Size doesn't matter? Probably this phrase can be used not to everything. At least it definitely does not apply to buildings. A man is constantly trying to get to the sky, starting from Biblical times. And he began with the construction of the Tower of Babel. Today, the tallest buildings amaze with greatness and technical innovations.
Until the 19th century, an increase in the height of buildings was accompanied by thickening of the walls. It was on them and accounted for the entire weight of the structure. Creating metal frames and elevators simplified the task for architects and engineers. This allowed to design and, most importantly, to build all the higher buildings. The number of floors gradually increased.
Perennial leadership
One of the tallest buildings on earth is the Sears Tower. The skyscraper is located in American Chicago. Its height is 443.2 meters. It is 110 floors. Began to build a giant in the late summer of 1970. The architect was Bruce Graham, and the designer was Fazlur Khan. Three years later, the building was built. That year it became the highest in the world, the Sears Tower surpassed even the World Trade Center by 25 meters (it was located in New York).For two decades, the Sears Tower was in the lead, and in 1997, the Petronas towers broke the record - Kuala Lumpur twins.
One way or another, the Sears Tower remains one of the most magnificent buildings in the world. And today the construction is the highest in the USA.

Sears TowerSears Tower
The construction of the building at 443 meters cost $ 150 million. By the standards of the 70s of the last century, this is a large sum. Now the cost of building a structure of this type would require almost a billion dollars. It is worth noting that the Sears Tower is mainly made of steel.
Air bridge
The PETRONAS Twins Towers in Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur is also the tallest building in the world. At the end of the 20th century, builders erected the highest air bridge on the planet. At 170 meters from the surface of the earth were connected the two highest towers of Petronas. They are 452 meters high, and this is 88 floors. Such giants appeared in 1998.
High-rise two-story bridge stretches for 58 meters. The weight of such a building, which appeared due to the latest achievements of engineering, is 750 tons. Miracle built South Koreans. He designed the skyscraper, in particular, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad. He then proposed to make the building in the Islamic style.Therefore, the complex consists of two 8-pointed stars, the architect added semicircular protrusions for stability.
Tallest towersTallest towers
Construction was carried out for 6 years. Towers erected 2 different companies, it was necessary to increase productivity. It turned out that it was necessary to build partly on a fragile stone and limestone. Therefore, the building was transferred completely to soft soil and they hammered in the largest foundation of concrete in the world - from piles.
The building is distinguished not only by its impressive size, but also by its complex structure. All premises are located on an area of ​​almost 214 thousand square meters. These are 48 football fields. The towers themselves stand on 40 hectares. Petronas has offices, conference rooms and exhibition complexes, an art gallery. 10 thousand people work and live in the towers. The construction cost the Petronas Oil Corporation 2 billion ringgits, which is 800 million dollars.
Unfinished financial center
Shanghai World Financial Center is the highest if not in the world, then in Shanghai. There will be office premises, conference halls, a hotel, shops and viewing platforms.
In September 2007, they completed the construction of the frame structure at an altitude of 494 meters.Therefore, the building was the highest in China and the third tallest in the world.
That windowThat window
The construction of a 101-storey building was originally planned in 1997. But because of the Asian crisis in the 90s, work was suspended, and then later changes were made to the project.
The most interesting detail in the design of the facility is the window on top. It was originally intended to create a round window with a diameter of 46 meters in order to reduce the wind pressure. But this design has caused a lot of controversy and protests from the Chinese. Everyone thought that such a window looked like the rising sun on the Japanese flag. As a result, it was proposed to make a bridge at the bottom of the window so that the similarity does not catch the eye. In 2005, presented the final draft - replace the round window with a trapezoid. It was not only easier, but also cheaper.
The fastest elevators
Taiwanese skyscraper "Taipei 101" rises to 571 meters. It is located in the capital of Taipei. Build a giant began in 1999. Opened in late 2003. For construction spent $ 1.7 billion.
This skyscraper has the fastest elevators in the world. They raise the upper floors at a record speed of 63 kilometers per hour. 39 seconds is enough to climb from the first floor to the observation deck.
Short tour
Taiwan skyscraper became almost the main symbol of modern Taipei.It has 5 underground floors and 101 above ground. The style of the building is in the spirit of postmodernism, but it combines ancient Chinese architecture and modernity. In the high-rise building located hundreds of shops, clubs and restaurants.
It is no secret that during an earthquake a skyscraper is in great danger. Therefore, the engineers decided to protect the architectural gem. The original way - a giant ball, he is the ball stabilizer. This project is worth more than 4 million dollars. A giant ball of 728 tons is installed on the upper tiers of the building. It is suspended on thick cables and allows you to dampen the vibrations of a skyscraper during tremors.
Only sky above
The tallest building in the world was built in the UAE. Dubai tower resembles a stalagmite. Since 2007, Burj Dubai has been a champion. And since 2010, the record holder has been renamed Burj Khalifa.
Since May 2008, the skyscraper has become the highest of all the buildings in the world. Previously, the record belonged to the Warsaw radio tower, but in 1991 the record holder fell.
Highest in the worldHighest in the world
Burj Khalifa rose to 828 meters. The record holder began to build in 2004 and opened in 2010. Although planned for a year earlier.During the skyscraper did not open its doors due to financial problems at the customer. On average, one floor was erected for three days. Construction cost $ 4.1 billion. Another $ 20 billion was spent on a piece of land under the tower or about 200 hectares. The tower has 56 elevators, boutiques, swimming pools, luxury apartments, hotels, as well as observation platforms.

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