easier to use the cable car. The cost in one direction 200 rubles. for an adult and 100 rubles. for children (3-14 years).

At the very top of the slope there is a 30-meter observation tower, which will offer amazing views of the panorama: the park, the city, the mountains and the Black Sea. By the way, the "arboretum" in Greek ("dendron" - tree) means the collection of trees.

How to find

Address "Arboretum": Kurortny Prospect, 74, the park is open every day from 9 am to 19 pm. Entrance fee: adults 250 rubles., Children 120 rubles. It is possible to purchase a monthly ticket worth 2.5 thousand rubles. A sightseeing tour of the park on an electric car will cost about 150 rubles. per person. Binoculars on the observation deck is available for 50 rubles / 3 min.

Tourists are often looking for how to get to the Arboretum.Nothing complicated, because it is not on the outskirts, but in the very center of the city (stop "Circus" or "Arboretum"), which can be reached on foot or by transport, since the infrastructure in the resort town is not bad.

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