St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps

Since time immemorial, next to man livesdog. For some, it is an assistant, for others - a guard, for others - just an outlet, a beloved creature that, just being nearby, calms and warms the soul. A dog that combines all these qualities is a St. Bernard. Description of the breed begins, as always, with a history that goes back more than three hundred years. As early as the 17th century, the ministers of St. Bernard's monastery, located in the Swiss Alps, brought out these magnificent dogs, having done thorough and long-lasting breeding work. Initially the St. Bernards were used as draft force and for reconnaissance of the road. They felt great in the Alpine snows and, possessing a magnificent scent, they found the victims, buried under avalanches. Accompanying the monks in the mountains, these dogs often saved their lives thanks to their amazing ability to feel the approach of danger.

Over time, this breed has acquired an increasingpopularity due to its good nature, attractive appearance and developed intelligence. St. Bernard is a dog that perfectly fits with people and is an ideal companion, combining an impressive appearance with a good character. He is very fond of his family, he is a reliable watchman and a loyal friend. Currently, many St. Bernards still work in the mountains as rescuers. But most often it's just family dogs, friends and helpers. Created to serve people, they should always be close to the person. They love children and play with them with great pleasure, taking care of them.

In the countryside, St. Bernard is a strong dog andstrong - becomes a real helper in the household. In the apartment, he does not interfere at all, behaves quietly and prefers to stay close to the owner. But it must be remembered that St. Bernard is not adapted to urban conditions. For normal development, he needs space, movement and fresh air. With a dog growing in an apartment, you will have to walk, run and play for a long time. But in the courtyard of the private house of St. Bernard long walks are needed in order that he does not lose his physical form, remained strong and healthy. It is not necessary to plant the St. Bernard on the chain, because such a dog will become withdrawn, embittered and lose that good-natured charm that is one of its main features.

These dogs should feel fullowners of the territory, and then they will be fine guards, while remaining good and loving friends. St. Bernard, whose character is calm and phlegmatic, becomes very formidable and dangerous if he has to defend his house or master. Although most often this dog scares off potential enemies with one of its kind.

St. Bernard - the dog is clever, clever andnoble, you need to find a common language and earn his respect. In no event should one beat his pet or tolerate other manifestations of cruelty. This only destroys his psyche, but does not make him more obedient and complaisant. Senbernar, especially growing, needs attention, so this breed does not fit too busy people who are never at home.

This dog, like other representatives of largebreeds, needs a lot of food, but do not forget about its propensity to gain weight. St. Bernards can not be overfeeded, their diet should be balanced and match the intensity of physical activity. Another important point is their wool, which requires careful and regular care. This is an excellent protection against cold weather, but in hot weather the St. Bernards have a hard time. Therefore, in the summer heat it is necessary to provide them with a cool place and be sure to leave water for the whole day.

St. Bernard - a dog that has to himself withfirst glance. It has practically no drawbacks except for one - a short lifespan. On average, St. Bernards live about eight years. But in this short time they bring a lot of joy to their masters, and the devoted look of their brown eyes for the rest of their lives remains in the heart of every member of the family.

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St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps St. Bernard - a dog born in the Alps