STDs: symptoms in men

Now it's not a secret for anyone, to what are not good,if not more, the consequences lead to promiscuous sex life. As a result of disregard for contraceptive methods, the prosperity of drug addiction, unhealthy lifestyles, we often come to very deplorable results in the form of venereal diseases such as trichomoniasis, gonorrhea, syphilis, psoriasis and many others. The diseases listed above are mainly affected by the stronger sex.

To treat diseases transmitted by sexualby (stnp) was effective, you need to diagnose it as early as possible. To do this, it is enough to be more attentive to your body and make timely calls to a venerologist, noticing any minor changes.

If signs of sinus have been seen, the symptoms ofmen can be expressed in the following: the appearance of itching, burning of the external genitalia, the presence of discharge from the urethra, pain during urination and the difficulty experienced while also an unpleasant specific odor. These signs may indicate the presence of gonorrhea or trichomoniasis. Small blisters or various erosive manifestations in the penis and around the buttocks are symptoms that testify to genital herpes.

As a result, the symptoms in men may bestandard, and this is immediately associated with the presence of syphilis. But diagnose the disease almost one hundred percent can only a doctor-venereologist. The main feature of syphilis is the appearance of resilient chancre (mainly in the genital area). This is followed by an increase in lymph nodes and all sorts of skin rashes.

Of course, due to sinus, the symptoms in men and women are different in nature. However, they bring very unpleasant troubles and moral traumas to both of them.

Symptoms of sinus in men, for example gonorrhea, canto manifest themselves within a few hours after infection. It is accompanied by a cut and a burning sensation in the process of urination. This is followed by the appearance of purulent discharge. This leads to a serious testicular disease in men, and this threatens infertility.

There is also a so-called cytomegalovirus infection, which persecutes weakened people who have low immunity. Healthy people usually do not undergo this infection.

After a certain period of time aftermanifestations of sinus, the symptoms in men can disappear - this means that the disease could go inside. Then the disease can be asymptomatic and eventually get a chronic form.

The duration of treatment and its effectivenessdirectly depend on a timely visit to the venereologist. Self-treatment threatens the development of complications leading to various inflammatory diseases of internal organs, as well as infertility and even cancer. The most serious complication for men is prostatitis, in which the prostate gland inflames.

To the delivery of blood tests for zppp should be approached very responsibly. They are mandatory on hand only on an empty stomach. If this requirement is violated, the result may be false-positive.

In the study of smears in men, they require a delay of urination of up to two hours to prevent the eruption of the urethra.

If there are rashes on the genitalsuncertainty, you may need scrapings from the affected hearth. In this case, the tests for PPSS in men exclude the preliminary use of lotions or ointments, as well as various procedures for three days.

The spermogram is performed with sexual abstinence for at least three days and not more than seven.

At present, there is no need to conduct drug provocations during the delivery of tests.

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STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men STDs: symptoms in men