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Biography of Stephanie-Mariana Gurska

Stefania-Mariana Gurskaya - actress, director of the Jolly Roger duet, ex-KVNschitsa and the star of the Ural dumplings.
Actress Stefania-Mariana GurskaActress Stefania-Mariana Gurska
Realizing that she had reached the top in the comedy scene, Mariyana decided to move on, to try herself in a new role, and in 2015 she left this popular show. She always dreamed of playing in the series, and she succeeded - 2 weeks after leaving Pelmenei, she was offered a role in “Civil marriage” on TNT. Looking at the charming and purposeful beauty, it becomes clear - this person will manage to realize even the wildest dreams.


The future famous comedian was born on St. Stephen's Day, January 9, 1992, in the Ukrainian city of Lviv. Therefore, when she was baptized in the temple, she was named Stephanie on the Catholic calendar, and her parents also gave her the secular name Mariana. As a result, she became the owner of such a beautiful and unusualfor the ear of compatriots of the double name. Later, the girl had a brother and sister. As a nationality she is polka.
Stephania regards Yekaterinburg as his hometown.Stephania regards Yekaterinburg as his hometown.
Over time, their family moved to the Urals, in Kamensk-Uralsky. Little Stefa loved going to the dentist (oddly enough), singing and, when it's warm, walking in the rain and jumping through puddles.
Back in school, Stefania Gurska began performing in KVNBack in school, Stefania Gurska began performing in KVN
Acting attracted her always, from a very early age. In the kindergarten, she was the only baby who answered the question from the artists, who showed them a small idea of ​​what they call those who perform on stage. Then she was invited to go on stage herself and play a goose and presented a doll for it. At school, in the 2nd grade, she acted as a bunny, also received a prize for it, and later became a regular participant in the games in the KVN school.

KVN and Ural dumplings

After graduating from school in 2009, Mariana worked as a waitress and acted as a team in the KVN team of her city called “Plasticine”. After the festival in Pervouralsk, she considered as the best team one Ekaterinburg team “Voices”, demonstrating a highly intellectual approach to creativity. Therefore, she was very happy when in 2010 she was called to this cult team.
Stefania-Mariana Gurska. Showar
Later she called this year and season the best, because in “Voices” she met many talented and interesting people, including Ilya Orlov, Sergey Farkhutdinov, Yevgeny Kulikov and Elena Schlegel. As part of this creative group, she shone in many special projects of KVN.
In 2012 - first appeared on TV in the games of the First League in Kazan, reaching the final. In September of the same year, she, together with Plastilin, participated in the Moscow filming of the humorous project “Butcher's Purchase”, whose judges were members of the famous “Ural dumplings”. Later, she received an invitation to this well-known show throughout the country.

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