Suitcase American Tourister: User Reviews

Buying tickets before the trip is considered to be half done, because you still need to buy a suitcase. What model to buy, everyone decides for himself. After all, comfort during travel and luggage safety depends on quality. According to reviews, a suitcase American Tourister has all the necessary properties.

Brand history

According to reviews, American Tourister suitcase has many positive properties. It was created in the United States by the Polish émigré Saul Koffler. Before creating his brand, he worked in a factory for the manufacture of travel cases, and then handbags. Having obtained the relevant knowledge and skills, Koffler founded his company in 1932.

The original purpose of the inventor was to create a strong and reliable suitcase worth $ 1. At the time, it was a small price for a similar product. During the year about 5,000 copies were sold.

Suitcase American Tourister reviews

As a result, the popularity of the product exceeded 89%. The company logo is the image of a gorilla.

In the 90s there was a merger with the Hong Kong company Samsonite, which produces similar products.Due to the special popularity of the suitcases, the new owners continue to produce them along with their own brand.

Features and benefits

According to reviews, American Tourister suitcases and other products of the company, thanks to their positive properties, have become favorite accessories not only for Americans, but also other countries of the world.

The peculiarity of the products lies in their special strength, which is achieved through the use of the latest technologies created throughout the entire history of the brand. At present, the case of the case is made resistant to various damages of a mechanical nature, as well as to fading, which allows it to be used for a long time.

Excellent quality is provided by the manufacturer through the use in the manufacture of new materials and their combinations. Long-term tests and studies allow you to create special combinations that are far superior to similar products from other manufacturers.

Suitcase American Tourister Bon Air reviews

Designers of the company constantly take care of the appearance of bags and suitcases, which allows them to fit into any style and become its special addition. The latest collections consist of a more lively product design.

The product range is so diverse that it is possible to choose a model of the desired color, cost and the necessary capacity of luggage.


The brand currently produces several collections that have a special design and unique properties. The most famous include:

  1. The positive reviews of American Tourister Bon Air's suitcases were due to its lightness and originality. The collection includes models whose body is completely composed of 100% polypropylene. These qualities of the suitcases will make the holidays enjoyable and comfortable. The collection includes models of 10 different colors. Suitcases have high durability and are equipped with a code lock. The original and convenient internal device of the model, many pockets and straps allow you to keep things in perfect condition. Available in a suitcase 4 wheels can make it even more stable on any surface. Thanks to their ability to rotate 360 ​​degrees, it slides smoothly, and no unpleasant situations will arise during the journey.
  2. Lock-n-Roll. The collection contains small cubic suitcases that girls especially like.Bright models will make the trip unforgettable. Molded suitcases, made according to the latest developments, have a light and expressive appearance. Despite the compact sizes, they differ in special durability. In the models there is a protective function in the form of a code lock. According to reviews, a suitcase on wheels American Tourister has an easy course and ease of movement.
  3. Crystal Glow. The collection includes models that have a combination of different geometric shapes. Unusual appearance makes products in demand among travelers. Suitcases for people who are tired of everyday life and want diversity. They have excellent capacity and double wheels that rotate 360 ​​degrees. The textured surface of the model creates increased strength.
  4. Air Force 1. Due to the flexibility of the surface in the suitcase you can put more clothes. Its body is decorated with dynamic carvings. Completely made of polycarbonate, which makes it light and durable. The suitcase is suitable for travelers who need a compact and comfortable model.
  5. Positive reviews of the American Tourister Funshine suitcase are common.Maximum capacity allows you to carry a lot of things in it. The model has a combination lock.

American Tourister Suitcase Reviews

Due to the huge variety of products, all travelers can choose a suitcase that meets their requirements.


A diverse selection includes models of luggage and handbags. They can be used not only when traveling, but also when traveling around the city.

Suitcase American Tourister Preston reviews

Positive reviews about the suitcase American Tourister Preston are often found. This model has a solid frame and due to the shape of the product contributes to the maximum capacity. Combination lock creates complete safety and security of things.

Especially popular are suitcases from the Bon Air and Wavebreaker collection, in which there is an excellent combination in the form of price-quality and original appearance. They are easy to use, they can be used on long journeys.

In the case of the upcoming short-term business trips, the Decor suitcase, which has a compact size, will become an indispensable model. It is equipped with a long handle and double wheels.


Reviews of American Tourister suitcases from travelers are only positive due to their special strength and durability.All this is due to the excellent quality of the material of the product. Long-term developments of the manufacturer and the latest technology allowed to create a combination (ABS plastic and polycarbonate), which contributes to a high level of resistance of models to scratches and other mechanical damage.

Suitcase 4 wheeled American Tourister reviews

The special brightness of the design is achieved through the use of polypropylene. The wheels of the suitcases are supplemented with metal and rubberized material of high strength to enhance strength.


The company's policy is to provide each collection with a variety of colors to meet the needs and desires of each client. In models use mainly bright shades. Due to this, suitcases act as a spectacular addition to any image.

Suitcase American Tourister Funshine reviews

The most popular are the following colors: yellow, red, black, burgundy.

Customer opinion

In most cases, product reviews are positive. Many buyers are satisfied with the products of this brand. Basically there are only positive reviews about the 4-wheeled suitcase American Tourister. He is able to facilitate the journey. The wheels use the same technology as roller skates.They roll in one direction and are attached to one side of the hull (two-wheeled) or are located on both sides (four-wheeled).

Plastic suitcases American Tourister reviews

Women are pleased with the elegant and stylish appearance that complements their beautiful outfits during the holidays. The increased level of durability was checked by buyers repeatedly during long operation. The special quality of the suitcases is confirmed by the absence of chips and scuffs.

Such strength is the main reason why buyers buy, according to reviews, American Tourister plastic bags for long journeys.

The adjustment button is conveniently and efficiently located in many models. Buyers are satisfied with the high capacity of the suitcase and ease of organizing space. A lot of extra straps and pockets allow you to gently decompose things that will not hesitate during the trip.


The high quality and stylish design of the American Tourister suitcases will make it possible to travel unforgettably, as there will be no problems with the transport of things and their appearance.

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