What is good summer?

So it’s common for people that everyone has their own favorite season, someone loves winter, and doesn’t understand why summer is good? Why are some people waiting for him? In this article, we will discuss how summer attracts people, and why from year to year we rush its offensive.


Summer is the warmest time of the year, and that means down with warm clothes and bulky jackets, it's so nice to go for a walk on the street and not wrap up like a cabbage in a hundred clothes. You can get your favorite shorts, T-shirts, skirts, dresses from the bins, and enjoy the warmth.

Heat in itself is already good, people get sick less, move more, sleep less time, the body is ready for discoveries and adventures. That is, summer is a time of active rest: trips to the countryside, to the country, all kinds of trips and travels. Traveling in the winter is easier, as a suitcase or bag when traveling is much easier than in the winter. Also summer favors water sports, such as swimming, or more extreme: diving, various types of surfing.

Warm nights and offer to go for a walk, and a hot afternoon pushes us to the beaches, swim and sunbathe. In the summer, it is even more pleasant to walk with your beloved pet.

Heat is, of course, the main plus of summer, but not the only one:

  • Bright colors. In the summer the world seems brighter, everything is green, various flowers bloom and smell at different times. A light day is as long as possible; this is exactly what makes it possible to sleep less and have more time for a day than, for example, in winter.
  • Time relax. In addition to the main advantage - heat, there is another important one, summer is the time for vacations. Many are very upset if you can not find time for a vacation in the summer, despite the fact that now you can make summer for yourself, you can in any month, for example, go to a country where it is all year round. For schoolchildren and students - this time is a summary of their studies. And each schoolchild or student is waiting for the summer holidays to do only what he wants. Many children are sent to camps, and students are happy to go to their homeland, or relax with friends.
  • Fruits and vegetables. In the summer, various fruits, berries, vegetables begin to ripen, they are much tastier than in winter, fresh, juicy, full of vitamins. Summer is a great time for a healthy diet, usually food intake is reduced in summer (if you do not lead an active lifestyle), because the body needs less energy, because it does not have to deal with the cold.What good summer is because it is much easier to go on a diet or switch to vegetarian food than at other times of the year. In addition, sports are much more pleasant - to run more comfortably than at other times of the year, you can do exercises on the street, do yoga in the park.
  • Concerts in the open. Open Air is what a good summer is, especially for young people, they are ready to go to such concerts in another city and even a country, because this is such an interesting and colorful adventure.

Now you know what summer is good for, but these are its main advantages, and each person has his own reasons to love summer. For example, for people of northern latitudes, summer is the time of the white nights, and many consider it very romantic.

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