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In the presented material we will talk about such an outstanding as Steve Martin, known to a wide audience, primarily on the shots in the paintings “Pink Panther”, “Dirty Rotten Fraudsters,“ Cool Guy ”. Where did the artist's career start? What success has Steve Martin? Filmography, biography, actor's career - this, and not only, will be discussed in our article.

early years

steve martin filmography

Stephen Martin was born on August 14, 1945 in the provincial American town of Waco, Texas. The family of the future artist lived frankly poor. For this reason, the guy at the age of 10 was forced to work for the benefit of his family. The boy worked as a loader, sold tourist guides and carried newspapers. Once upon a time, little Stephen visited the “Shop of Magic”, where he learned several tricks. At this point, the guy revealed the artistic vein. Soon the young man began to regularly appear on the streets of his native town, demonstrating his own talents to passersby.

After graduating from high school in Waco, Steve Martin, whose filmography will be discussed below, moved to Long Beach.Here our hero entered the University of California, where he studied philosophy and English literature. However, a talented young man rather quickly bored with student life. At 21, future actor Steve Martin threw a prestigious educational institution, focusing on performances with comedy sketches in local clubs.

In the 60s, Steve Martin, whose filmography today includes more than 4 dozen films, already had the status of an extremely successful comedian. During this period, the star of the Stand Up show was noticed by well-known directors - the Smothers brothers. Martin was offered to give up performances in clubs and start writing scripts for the popular comedy show Hour of Comedy. Subsequently, Stephen was awarded an Emmy Award for this work. It is noteworthy that at the time of receiving the prestigious award, the artist was only 23 years old.

Movie debut

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The first comedies with Steve Martin began to be released in the late 70s. The debut work of the artist on the big screens was a cameo in the film “The Scattered Waiter”. This was followed by the appearance of Martin in the comic film "Orchestra of the Club of Lonely Hearts of Sergeant Pepper".However, the shooting in these pictures did not allow the full potential of the artist to be fully revealed.

Recognizable actor Steve became after collaborating with film director Karl Reiner. In 1979, the famous director approved Martin for the lead role in his new comedy called "Fool". The actor appeared on wide screens in the image of Nayvin Johnson - the adopted son of black parents, who finds out about his real origin and goes in search of fame in the metropolis. It was after this role that Steve Martin began to receive numerous invitations to promising projects.

Career development

comedy with steve martin

After a fairly successful start, Steve Martin once again made himself talk about himself in 1988, starring in the comedy “Dirty Rotten Swindlers." The film, in which the actor played the self-satisfied, cheeky American Freddy Benson, was nominated for the prestigious Golden Globe Award. The picture was a success not only in the United States, but also abroad. Popular comedy tape used in the domestic spaces. During the premiere in the cinemas of the USSR, “Otpetye swindlers” - a film directed by Frank Oz - attracted about 40 million viewers.

In 1996, Stephen Martin reappeared on the screens in the form of a crook and a rascal, playing in the sparkling comedy "Sergeant Bilko." Then he tried on the image of a pseudo-director, staring in the film “The Cool Guy”, in which he worked on the same set as Eddie Murphy.

In the early 2000s, the demand for a comedian fell somewhat. Martin's comparative success in this period can be called the shooting in the film “Pink Panther”. The role of the obtuse inspector Cluselo seemed to the critics too superficial. Therefore, for participation in the project, the artist was nominated for the comic award "Golden Raspberry".

Martin managed to restore his high status in 2009, after playing one of the central roles in the comedy “Simple Difficulties”, where the actor played along with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. The picture not only paid off its budget several times, but also received positive reviews from critics.

Steve Martin: Filmography

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At the moment, behind the actor shooting in these films:

  • "Scattered Waiter";
  • "Manna from heaven";
  • "The Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club";
  • "A man with two brains";
  • "Muppets";
  • "Bastard";
  • "All I";
  • “Dead plaids are not worn”;
  • "Horror Shop";
  • "Lonely man";
  • "Pushers and scammers";
  • Roxana;
  • "Parents";
  • "Three Amigo";
  • "Los Angeles story";
  • “By plane, train, car”;
  • "Father of the Bride";
  • "Parents";
  • "Grand Canyon";
  • "My blue skies";
  • "Christmas psychos";
  • "Mistress of the house";
  • "Sergeant Bilko";
  • "Cool guy";
  • "Change of faith";
  • "Spanish Prisoner";
  • "Just a turn of fate";
  • "Project Venus";
  • "Prince of Egypt";
  • "Novocaine";
  • "Pink Panther";
  • "Visitors";
  • "Bringing Down the House";
  • “Looney Tunes: Back in Business”;
  • "The Secret of Joe Gould";
  • "Oh, mommy";
  • "It's Complicated";
  • "Jimmy Glick in La la la Wood";
  • "Saleswoman";
  • "Simple difficulties";
  • "House";
  • "Love Coopers";
  • "Big Year";
  • “Billy Lynn’s long walk during a break in a football game.”

The last picture is dated 2016, which means the actor is still in the ranks, and viewers will see it in new talented works.

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