The capital of Brazil. Which city is the capital of Brazil

Today, many do not know which city is actually the capital of Brazil. Some believe that this is Rio de Janeiro. But it is not. The modern capital of Brazil is the city of Brazil.

Natural conditions

The city of Brazil is located in the center of the state of Brazil. The Gama, Torgu, Riacho Funda and Banalal rivers flow through its territory. In the capital, dominated by tropical climate. This means that summer is hot and winters are mild, without frost. The average annual temperature fluctuates between +18 ... + 23 degrees.

There is enough rainfall in this area. The rainy season lasts from September to March. The driest time is considered to be from April to August.

the capital of Brazil

The capital of Brazil is located at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level. On its territory there are thick semi-deciduous forests. Paraguayan and Araucaria holly grow here. On the outskirts of the city you can find skunks, tapirs, armadillos and bats.It is also worth noting that snakes are found in these places, including the coral snake - one of the most dangerous species of creeping.

Language and culture of the capital

According to last year's data, the population of the city of Brazil is approximately 2 million. Mostly native people live here - Brazilians of Portuguese origin. The rest are visitors from France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Poland and some Muslim countries.

Portuguese is the official language. He emphasizes the origin of the nation itself. But this does not mean that people use this language for everyday communication. French and Italian are also spoken here.

Brazil is the capital of a country with a rich culture and historical values. Thanks to their faith (Catholic and Protestant) people honor the sights and historical values ​​of the city. But, as elsewhere, there are exceptions. These include people of African descent, whose faith is the local makumba.

A bit of history from the capital of Brazil

We have already figured out the capital of Brazil, where it is located, and examined its natural conditions.Now let's clarify the origin of this city and plunge into its history.

Brazil is considered the youngest capital of the modern world. The date of its foundation is considered to be 1958. This time fell on the board of Kuchibek de Oliveira, who then served as president.

the capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro

This city was purposefully built to house here the state administrative bodies of this country. The modern name of the capital is letter to letter and sound to sound coincides with the name of the state. Initially, it had a different look. The capital was called Brasilia, but gradually the name relied on what is today.

Some believe that the capital of Brazil is Rio de Janeiro. And we can partly agree with them. After all, initially this city was the capital of the state.

The origin and development of the city of Brazil

Why was the new capital of Brazil built? This can be explained by the fact that at that time the main goal of the state was the expansion of its territory, as well as the intensive development of the economy and industry.

The construction of the city of Brazil began about 1000 km from the former capital of the state. The city was built in two years.After it was built, social and economic renewal immediately began.

1960 is considered the founding year of the city of Brazil. This date was the beginning of the dawn of the area. High-rise buildings, factories and other buildings were erected on the desert territory. And most importantly, highways and new roads were built. It is worth noting that the main roadways of the city were created in such a way that they did not form intersections, which creates the greatest comfort during the movement of vehicles.

After the construction of a high-rise in the new capital, Brazil received a second wind. What country's capital in South America did the same amount of work in a short time? There is no such. Therefore, at that time the country of Brazil became one of the advanced countries of the continent.

Brazil is the capital of which country

What happened after the proclamation of Brazil as the capital of the state?

Many still do not know which city is the capital of Brazil. Some people still think it is Rio de Janeiro. But this city ceased to carry the proud title of the country in 1960, when Brazil was replaced by it. The office of the president and his residence, the congress, the ministries, the Supreme Court and some other state institutions were transferred here from the former capital.

New economic capital of Brazil has become the administrative center. There was little industry in the city. At that time there were only a few factories and enterprises that provided products for their country.

The standard of living of local residents was not high. This is due to the instability and welfare of the country. After the 1980s, more and more local workers began to strike. And after 1990, the standard of living of the middle class in the capital became even lower.

Brazilian capital photo

That was the capital of Brazil at the end of the last century. Photos of those times reflect all the excitements of citizens and the instability of the whole country.

Culture of the city of Brazil

Brazilian architecture is very distinctive and vibrant. It was based on the idea of ​​combining originality, chic and courage. The modern capital of Brazil is considered the city of the century. There is something to see.

In the city center, visit the Three Power Square. From its borders in different directions built skyscrapers, cottages, businesses, forming entire neighborhoods. The square itself is the place where the administrative and public buildings of the country are concentrated. All of them are unique architectural structures of the late 20th century.

Brazil is the capital of the country

The second attraction of the capital is the Aurora Palace. Here is the presidential residence.Next to it you can see the bronze sculptures of girls who bathe in the pool. According to some sources, these sculptures are a symbol of the daughters of the president, yearning for the former carefree capital, which migrated to the strict conservative city of Brazil.

In addition to these places, in the modern capital you can visit the Metropolitan Church, a zoological park and a botanical garden.

Brazilians entertainment

The main flow of tourists to the capital of Brazil falls in the summer. But everyone who wants to see the South American wonders are already beginning to come here in late February.

What does each country associate with? Of course, with the Brazilian carnival. Therefore, the former capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, takes over here. But this does not mean that tourists will not be able to plunge into the world of this fun in the city of Brazil. Spectacular performances are also held here, cheerful music is playing everywhere, marches are moving along the streets, demonstrating fancy dresses, unforgettable performances are held. Such mass shows last 4 days.

Those who want to buy souvenirs or something else should take into account that many stores are closed throughout the carnival procession.

the capital of Brazil as it is called

Brazilians can not live without football matches.Almost every weekend they gather with friends at the stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams.

Having visited the cities of Brazil, whether it is new or old capital of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, one can not go into a local restaurant and do not enjoy the unique dishes of the local national cuisine. Here you can taste an exotic dish of seafood seafood or enjoy the taste of the famous Brazilian coffee.

Note to tourists

Before you go to a particular country, be sure to find out all the local rules and get acquainted with general information. No exception - and the capital of Brazil.

What is the name of the local currency? The Brazilian real is the currency of the whole country. You can exchange it at local banks or special points at the airport. If you plan to stay in one of the hotels, then you need to consider that only dollars are accepted here.

the capital of Brazil is Rio

Through customs control prohibited the importation of drugs, weapons, wild animals and trophies. And if you are going to bring audio or video equipment to Brazil, be prepared to pay a large border tax for it.

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