Tartlets with caviar. How to cook tartlets with red caviar?

Festive long feasts with basins of salads and their long eating are becoming less and less popular. Much more attractive to many people now seems to be with snacks - and you need much less dishes, and guests are more convenient to eat all sorts of dishes, and they can try a much larger number of dishes without eating too much. Yes, and the same tartlets are very diverse: with caviar, with ham, with mushrooms, with meat, sweet ... Besides, prepare them (if you buy billets in the store or bake them in advance) very quickly: spread out the stuffing, decorate it from above - and carry on the table.tartlets with caviar

DIY hands

Any tartlets begin with baskets. If you are not a definitive opponent of self-baking, make them at home. So you will be sure of the quality of your molds and will be able to choose the size and appearance you need. Basically, baskets are made from ordinary unsweetened shortcrust pastry - if you have conceived, of course, not a dessert, but, for example, tartlets with caviar.Sweet dough should be cooked on the children's table: 200 grams of margarine (and if you don’t feel sorry, then low-fat butter), taken out of the refrigerator beforehand, are combined with 3 cups of flour and cut into small pieces with a knife. A glass of 20% sour cream is added there, and the dough is thoroughly kneaded, after which it is placed in the refrigerator for an hour. After this time, the dough is rolled into a not very thin sheet, and circles are cut out of it with a pile or a glass (depending on the size of the baking molds). The molds are greased with vegetable oil, the circles are put into them and put in the oven for about 15 minutes. It is necessary to remove the baskets until they are cold.tartlets with red caviar

What to choose in the store?

If you do not like to mess with the oven, pay attention to the assortment of supermarkets. Most often in them there are wafer baskets. It is not suitable for any filling - the same tartlets with caviar are too wet for them. The waffles will quickly soften, even the bottoms can fall off. The cracker baskets, on the other hand, are too dry. They can not soak in juices of the filling and crunch on the teeth, which, again, not everyone likes. So you need to look for sand molds and make sure that you do not fall for sweet ones.capelin caviar tartlets

Caviar fillings

The most versatile in the use of tartlets with caviar. Depending on which was used, they can serve as a snack to any drink or be consumed just for fun. For example, tartlets with capelin caviar are very simple in design: filled baskets from a jar, decorated with circles of olives and dill - and ready. And as a snack on vodka simply indispensable!

It will be more expensive, but also more tasty, nice and tempting to make tartlets with red caviar. In principle, it is completely self-sufficient, so you can simply put a spoonful of precious mass in a basket, and attach a small slice of lemon, olive, or greens to the top for beauty. But there are more appetizing recipes.tartlets with cheese and caviar

Refined combination

Stuffings for caviar tartlets can be enriched with a variety of additional ingredients. The taste of the dish will be absolutely unique if you enter salmon and avocado. Such tartlets with fish and caviar will conquer the heart and stomach of your guests. For this, avocado, salmon fillet (200 g), cucumber and 2 steep eggs are finely cut and mixed. The mass is placed in baskets, and the red caviar from a 40-gram jar is evenly distributed on top.

You can build other tartlets with red caviar - without fish, but with dill and eggs.Per 100 g of caviar will go 2 eggs, 40 grams of hard cheese, the same amount of butter, butter and a little dill. In theory, this number of products should be enough for 18 small tartlets. Boiled eggs and cheese are very finely rubbed and mixed with chopped dill and butter. It is necessary to salt and pepper and fill baskets. Put a little red caviar on top of this delicate stuffing - and you will have an amazing snack for wine or champagne.tartlets with caviar and butter

Very expensive and very tasty

Tartlets with caviar and butter will be even more saturated and tasty, if red caviar is supplemented with black. The same 2 boiled eggs are taken and divided into yolk and white. Only the last one goes into tartlets; if you throw out the yolk, use it in another dish. 100 g of butter is grated, as is protein. A tablespoon of lemon juice is added to the mass. Baskets are filled with such a mixture, and in no case should it be “trampled down”; it must remain airy. From above laid out both varieties of caviar. Especially beautifully it turns out, if they adjoin to semicircles. You can decorate with small greens, but you can leave and so - still tasty and beautiful.

Cheese, butter and fish

We have already considered the variants of cheese fillings. However, we note that tartlets with cheese and caviar can also be supplemented with fish slices. It is better to take a red fish, for example salmon. She, butter and soft cheese are taken in equal amounts. The oil is pre-frozen - it is easier to grate it. Cheese should also be rubbed, only more finely than butter. The fish is cut into very small pieces; dill is also ground. Everything develops in one pot and pounded in foam in a blender. In its absence, you can scroll through the meat grinder several times, but you will not get the necessary lightness with it. In principle, such a filling can be limited, but it will be even tastier if you put at least a few eggs on top. In any case, a piece of paprika (preferably a contrast one - green or yellow) and a small dill branch are obligatory on top.tartlets with fish and caviar

Tartlets with air filling

No less weightless and tender is the filling of smoked salmon. To make truly unforgettable tartlets with fish and caviar according to this recipe, fish (100 g), cheese (2 times more), a few sprigs of parsley and ground pepper are whipped again with a blender.In the process of whipping, you should gradually add lemon juice to the bowl until the acidity reaches the ideal degree for you. Baskets are filled with such a mass, caviar and a sprig of greens are placed on top.

Tasty and juicy

For those who are not too fond of caviar or can not afford to buy it in normal quality, there are plenty of other recipes for which you can cook a delicious dish. It is enough to take sliced ​​salmon, sour cream, cream cheese and butter. The last for this recipe is not necessary to rub, just cut into small thin slices and put on the bottom of the basket. From above the same piece of salmon is laid out. Cheese is pounded with sour cream to a thick, but not dense state, and is squeezed out with a syringe in the middle of the tartlet. Relish it!

Marine stuffing options

If we ignore the fish and caviar, you can take a closer look at seafood. Shrimp is now widely available. Buy them half a kilo (of course, the weight is indicated already without shells), melt 200 grams in a griddle (for a holiday you can afford) and then a little sea animals in it. Then add a spoonful of two lemon juice into the filling and put 2 crushed garlic cloves.Five minutes later, pour in an incomplete stack of white wine, then a couple more minutes, cover and let it brew. When thickened, you can fill the baskets.tartlet with caviar

Alternatively, 300 g of boiled and chopped shrimps can be mixed with 4 finely chopped eggs, 100 grams of canned green peas and the same amount of grated cheese. This filling is seasoned with mayonnaise and is very popular at the festival.

A good "filler" for tartlets is obtained from crab sticks. To them you need to add half a jar of corn, cucumber, about five steep eggs and a green onion - all this is designed for 200 g of sticks. Eggs, cucumber and chopsticks are finely chopped, mixed with corn and finely chopped green onions. Salt and pepper - at your discretion. This salad is dressed with mayonnaise. Take it so that all the ingredients are generously greased, but there is no excess liquid, as baskets will be soaked from it. You can decorate with both traditional greens and olives or olives.

Naturally, the listed fillings are only a small fraction of everything that mankind invented for putting into tartlets.And what has not yet been invented, you can compose yourself when you are carried away by the process of preparing festive dishes. So do not hesitate, combine seemingly incompatible products - and make sure that the results of your experiments will amaze even the most capricious guests, and you will pass for an inventive and generous hostess.

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