Stuffed cabbage lazy - fast, but tasty!

Stuffed cabbage rolls are considered to be the most delicious dish of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine, which includes meat or vegetable minced meat wrapped in cabbage leaves. Eat stuffed cabbage home love both children and adults. But sometimes there is not enough time to please your loved ones with this hearty dish.

cabbage rolls lazyIf time is running out

There is a less time consuming option - cabbage rolls are lazy. They are called lazy because they do not need to be wrapped in cabbage leaves, it is much easier and faster to cook them. Another advantage is that this dish does not need to serve a side dish, you save valuable time in order to better spend it with your loved ones, rather than standing at the stove for half a day. Their preparation will not take you much time, and the result will pay off with interest - a satisfying and tasty dish, I assure you, will disappear from the plate in seconds. In general, the recipe for lazy cabbage rolls does not have strict proportions in the ingredients, everyone prepares them to their own taste: someone likes more cabbage, someone, on the contrary, meat.It is important that the products were fresh. Cooking stuffed cabbage lazy is best in a large saucepan or cauldron, you can stew them in the oven. So, tell you in detail about how to make lazy cabbage rolls.

home-made cabbage rollsCooking process

Take the beef, grind it (can be in a blender). Separately, you must chop the cabbage or chop it very finely. Put chopped cabbage with hot water for 3 minutes, put it on a sieve, rinse with cold water and squeeze. Next, boil fine-grained rice in lightly salted water until cooked. Fry the onion in butter. Mushrooms also boil until cooked, you can take mushrooms or mushrooms, drain and finely chop them. Salt and pepper. I will reveal a small culinary trick: if you add chopped zucchini to the stuffing, the dish will become airy and tender. Mix all ingredients, roll the balls 4-6 cm in diameter from the minced meat, dip them in breadcrumbs from all sides. Fold the resulting balls into a deep greased pan or baking dish. Place the cabbage rolls lazy in the oven heated to 210 degrees.At this time we are preparing the sauce. Sauce can be any, feel free to experiment: tomato paste, ketchup, sour cream, mayonnaise, broth, vegetables. I like the next sauce.

how to make lazy cabbage rollsFinal stage

You need to mix tomato juice, sour cream, pepper, parsley and dill and salt. Pour the resulting sauce on our cabbage rolls lazy and simmer another 30-35 minutes until fully cooked. Recall that the dish is very high in calories, if you follow your figure, we recommend making minced vegetables, which will significantly reduce the calorie content of the finished product, then you will get real vegetarian cabbage rolls. Tasty stuffed cabbage rolls lazy with sour cream sauce (sour cream, salt, garlic and greens). It tastes juicy, tender and fragrant. There are a lot of recipes for cooking, probably, each housewife has a special one, so fantasize, create new dishes and expose your culinary masterpieces to your homemade assessment. Successes!

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