Split-system for heating the house in winter

Climatic equipment is on the marketin different variations in terms of the functions performed. Traditional air conditioners mainly focus on air cooling in the summer, but as technology advances, manufacturers have also increased the lower bar of operating temperature. A split-system for heating and cooling is especially effective as a universal air conditioning system. In winter, it can not be regarded as a full-fledged heating equipment, but as an index corrector for home microclimate this option is quite suitable.

Features of split systems

Unlike split-air conditionersFormed by two blocks, one of which remains in the room, and the second is pulled out. But not every model of this technology is suitable for performing heating functions. Such modifications are usually completed with special devices, including a pressure switch. With this adjustment the user can regulate the heating of the rooms with a split-system by controlling the frequency of the fan operation. Also, the installation does not do without a heating element, which is complemented by the compressor crankcase. This device is usually supplied with a sensor, based on the values ​​of which the system can perform automatic climate control.

split heating system

A feature of the "winter" split-systems is theThe presence of a heating element, which heats the drainage. At minus temperature, the drainage pipe may freeze, as a result of which water from the internal segment will flow into the room. Therefore, to prevent such situations, a split-system for heating should be equipped with safety devices. They are not designed to provide warm flows in the room, but to perform the tasks of technological protection of the communications of the air conditioner itself.

The main characteristics of a split-system with heating

Like any climate equipment,Split systems are primarily characterized by power. In this case it is necessary to rely on the power capacity of the indoor unit, which, depending on the design, can vary from 1.5 to 20 kW. The minimum indicator is wall-mounted household models, and the maximum capacity is usually demonstrated by channel and floor-ceiling modifications.

split heating system

The next most important parameter isThe temperature range with which a split-system can be used for heating in a specific design. On average, equipment management allows you to set the temperature mode from 16 to 30 ° C in the upper range. For comfortable operation it will not be out of place to pay attention to the noise figure. The indoor unit usually operates within 24-26 dB, but some modern models show lower values ​​due to the effective noise insulation.

Operation of the split system in winter

The possibility of heating the room with air conditioning is notis something outlandish. However, most models if and are calculated for this function, then in the autumn and spring time. In winter, only certain configurations of such installations support heating. This is the first time that should be considered when starting the unit at sub-zero temperature on the street.

split system for heating the house in winter

Now we should answer the question of howSwitch on the split system for heating at temperatures below -5 ° C. The fact is that this threshold value for the vast majority of models - beyond this temperature boundary, the technique is not recommended to be used even in the cooling mode. But if the installation has a special kit for winter starting, then it can be switched on even at -25 ° C. Control of electronics is carried out in the same way as at high summer temperatures.

Maintenance of split systems

Before operating the equipment in conditionsnegative temperatures, that is, in winter, several preparatory measures should be taken. First of all, you need to check the status of the filters and, if necessary, clean or replace them. Further, the antifreeze is checked. Its performance depends on the efficiency of the system and its longevity. If the split-system for heating is not used in winter, care must be taken to remove moisture from the heat exchanger. For this, the equipment must be put into the fan mode for about 3 hours.

Manufacturers of split systems with heating

Leaders of the general segment of air conditioners arecompanies Mitsubishi, Toshiba and Daikin. Quite high-quality and functional equipment also goes under the brands LG and Panasonic, but it is the above-mentioned manufacturers that regularly offer users new opportunities, among which is the supply of models with the option of heating. Mitsubishi, for example, produces ergonomic split-systems for heating, provided by an intelligent control system. Some modifications from this line are successfully integrated into the infrastructure of the "smart" house. As for Daikin and Toshiba, the developers of these companies develop the technology in a constructive way, offering profitable solutions in the form of multifunctional systems.

heating of premises with a split system

How to choose a model for heating?

Still, rely on when choosing in the first placefollows on the form factor and connectivity options. A suitable design will make it possible to install the equipment in a specific place - it can be a wall, floor, cassette or column model.

How to switch on the split system for heating

Next, the power parameters are selected. As practice shows, 2,4 kW is enough for domestic maintenance of a small room. Modern installations effectively consume energy, which makes it possible to make maximum use of the force feedback. For example, in instructions on how to put a split-system on heating, special modes of operation are increasingly observed. As a rule, these are optional operating programs, in which the optimal settings of operating parameters are initially set, taking into account external conditions and user requirements.


Universal and multitasking technology for allThe convenience of use does not always make users happy with the quality of their functions. Especially when it comes to the opposite tasks - cooling and heating. Nevertheless, expectations from such air conditioners are justified by a significant part of users.

how to put a split system on heating

First, a split-system for heating the house in winterin terms of energy consumption does not exceed the heating equipment. This means that you can count on savings in the operation of machinery. Secondly, such modifications of the split-systems as the correctors of the temperature regime show their best qualities. Of course, the full operation of the equipment for heating houses should not be counted.

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