The best movies about spies and agents: a list. Films about spies and agents

Spy movies will always be popular, because in each person in one way or another lies the desire for adventure, which today can be quenched (albeit only partially) by watching high-quality films about agents of special services. The factory for the production of such film histories is, of course, the United States. In this country, as we all know, are the best film studios that gave the world the most famous spy heroes. Among them, James Bond stands apart, of course - a timeless fighter against world evil, a faithful servant of Her Majesty the Queen of Britain.

list of movies about spies and agents

Rival Agents

However, a new generation of TV viewers is finding themselves new idols, and now Bond, as the best spy, is being challenged by several characters whose life is devoted to serving good and fighting evil in any of its incarnations. Those in the 21st century, for example, are the inimitable agent Jason Bourne and the elusive Jack Reacher. There are other lone spies. Quite a list of them.Films about spies and agents - a favorite topic for conversations in the men's company. In this article, a strong half of humanity will have something to do, as it is here that we will try to name the best pictures of this genre, while recalling the most famous spies from the world of cinema and also forgotten, having also noted.

Spy Bridge 2015

Bond James Bond

So, let's start with the films about the “agent number 007”, a legendary character. We put pictures of his adventures on the first place in our list, since the popularity ratings of this hero have been the highest for several decades already. What a treacherous enemy James Bond did not fight against. In the 70s-80s of the 20th century, he opposed (sometimes alone) the communist system. Very often, his opponent was called not a single villain, but a whole country, and not a small and weak one at all, but a leading world power - such as the USSR (Russia) or China. The modern James Bond, an agent of the 007th century XXI, is already struggling with world terrorism, although the ghosts of communism do not give him peace either, since very often people from Eastern Europe become his antipodes - ambitious fanatics who are ready to destroy millions of human lives for mercenary purposes.

007: Spectrum 2015

All of them are Bonds

They say that only a British actor can play James Bond: this is the rule. It is not known by whom it is installed, but it is still observed. The classic James Bond is called Sean Connery, it was he who first defended democratic values, began to destroy anyone with fire and sword who questioned them. Connery was replaced by Roger Moore, who, in turn, was replaced by Timothy Dalton, known to the Russian audience for the film "Jane Eyre." Pierce Brosnan turned out to be a remarkable agent - a real gentleman and an intellectual, impeccably fluent in etiquette and secular manners, who fought for peace in the 90s of the XX century. Today's James Bond is a brutal blond who embodies Daniel Craig on the movie screens. This James seldom smiles, has a good sense of humor, like previous Bond, we love women - even those who are not on his side and are ready at any moment to face the death sentence.

One of the new adventure stories about this agent is the picture “007: Spectrum” (2015), in which the hero Daniel Craig burns the ground under the feet of his enemies. In this film, Bond is struggling with some influentialan organization engaged in terrorist activities, although its efforts may be in vain, since they want to eliminate the secret service in which it operates.

who is next

Maybe this will happen, but James Bond will not remain without work: everyone needs him - the audience, producers, directors, because this hero is a duck that lays golden eggs. The creators of films about Bond invest huge money in their production in the hope of getting hold of the profit. And most often, these hopes are met, Bond is constantly becoming the leader in world film distribution. So the blockbuster "007: Spectrum" (2015) is not the last chapter of the book called "James Bond", there is no doubt about that. But who is the next of the British actors to try on the image of this agent after the departure of Daniel Craig - an open question. Someone on this place woo Michael Fassbender, but he is categorically against this venture, claiming its external inconsistency with the image of this hero.

Jason Bourne 2016

Bourne is not Bond, but still ...

The list of “Films about spies and agents” will be incomplete if you do not include in it a film story about another mysterious agent of the special services - Jason Borne - a great fighter, a skilled arrow, a connoisseur of foreign languages ​​and weapons.This guy is far from before the victories of James Bond (and if these two ever cross in the world of spy movies, for the sake of fulfilling an assignment, there is no doubt who will be in charge and who will be the helper), however he has something to say and show sophisticated viewer. Of course, he is not as charming as Bond, not so talkative, not such a conqueror of women's hearts. It is completely different: hard, sullen and very dangerous, sometimes inadequate. But Bourne is similar to Bond's ability to get off the hook in any situation. Few can beat him, because he, to all the bargain, is also a brilliant analyst. Although sometimes it acts, guided only by his intuition, which usually does not let him down. We can say that he has a wolf's instinct for mortal danger.

This silent agent is brilliantly played by Matt Damon in the movie "Jason Bourne" (2016). In this film, the world faces a catastrophe, and Jason Born, a man who never plays by someone else’s rules, will have to save him. Anyone who considers him a weak rival will very quickly understand that Born feels at home on someone else’s territory. Nothing and no one will stop Bourne if he went out to hunt those who hunted him before that.

The picture "Jason Bourne" (2016) has collected a whole galaxy of cinema stars: Tommy Lee Jones, Alicia Wikander, Vincent Cassel. She got nearly half a billion dollars at the box office - an amazing achievement, which is another proof of the success of spy movies.

The Bourne Evolution

The Bourne Evolution without Damon

By the way, Matt Damon, like his hero, is also not particularly fond of being obliged to do something. The film "The Bourne Evolution" (2012) confirms this. Damon had to play a major role, but something did not suit him, and he said a definitive "no." The producers had to urgently change the script, to look for a replacement for the main character. And they managed to do all this, it can be said, they had a brilliant operation - quick and successful, highlighting the actor Jeremy Renner and giving him the role of Aaron Cross, a colleague of Jason Born, who was tasked to continue his work. The creators of the project very cleverly thought of everything, and with Born’s dexterity, they wriggled out of the situation, building a storyline with Cross, which runs parallel to Jason Born’s main line. So the film "The Bourne Evolution" (2012), despite the name, is still not the story of this agent, although his name is mentioned in it more than once.

Jack Reacher 2012

Tom Cruise and his agent

There is an agent who fears Born itself. This is Jack Reacher. In the list of “Films about spies and agents” we will add stories about this hero, played by another favorite of Hollywood - Tom Cruise. This guy is now quite a few years old, but he is still smart and courageous. The film "Jack Reacher" (2012) - this is not the first spy role of Cruise. Demonstrated himself in this capacity in the cycle "Mission Impossible". Generally, directors like to take on such a role of Tom Cruise, maybe because he saves them money: Nicole Kidman's ex-husband performs almost all the tricks on his own, which means you don’t have to pay stuntmen for these somersault.

The film "Jack Reacher" (2012) tells the story of a former secret service agent who became unwelcome to his masters from the state apparatus. It is the people who decide that the dead Jack Reacher is much safer than the living one, because they are starting to hunt him. But Jack is absolutely not eager to go to the forefathers, he prefers the option of eliminating his enemies, which will allow him to immediately kill two birds with one stone: save life and feel free.

list of movies about spies and agents overseas

Spy Bridge: all seriously

The stories about these heroes are fictional, but “Spy Bridge” (2015) is a film based on real events. Here everything is serious and honest, no deception, defrauding, exaggeration, fantasy. In this film you will not see the fights, shooting, chase, which are the main elements of any blockbuster. This tense drama, filmed by Steven Spielberg, tells the story of James Donovan, who will have to accomplish a real feat - in the era of the Cold War to rescue a pilot shot down during a reconnaissance flight over the territory of the USSR. The movie “Spy Bridge” (2015) is a visual story describing battles not on the battlefield, but in the political space, which at the time was a minefield: any wrong move of the hero who happened to be on him was like death.

Female agents

If someone claims that the best films about spies and agents are purely male prerogatives, then he is mistaken. There are women who work as agents in the special services, and even films about them have been shot. An example is the film Salt (2010). We know Angelina Jolie as a smart, charming woman with whom it is very easy to fall in love with every man.But her heroine is Evelyn Salt, a lady whose qualities and physical data are more suitable for the representatives of the strong half of humanity. She is a CIA officer. But for some reason this management decided that she was a double agent and was a Russian spy. The girl is insulted and furious, with the help of a weapon she tries to prove her innocence. By the way, Salt shoots very accurately.

There are Russian films about spies and agents. Foreign paintings are dynamic, they focus on entertainment. Russian (Soviet) films were made differently: they are more soulful, more meaningful. One has only to see "Seventeen Moments of Spring", and immediately find these differences. Stirlitz Vyacheslav Tikhonov - a sad, but very strong man, he does not look like Born, Reacher and Bond. He desperately misses his homeland, but he realizes that he cannot return there until he fulfills his mission, which, compared to the mission of Tom Cruise, was far more impracticable.

List: movies about spies and agents

Here are the titles of the films of the last decades, in addition to the above, which must be watched by fans of the genre of "spy movies":

  • Déjà Vu (2008).
  • Hostage (2008).
  • “Do not take alive” (2010).
  • "Traitor" (2008).
  • "Mission Impossible 2" (2000).
  • Quantum of Solace (2008).
  • Red (2010);
  • "Mission: Impossible 3" (2006).
  • "The collection of lies" (2008).
  • "Mission Impossible: Phantom Protocol" (2011) ;.
  • "Mission Impossible: The Outcast Tribe" (2015).
  • "The Departed" (2006).
  • "007: Skyfall Coordinates" (2012).

Of course, this list is incomplete, the names of only the most famous films about spies, which are much more filmed at the moment, are displayed here. Therefore, despite the fact that everyone has their own taste, you can always choose exactly the picture that you will like.

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